Jenny Rumney's Cast Metal Tiles and Plaques
Motifs include: Turtle. Dugong. Dolphin. Kookaburra. Banksia. Gumnuts. Grevillea.
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Jenny's Moreton Bay Series continues with the new release of bronze tiles. The latest designs focus on the sea creatures of one of Australia's biggest stretches of protected waterways. Her environmental focus extends past the turtles, dugongs and dolphins to the plants in the bay region.
The tiles can be integrated into masonry settings or mounted as standalone artwork.
Turtle 1, bronze, approx. 120x75mm Dolphin and Turtle, bronze
approx. 120x75mm
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[email protected]
Dugong, bronze,  approx. 120x75mm
Grevillea 1, alum.,  approx. 145x75mm
Grevillea 2, alum.,  approx. 145x75mm
Kookaburra Fledglings, bronze,  approx. 120x75mm
Dugong and Turtle, bronze, approx. 145x145mm
Banksia 1, aluminium,  approx. 145x75mm
Kangaroo Paw, aluminium,  approx.128x65mm
Bush Mix, aluminium,  approx. 145x75mm
Gumnuts, aluminium,  approx. 145x75mm
Applications include:
Entry statements for home or business.
* Features in tilework in bathroom and kitchen.
* Integration into paths or paving.
* Framed display for wall, desk, dressing table.

Jenny also custom designs tiles and plaques with the clients' special interest motifs or business logos.
Prices range from $110 to $180 Australian dollars.
Postal and freight charges will apply.
Sizes are approximate. Tell Jenny about any applications where a millimetre or two is crucial.
Protea Bird, aluminium,  approx.128x65mm
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