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Hydraulic Transient Analysis for System I

Main Screen

This program calculates height/pressure profiles vs time for the inlet and outlet of the five pipes that appear in the system shown above. It can simulate different scenarios that include open or close valves and start or stop pump.

The program is divided in two main sections. In the first one wavespeed is calculated and in the last one all the system characteristics are defined.


Here you can define pipes characteristics, whether suction and discharge lines will be used or not and the points in which pressure and flow will be plot.


For a vessel you can define its inner pressure and/or level.


Valves can be defined based on theirs Ko (normal flow) or Cv, other important data are the initial state (Open/Close), Close/Open Time, time in which they change their position and constant that define the way in which the valve Open/Close.


The main pump data must be supplied here, you can give your own pump curve data or the system will generate one using the specific speed selected.

Pressure and Flow are determined for the requested points

Additional information as maximum and minimum values of pressure and flow for the whole line is obtained, as well as pump curves for height, power and performance, and motor curves for the pump start case.

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