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Note: You can do anything with the files below - including modifications, remixing, redistributing.

If you feel like I'm worth 1-2 dollars:

The Amiga project

"It's freedom indeed!
You can use any operating system you like
under Windows!" >:->
- Coco's Adventures and
- Coco's Adventures '95
"They say you don't read enough but
sit in front of your computer all the time?
Well, in this case... check this out!"

Five years passed, then I finally managed to play the adventure game created by myself that long time ago, thanks to WinUAE. (The game construction set runs on Amiga 500 only.) Two different places I got really stuck, besides I couldn't help laughing at my characters all along! They give me missions without their knowing about it, thus totally innocently. At places they are very lifefully idiotic.

Coco the cock is a calm adventurer who sometimes wakes up in the deeps of a labyrinth. When it happens, only one thing can be his aim: to punish the idiot who did it to him. ;-)

The characters are my sister's toys (so I have at least one player :-). You'll meet - among others - Udoo the ever-lover cock (in addition, he is monogamous), Quack Duck who doesn't like water, Squeaky the small, happy dino, Tuppy the stubborn door-keeper, not mentioning all the hens (huh, better not to tell about :-).

In the second episode called "The Touched Nature" everything turns upside down: ninja chickens, rangers try to catch Coco, then he must get some experiences in mechanics, fighting and trading as he progresses...

If you don't want to miss my dumb world, click one of the pictures here.

Help Coco buy a new laser pistol! He will need it badly in the next episode!

Use to send some money to [email protected]!
(Yes, with Moneybookers you can pay to e-mails!) (95k)
- contains an .adf (Amiga Disk File). You'll need Stuart Smith's Adventure Construction Set (ACS, 1986, Electronic Arts - downloadable from AMI Sector One) to play it. Select 'Play an Adventure', then insert the game disk. Note: Saving the game modifies the game disk itself. So use a backup, or you won't be able to restart the game anymore.

- Spindizzy Worlds data disk / Pipi (Amiga)

Have you ever seen Spindizzy on the C64? There was a huge playfield consisting of more than three hundred screens. You had to think hours long, navigating a gyroscope precisely to switch switches, collect diamonds, and avoid foes. What's more, it had a great atmosphere, and the colors of the fields gave an additional feeling.

The Amiga version compared to it is made up of fairly closed scenes, and I think it's too coloury. At the same time, these colors determine the blocks' functions, making it a bit dull. In this version the playfield consists of several planets, each has numerous levels, so you can lose your way easy (while your fuel keeps decreasing).

I couldn't resist creating some planets with the built-in editor. There is a nice one in which you must solve logical puzzles through small rooms, like in 'Head over Heels' on C64. Behold... (43k)
- you'll need the original Spindizzy Worlds disk for Amiga. All the necessary information included in the archive. For this game, I'd like to obtain some help... How the MILK could I edit MACROs in the Spindizzy Worlds Editor??! Somebody?? :-I

- Logical leveldisk / Pipi (Amiga) (5k!!)
- Yep, I made custom levels for Log!cal, too, not less than 99 ones! In the game's main menu, you have to select Own Set, then feed it with this disk.

There are more Amiga stuff here
provided that you know Hungarian well enough.

Monsters in the Maze

"Do you think a computer could solve it?"
"Sure, but it wouldn't enjoy..."
...this time, in JavaScript.

Play the Hero in his quest of collecting shiny treasures and slaying various monsters in a big maze! Extra features added!

Click here to play it. If the link doesn't work for you - it's on another site -, then you can download the offline version here.

Have fun!

The Plus/4 project

"You don't feel playin'? You don't have time to play?
You NEVER have the time to play?
Blame Capitalism!" >:->
Hi folks! I finally managed to transfer my 6-8 years old Plus/4 programs and data files to my dear Amiga. It means you won't miss my old dumb BASIC games from now, and for ever. >:-)

Let's see... Our first characters-faced beauty is:

Money for Life - a "tactical-trading-flying game with a bit of shoot'em up features" (15k in zip!)
Hey, don't just sit there! Download it now! Till you read all this crap, your browser will finish downloading, and it's all yours!! Freeware, of course! How the heck could I ask for money? This whole crap doesn't worth money. Er, I mean I would be happy if you just download it and play! What's more: It also contains a friendly (and fitting) html document!

And here is the second one... Yet fresh, and it remains fresh for another ten years at least: (then it becomes crunchy...;)

Monsters in the Maze - a classic (and nowhere to find) game for Plus/4, in a unique carry-out (10k)

Sometime in the past I got a good book for Christmas, it describes how to make adventure games. Sadly, I lost the title page, but the author was F. Dacosta.

The point of the game is collecting all the treasures in a 90-rooms labyrinth, bringing them to your base. Controlling the game is very easy (and I don't have the mood to describe it now), it features nice surprises (okay, sometimes you run into one or two unknown object), so I just wish you a good playing! :) (By the way, you can also download the maps, if you really want to ruin your discovery. :))

(Hope nobody will have problems finding a Plus/4 emulator around.)


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