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Subject :: =P
Date :: November 26, 2005
Posted :: Rockman Forever~
email - [email protected]

Subject :: Change of plans - New Banner
Date :: Febuary 6, 2003
Posted :: Rockman Forever~
I have decided not to release the Megaman Zero, Winamp skins, and MMBN sections. I am finished but, I want to release all of the un-finished pages. Instead of uploading the sections I promised, I can just upload all of the un-finished pages all at once. By the way, I have made another banner! This banner matches the layout (well... to me it does...) unlike the last banner. Again, I'm sorry for delaying the updating. C ya!

Subject :: rockman exe 3 rom
Date :: January 20, 2003
Posted :: Rockman Forever~
I have finally uploaded the rockman exe 3 rom! so... how long have you ppl suffered for not having the rom yet? lolz jkjk. I hope you guys have fun downloaded and playing the game. It's easy! All you gotta do is use theguide! lolz If your stuck in a area or don't know wat to do like me... go to www.gamefaqs.com. I'm working on the Megaman Zero section rite now. It's almost finish so i'll probably put it up today or tommorow. Also, winamp skins are being up tommorow as well. cya

Subject :: i'll be out for a couple of more days...
Date :: January 19, 2003
Posted :: Rockman Forever~
sorrie for the extreme delay of updates. i've just been really busy lately. this week will be a big update, i promise! also, check out the awards page... there a difference there, not a big one but... a difference.. this week, mmbn3 rom is being uploaded, megamanzero section will be uploaded, mmbn section will be uploaded, and winamp skins will be uploaded. so hang tight! i'm making a big combat this week! cya

comment ........(no comment)

Subject :: happy new year! new wallpaper
Date :: January 1, 2003
Posted :: Rockman Forever~
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2003 is probably gonna be a pain in the ass... and today is the last day of vacation : ( damn... process in this site is going slow for some reason... oh yeah, its becuz i was way to busy playing Final Fantasy 7, which happens to be a really cool game even though its old. Also, i've made a new wallpaper for u visitors to use for ur desktop if ya want to. Just go to the wallpapers section and check it out ^-^ ight i'm gonna go now, peace.

comment damn flying pigs...

Subject :: new affiliate
Date :: December 24, 2002
Posted :: Rockman Forever~
i got a new affiliate todai called Megaman Pro. It's a great site with really good graphics so you should check it out when u have the time. Also, I'm going to try to finish all of the pages that needs to be finished for the vacation so sit tight. I'm thinking about changing the layout a little too. Oh yeah, I almost forgot... I have the Megaman Battle Network 3 rom!!! It's cool, i'm stuck at a stage right now and i have no clue where to go. i'm not going to put up the rom yet... I just wanna see u suffer lolz ^.^ I gotta go rite now so peace out pplz.

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