Robot Lawn Mowers


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How Do Robot Mowers Work?

Much of the technology behind robotic lawn mowers is actually quite simple and has been available for many years.

But in the past the economic realities made using advanced technology in a commercial lawn mower prohibitively expensive.

Robot lawn mower companies need to be able to compete on a reasonably level playing field with traditional petrol-powered mowers; now, as technology has reduced in price, they can.

Robot lawn mowers look something like the current range of modern vacuum cleaners and feature small cutting blades or a cutting disc.

A robot mower runs on lithium-ion batteries that are recharged from a charging base powered from your home AC power supply.

Nearly all current models use a charged perimeter wire which the mower can detect with sensors to keep the mower within preset boundaries.


What About Rain?

Robot lawn mowers are designed to operate in any weather (rain or shine) and the typical soft wheels are designed to have a very low impact on your lawn.

The problem with mowing the lawn in the rain, even for a robot, is that wet grass clippings tend to stick to the underneath and clog up the blades.

Wet grass on steep slopes may also be harder for your robot to handle.

Some premium models have a rain sensor that will automatically send the robot back to base until it stops raining. This is a feature that is invaluable if you live in a high rainfall area.


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