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If you are a collector yourself, Go ahead and sign my guest book and let everyone know about you. I would like only aircraft postcard collectors to sign the book please, so that it can serve as a database for other collectors around the world.  I would be very happy to get emails from anyone else!!
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My name is Robin Zammit.  I am 36 and I live on the island of Malta.  Aviation is my hobby as well as my job, as I am a Captain with our national airline, Air Malta, and I fly the Airbus 320, having also flown the Boeing 737 too.
Air Malta first started in 1946. Read more about the old company here

I have been collecting aircraft postcards for the last 25 years, off and on, and my collection today has over 7300 cards.  I collect airline issue postcards of civil airlines, from commuter planes upwards.
My lists of duplicates includes over 500 scans of Airline Issue Postcards. Each card is coded and briefly described. I look forward to trading with you.

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Publisher Cards


My collection follows the history of the world's airlines, along the years.  Many still exist, others are now defunct or have merged and been re-named. 
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In 1973, Air Malta Co Ltd (plc), the company we know today was founded. Its history can be read here
Malta's only airline, Air Malta has a rich and colourful history.
I also have lists of Safety Cards, as well as Lapel Badges and also Burf Bags, Inflight magazines and Airline Stickers  which I can exchange for Airline Postcards. Click on the respective links to see my lists
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NEW!  Ever found a 'new' card by chance in your doubles box, with a slight but distinct difference from the one in your collection?  Along the years, I have come across many, so I thought of hosting an online reference page, pointing out some examples.  Hope it helps you find some new cards......in your own box!!
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