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Looking for a consultant ? Looking for world class experts to help you with your mixed-signals designs ?  You are just one click away !

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What's new ?

  1. January 2008 : Update of the publications list.
  2. May 20th, 2004 : A little update of this website. Sorry for the long time since the last update, but days are only 24hours long...
  3. April 8th, 2003 : My professional web site is up and running, please have a look at it, especially if you're looking for a consultant or for innovative products !
  4. Nov 26th : I've finally posted the schematics, source and description (in french !) of the KIVAOU projet
  5. Nov 9th : A Pocket-PC version of DynamicSchem, thanks to Falk Kasper !
  6. Sep 30th : A long-awaited full description of my home-made Fluke Scopemeter interface is online ! Sorry for the delay !
  7. Sep 10th : the results of the PSOC'2002 design contest organized by Cypress and Circuit Cellar are published : My Vector'Soc project just won a 3rd price ! 
  8. Aug 24th : I've finally bought a scanner, so the quite often requested schematics of two very old projects are now on line : UPSWL Weller soldering iron controller and UPS'BF2 LF generator.
  9. Aug 9th, 2002 - A new project described on this site : Vector'Soc, a 0-1GHz vectorial network analyzer


First, welcome on this personal Web site. I live in France, between Paris and Versailles (just talking about well-known places...), and I am since my early years addicted to innovative electronic designs. More specifically I am a kind of "minimalist design lover", trying to shrink everything in the minimal number of components. An endless game especially with micro-controllers ! 

After a long career in embedded software development and wireless telecommunications I am now a full time consultant, specialized in cost-optimized mixed signal designs, and manager of ALCIOM, startup specialized in innovative test instruments. 

Those web pages are my free section, sharing some of my designs and providing technical information's. If you are looking for consultancy services or for information's on ALCIOM's products then thanks to jump to my professional web site.

What could you find on this site ?

My goal is to present on this site as many of my projects as possible, either with technical details or with links to published articles or relevant information sources. 

I've also included :

Some pages on software's and products that could be useful for your own design. These are "IP licenced products".
A freeware area, with a couple of my electronic-oriented software's.
A summary of my previous publications.
Some interesting links (my own bookmark)

Any idea of anything else that I should add ? Just drop me a mail !

Contact information

Don't hesitate to give me any feedback, comment, critic, idea :
[email protected]



Looking for a consultant ? Looking for world class experts to help you with your mixed-signals designs ?  You are just one click away !

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