VIC-20 Interview Archive

I conducted these interviews in late 1996 / early 1997 when the very first VIC-20 emulators started showing up on the Internet. I wanted to begin learning some HTML but didn't have many ideas for original content. The world-wide-web was still ramping up in those days and there wasn't anything online of this type, so I made the decision to do it. I have a lot of respect for engineers in general and passion for the VIC-20 in particular, so it was great fun to contact these guys and get a thoughtful reply from them in return.

  • Design Team
Bill Seiler
John Feagans
  • Launch Team
Andy Finkel
Neil Harris
  • Management Team
Michael Tomczyk (more...)
Paul Higginbottom
  • 8-bit Gurus
Jim Butterfield (more...)
  • 3rd-party Programmers
Tom Griner (more...)
Jimmy Huey (Gazette '83)
Jeff Minter (Gazette '83; more...)
Corey Ostman
  • Emulator Authors
Boris van Schooten


The Ward Shrake Interviews
of 3rd-party Programmers

The Lawless Interviews

Peter Fokos
Thomas Giguere
Ron Wanttaja

Don French; Tom Zimmer

My Web Surfing Scrapbook

The VIC-20 as a cultural icon? Commodore literally manufactured millions of units for people of all ages and walks of life on multiple continents. Each image in my scrapbook has a story to tell, a couple of them are quite funny. A picture is worth a thousand words. One of photographs is Linus Torvalds.   Another genius, Konrad Zuse, proposed that physics is computation.

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