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Release of v0.69. This version is basically a bugfix for some minor bugs. I have been rather busy with school, but things are slowly returning to their normal level of insanity.

Release of v0.68. This version has a few cosmetic changes as well as an actual progress meter indicating the progress of a MUD list download. Minor bugfixes are included as well.

Release of v0.67

Finalized MUD list code. There is still the problem of the application appearing to "hang" when downloading.

Began implementing a MUD list to help in the creation of new connections. Also added command history. Created a new method of parsing ANSI sequences, so there should be MUCH better color support.

Logs are implemented. Problems with the automatic scrolling of text have been fixed. Issues with triggers not handling aliases correctly have been fixed. Other minor things have been addressed and rectified (I thought I'd mix it up a bit with the word "rectify")

I am working on adding logs to the client. This will be a great feature, adding teh ability to store sessions to disk or view events in a seperate log file.

I have implemented the help option now, so the help button actually does something. I have also updated the INSTALL documentation. Problems concerning the exiting of the program while there are live connections has been fixed.

I have eliminated a serious bug that would crash the application when editing a session twice in a row. It would seem that the function that writes out the database in memory would cause a buffer overflow. This bug has been fixed.

Inital release. Whoopie!

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