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Hello, and welcome to the home page of RMC, Ron' MUD Client! This page will provide an information and download site for RMC. I hope you enjoy the page and the application.

Current version - 0.69

What RMC has to offer:
  • Runs in X-windows
  • ANSI color in scrollable window
  • Multiple simultaneous connections
  • Argument capable aliases
  • Argument capable triggers based on POSIX regular expressions
  • Built-in alias and trigger editor
  • Logging to a window or file, or both
  • Browseable command history
  • User-selectable fonts
  • Browseable and selectable MUD list provided by The MUD Connector
  • GPL'd source
What it requires:
  • A Linux box running X
  • The latest version of the GIMP Tool Kit, GTK+
  • An end-user (you!)
Future plans:
  • Ability to enable/disable aliases, triggers, and logs
  • Cutomizable colors
  • Pizza delivery with the click of a button ;-)

Comments or questions? E-mail me!
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