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I have been contributing to online bulletin boards on travel since the earliest days of computer messaging. Of all the bulletin boards and newsgroups I've contributed to, I've found the Bay Area Backroads Message Board to be one of the best. It's a well-managed board, plus it has the advantage of having the huge Bay Area Backroads story database behind it. I have been writing replies to the message board for years, giving travel advice and listing Internet links to more information. This is just a hobby of mine. I'm not affiliated with Bay Area Backroads in any official way, but I've been watching the KRON-TV (San Francisco) show ever since it first began, some 16 years ago and own books written by the show's hosts. Many of my travels were inspired by Bay Area Backroads stories. After Backroads started their Website a few years ago, I started posting messages to it, answering questions about travel in the Bay Area and California. Since messages posted to the board are deleted after awhile, I started saving them to a file starting in 1999, in case the same questions came up again. These are like Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on travel, so in these pages, I have listed my archived replies, along with the edited or paraphrased questions. I sometimes have had to re-phrase the subject title to make them more descriptive. I have removed the names of the original requestors to respect their privacy. The dates on each reply are the dates of the original questions. Here are the replies by year:


Note: I have not attempted to update all the information or to check the links to see if they are still valid, so the older replies are more likely to have some outdated information and stale links. Most of the descriptions should still be accurate, however. The information in these replies are my own opinions given to the best of my knowledge, but I can't guarantee their accuracy. These pages are not sponsored, sanctioned, reviewed, edited, or officially approved by Bay Area Backroads, but hopefully, they don't mind. 

You can also find a lot of travel and other information in my two Websites, Bay Area Back Pages, and Ron' Horii's San Francisco Bay Recreation and Travel Pages, accessible via the buttons at the top of the page. If you have questions, hit the Feedback button above or click on my name below. My specialties are travel, hiking, biking, parks, sightseeing, photography, museums, fishing, and nature. I can also answer technical questions about Web page creation and computers. Don't ask me for personal opinions about restaurants, lodging, nightlife, hunting, dogs, boating, skiing, adventure sports, or off-road vehicles. I'm not into those, but I can search for information for you.

Created 6/3/01, updated 7/1/01 by Ronald Horii

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