Bob Wakelin

Bob Wakelin was the artist behind the covers of Ocean Software. For 11 to 12 years nearly everything they produced bore an illustration by him. I'd hazard a guess that no other artist has a body of work so visible in the UK as Bob Wakelin. His covers were always full of ideas and a sure sign of quality.

Over the years Bob has sold about half of the artwork he did for Ocean and Imagine (the Ocean sub label incarnation from 1985). But he still has quite a few originals left. These are the actual paintings that were photographed to become the inlays. Each illustration is a true, one of a kind. Now, Bob Wakelin wants to sell some of these works of art - a unique opportunity for any game fan. A list of titles and prices is available by writing to:

Keith Ainsworth, 52 Kingfield Road, Orrell Park, Liverpool, L9 3AW, United Kingdom

Here on this page are some game covers and magazine adverts that I've scanned to remind you of some of Bob's work. Click on the thumbnails to view a larger version.


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