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RETROGAMER 28 continues its inside look at the 80's Liverpool computer game scene: Bug-Byte, Manic Miner, large motorbikes, Software Projects, unreleased games and people getting the sack. Channel 4's Iain Lee describes his meeting with the long lost Matthew Smith. There is also a guide to C64 Impossible Mission, more Star Wars games and a Llamasoft game named Bomb Buenos Aries.

RETROGAMER 27 looks at the early games of NEC's PC Engine. This hugely powerful 8-bit console didn't have a UK release but it still had legions of import fans for its excellent games. The issue also carries a Retrogamer interview with the original whizz kid Eugene Evans of Imagine Software and a newly discovered Ultimate Play the Game interview from 1983.

RETROGAMER 26 profiles the Namco Museum series of PlayStation CDs. The six discs in the series cover many excellent games, some well known, others more obscure. This great article tells you about and rates them all. The other half of the issue features the career of C64 coder Chris Butler. Amongst the games he programmed were some classic Xmas number ones (Commando, Ghosts'n Goblins) and some great later originals (Arnie, Turbocharge).

RETROGAMER 25 looks at the neglected Atari series of 8-bit computers. Vastly expensive at the time, these powerful computers are now affordable for the retro fan. Retrogamer covers its history in the UK including all the different versions and recommends all the best games available including the historic Star Raiders.

RETROGAMER 24 wallows in the adventure world of Scott Adams. He was the first to sell text only adventures and so spawned a genre. Also in this issue is the concluding part of the John Gibson profile. This picks up the story with the Frankie goes to Hollywood game and goes right through to his PSX work of today.

RETROGAMER 23 exclusively interviews John Gibson, the coder who worked for Imagine Software and Denton Designs. He produced many classic Spectrum games including Zzoom, Stonkers, Shadowfire and legendary unreleased Bandersnatch. The issue also contains more retro memories and a review of Britmeet 2.

RETROGAMER 22 gets *really* nostalgic with "Remembrances of a retro playing man" and features the Gargoyle Games classic Marsport. This issue is rounded up with part two of the C64 Activision games story and the humorous Video game families exposed!

RETROGAMER 21 looked at books on classic videogames. It featured the many tips books for home and arcade games produced in the early eighties plus character books (like Pac-man and Q*bert) and books about the classics written in the 90's. This issue also looks at the home computer games Activision produced.

RETROGAMER 20 exclusively interviews Jon Ritman. His games: Head Over Heels, Match Day and Batman regularly make the top five of many players' best games. He is one of the few coders whose career spans from the ZX-81 to the Dreamcast. The Activision 2600 carts feature is concluded covering games like HERO, Kung-Fu Master and Ghostbusters.

RETROGAMER 19 looks at the Mysterious Adventures series of games and the space fighter/trader/RPG Space Rogue. It also continues the look at Activision's Atari carts (including Robot Tank and Enduro) and concludes the article about the C64 as a classic console.

RETROGAMER 18 examines the Commodore 64 with the tack that it could be considered a retro console. The C64 has many of the same games released for the early consoles so getting them on a C64 could be a cheaper option. There is also an interview with the artist Bob Wakelin. He will be familiar to all UK gamers as the man who drew nearly all the covers for Ocean Software for 11 to 12 years from 1983.

RETROGAMER 17 contains an in-depth look at the classic game Elite. From the original BBC program to the conversions to most of the other 8-bit systems. We chart it's rise and give you the best strategies. No other game has inspired such a loyal following - find out why. There is also a look at the games of the BBC Micro and an article entitled, Classic games I missed the first time around.

RETROGAMER 16 features the classic Atari VCS carts of the first third party publisher - Activision. The Intellivision profile is concluded with a look at the last Mattel years and then the games released by Intv Corporation.

RETROGAMER 15 features the completion of the profiles of the Vectrex (from Web Wars through the 3D games to the new 1990's games) and the Malcolm Evans/New Generation Software story. It also looks at the classic games Bounder and New Zealand Story.

The first 14 issues of Retrogamer featured the Atari 2600, Vectrex, Colecovision, Manic Miner, Pac-man, Ultimate Play the Game, Llamasoft and much more. Take a look at the details of the first fourteen issues.


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