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RETROGAMER 14 started a profile of Malcolm (3D Monster Maze, Trashman) Evans, featured the 8-bit games of Sensible Software (including Wizball) and an article on collecting coin-ops.

RETROGAMER 13 has the truth behind the Vectrex console. This is the game system with the built in vector graphic screen and four button analogue joystick. Hit or Hype? This issue is completed with a rundown of all the third party games for the Intellivision produced by companies such as Activision, Imagic and Parker Brothers.

RETROGAMER 12 has a profile of Frogger and looks at all the best home conversions (including PlayStation Frogger) The Sega Master System is looked at and the latest PC coin-op emulators are reviewed. There are also a couple of humorous articles and lastly a competition to win a Nintendo Virtual Boy plus two games!!!

RETROGAMER 11 had Pac-man on the cover and inside there are ten packed pages on the rest of his family including Ms.Pac-man, Pac-land and Pac-mania. Part two of the Mattel Intellivision article features the Intellivoice games and its first coin-op conversions (including Burgertime).

RETROGAMER 10 feature's part one of a huge profile of the Mattel Intellivision - a system with many games unique to it. There is a profile of the games of Tau Ceti author Pete Cooke. This issue also has articles on Parker Bros cartridges and Coin-op emulators.

RETROGAMER 9 profiled the biggest game of all time - Pac-man. With comments from the games creator, Toru Iwatani, and plenty of great pictures you have more Pac-man than you've ever seen before. Part two of the Eugene Jarvis article covers Robotron: 2084, Blaster, NARC and Smash T.V. Also covered are coin-op Asteroids and a feature about computer emulators.

RETROGAMER 8 featured Eugene Jarvis the creator of the legendary Defender coin-op. This includes pictures of the pinball games he worked on and then the success of Defender and Stargate. The profile of Jeff Minter was concluded with the Mama Llama controversy, Batalyx, Iridis Alpha through to Llamatron and Tempest and Defender 2000 for the Jaguar. Also contained is a look at the cute classic Rainbow Islands and my pick of the early Spectrum platform games. (Do you remember Chuckie Egg?)

RETROGAMER 7 has part one of the story of psychedelic coder Jeff Minter. He produced many classic C64 games (usually with a high Llama content) and recently produced the best Atari Jaguar game, Tempest 2000. Also featured in this issue are the Monty Mole series of games. These started with Peter Harrap's controversial 1984 game through to Impossamole in 1990. Completing this issue are features on the Commodore 64 games Mega Apocalypse and Paradroid (Andrew Braybrook's classic) and the ins and outs of Mr.Do!

RETROGAMER 6 has recently been completed and contains the story of Vortex Software (the company behind Android 2, TLL and Highway Encounter), the Frankie goes to Hollywood game, Apex (Creatures and Mayhem in Monsterland) and a few humorous articles.

RETROGAMER 5 has features on Star Wars games, including the Parker VCS carts, the Atari coin-ops and the and various home conversions. Also in this issue is the Pitfall series, Bubble Bobble and the Speccy classic TLL. It also contains a profile and actual interview with Dropzone and IK+ creator Archer Maclean. This issue is reviewed in the November 1996 issue of NMS.

RETROGAMER 4 had the story of the wonderful CBS Colecovision console. Also included was the rest of the Atari VCS story from its peak with Pac-man to the last game in 1992. The classic games Head over Heels and Mercenary are also featured. Check out the recent issue of NMS for a tremendous review.

RETROGAMER 3 had its main feature on the Atari VCS 2600 console. It tells you of it's launch in November 1977 through the big boom of Space Invaders, to 1981 when they ruled the game market. If you ever played the Combat cartridge that came with it this will take you back. The Ultimate story is concluded and includes Knight Lore, Alien 8 and Sabre Wulf. There is more Nintendo with Popeye, Punch-Out! and Mario Bros, some Galaxian tips and a review of the Atari 2600 Action Pack for the PC. It got a great review in NMS.

RETROGAMER 2 had the story of Manic Miner programmer Matthew Smith. If you've ever used a Spectrum emulator it's likely that the first game you loaded was his Manic Miner or the wonderful Jet Set Willy. Also featured is part one of the Ultimate Play The Game story from JetPac to Atic Atac. There are reminiscences of the Space Harrier coin-op and the beginning of Nintendo's games in the arcades featuring Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr.

RETROGAMER 1 featured Nolan Bushnell the man who started Atari and made a success of the early TV tennis games called Pong, Tips on Pac-man and info about the first arcade Laser Disk games such as Dragon's Lair. This issue of RETROGAMER got great reviews in January 1996 issues of game magazines SuperPlay and NMS.


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