Sermons of C.F.W. Walther


C.F.W. Walther (1811-1887) was the first President of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod and is among the most important American Lutheran theologians.  For information about his life and his contributions to the Church, see the Concordia Historical Institute.  The following sermons, translated by the Rev. Donald E. Heck (1960), are in the public domain.


Fourth Sunday after Epiphany


Gospel:  Matthew 8:23-27 (Christís Ship on the Sea of Galilee, a Picture of the Church of Our Times)


First Sunday after Easter


Epistle:  Revelation 1:18 (The Keys of Death and Hell, the Real Fruit of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ)

Gospel:  John 20:19-31 (They Err Who Deny Preachers the Power to Forgive Sins)


Ascension Day


Gospel:  Mark 16:14-16 (The Ascension of Jesus Christ a Sure Foundation of Our Faith)


Eighth Sunday after Trinity


Gospel:  Matthew 7:15-23 (The Judgment of the Sheep Over Their Shepherds)


Twelfth Sunday after Trinity


Epistle:  2 Corinthians 3:4-11 (The Greatness and Glory of the Office of the Gospel Ministry)


Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity


Gospel:  Matthew 9:1-8 (The Special Comfort of Private Absolution)


Reformation Day


Epistle: Jude 3 (Why Dare and Can We Never Give Up the Churchís Struggle for the Pure Doctrine?)




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