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Bibles (English)


Bible Gateway

Blue Letter Bible


Bibles (Greek, Hebrew)


Interlinear Bible (Hebrew/English Old Testament, Greek/English New Testament)

Greek New Testament with morphological tagging, based on the Nestle-Aland 26 text (1)

Greek New Testament with morphological tagging, based on the Nestle-Aland 26 text (2)

Greek New Testament with morphological tagging, based on the Westcott-Hort text, linked to the LSJ Lexicon

Greek New Testament audio files

Hebrew Pentateuch with chanting


Book of Concord (Lutheran Confessions)


Book of Concord, with historical introductions by F. Bente


Lutheran Hymnody


Recordings Available for Purchase


Lutheran Recordings (choral, organ)

More Lutheran Recordings (organ) 


History of Hymnody


E.E. Ryden - The Story of Our Hymns (1930)


Additional Hymn Resources Online (audio files, etc.)


The Lutheran Hymnal (TLH) audio files and texts

Lutheran Worship (LW) audio files and texts

Hymnal Supplement 98 (HS98) audio files and texts

Service Book and Hymnal (SBH) audio files (listed by tune name, not hymn title)

Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary (ELH) Handbook

Lutheran Hymn Index (TLH, LW, HS98, ELH, CW, LBW)

The Cyber Hymnal (audio files and texts for thousands of hymns - Lutheran and otherwise)

Psalters - audio files and texts


Lutheran Historical References


Lutheran Cyclopedia

Project Wittenberg


Lutheran Periodicals


For the Life of the World

Higher Things:  A Magazine for Lutheran Youth (but not only for youth)


Lutheran Sermons and Sermon Aids


Lutheran Sermon Notes and Service Notes


Sermon Notes by Dr. Harold Buls

Pericope: Service Notes Based on the Three-Year Lectionary of Lutheran Worship (including hymn suggestions)


Historic Lutheran Sermons


Sermons by Martin Luther

Sermons by C.F.W. Walther 

"Jesus Only" by Henric Schartau (a sermon featured prominently in the classic Lutheran novel The Hammer of God by Bo Giertz)

NEW Recent Lutheran Sermons

Sermons by Pastor William Cwirla  (Three-Year Lectionary)
Sermons by Pastor James Douthwaite  (Three-Year Lectionary)
Sermons by Pastor Aaron Koch  (One-Year Lectionary)

Sermons by Pastor Ernie Lassman  (Three-Year Lectionary)

Sermons by Pastors Michael McCoy and Tim Pauls  (Three-Year Lectionary)

Sermons by Pastor David Jay Webber   (Three-Year Lectionary)
Sermons by Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller  (One-Year Lectionary)


Lutheran Teaching Materials for Sunday School and Adult Instruction Courses


Free, Complete Two-Year Sunday School Curriculum (Church of the Lutheran Confession)

Adult Information Class (Church of the Lutheran Confession)

Adult Information Class (Pastor Laurence L. White, LCMS)


Lutheran Bible Studies


NEW  "Christians Online" - downloadable Bible Study on spiritual challenges related to Internet use (from the Montana District of the LCMS)
Studies by Pastor Michael McCoy (LCMS)
Studies by Pastor Tim Pauls (LCMS)

Studies by Pastors Paul Nolting and Wayne Eichstadt (CLC)  


Lutheran Videos


"3 in 1" - Video Based on the CPH Book "3 in 1" (presents the doctrine of the Trinity)

Lutheran Visuals


Lutheran Articles and Essays

NEW Collections of Lutheran Articles and Esssays

David Jay Webber's Lutheran Theology Web Site

Essays from the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS)

A.L. Barry - The Complete "What About ..." Series


Unchanging Truth in Changing Times:  The Complete Collection of the What About Pamphlets




A. Andrew Das - Baptism in the New Testament

A. Andrew Das - Infant Baptism

Dennis Kastens - Infant Baptism in Early Church History

Uuras Saarnivaara - Selections from the book "Scriptural Baptism:  A Dialogue between John Bapstead and Martin Childfont"

Peter Scaer - Infant Baptism:  An Ongoing Event in the Christian Life

Mark Tranvik - Luther on Baptism

Good News Magazine - Baptism:  Is It a Work of God or a Work of Man?

Infant Baptism:  What Does the Bible Say? 




A.L. Barry - Catechesis in the Lutheran Congregation

John Pless - The Small Catechism:  Pattern and Shape of Christian Doctrine

Leonard Payton - In a Simple Way to His Household

LCMS - Explanation of Luther's Small Catechism


The Church Growth Movement


LCMS Church Growth Study Committee - For the Sake of Christ's Commission




Good News Magazine - The End Times in Revelation

LCMS Commission on Theology and Church Relations - The End Times:  A Study on Eschatology and Millennialism



Gilbert Meilaender - Various Articles




Rolf Preus - The Enduring Relevance of the Doctrine of Justification

Rolf Preus - Luther Revisited:  The Doctrine of Justification Is Still the Issue

Daniel Preus - The Lutheran Identity Crisis:  With Emphasis on the Doctrine of Justification

Daniel Preus - C.F.W. Walther, Justification, and the Joint Declaration

LCMS - The Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification in Confessional Lutheran Perspective


Law and Gospel


C.F.W. Walther - Theses on Law and Gospel

Michael McCoy - Study Guide for C.F.W. Walther's "The Proper Distinction Between Law and Gospel"

Daniel Preus - Walther, Law and Gospel, and the State of the Church Today


Liturgy and Worship


Articles from the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod (LCMS) Commission on Worsship

Articles from the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) Commission on Worship

Articles from the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) Commission on Worship

A.L. Barry - Seven Theses on Lutheran Worship

A.L. Barry - The Unchanging Feast - The Nature and Basis of Lutheran Worship

John Pless (modified) - Narrative Commentary on the Divine Service

John Pless - Various Articles and Class Notes

Rolf Preus - Why Go to Church?  Workshop on Lutheran Liturgy for Laypeople

Instrument for Evaluating Service Material


The Lord's Supper


Francis James Lankenau - Communion Counsel and Prayers (Book)

Naomichi Masaki - Itís Not Ours But The Lordís Supper

Paul McCain - The Lord's Supper in the Book of Concord

Lawrence Rast - Sacrament of the Altar:  Christ's Daily Food and Sustenance

Mark Tranvik, "Should Infants Be Communed?  A Lutheran Perspective"  

William Weinrich - The Holy Supper:  A Taste of Heavenn

Lutheran Voices on the Theology and Practice of Infant Communion


Men and Women in the Church


Greg Lockwood - The Women's Ordination Debate in the Lutheran Church of Australia

Greg Lockwood - Women's Ordination and the Interpretation of Scripture

Michael McCoy - Male and Female He Created Them

Tim Pauls - Feminism and the Church

Rolf Preus - The Office of Prophetess in the New Testament

Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood - Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (Book)

        (Other than Dr. William Weinrich, the authors of this book are not Lutheran, but it is a useful reference.)


The Office of the Holy Ministry


A.L. Barry - Pastor and Congregation

Cameron MacKenzie -  Church and Ministry in Walther

Rolf Preus - Ministers:  What Is Their Job?  Who Is Their Boss?  Why Do We Need Them?

Rolf Preus - The Teaching of the Synodical Conference on Ministry

Hermann Sasse - Lutheran Doctrine of the Office of the Ministry

Dean Wenthe - Who is the Perfect Pastor?




A.L. Barry - Let Us Pray:  A Study of Prayer and the Devotional Life

Kurt Marquart - Regular Prayer and the Holy Ministry

John Pless - Prayer:  The Voice of Faith

Luther's Small Catechism in Prayer Form




Kenneth Korby - Self-Examination and Reflection Based on the Ten Commandments




Arthur Carl Piepkorn - Conduct of the Service



John Pless - Taking the Divine Service Into the Week:  Liturgy and Vocation

John Pless - Vocation and Evangelism

Gene Edward Veith - The Doctrine of Vocation:  How God Hides

Marcus Zill - Vocation:  Life in the Real World

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