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Wounded from the USS Liberty, transported by helicopter, arriving on the USS America. LINK<>
34 Killed, 171 Wounded in Deliberate Israeli Assault

The most the New York Times was willing to give it was a 680 word article buried in the Late Edition - Final, Section A, Page 7, Column 5. The title, "Book Says Israel Intended 1967 Attack on U.S. Ship" was a way to shift this horrific reality to "a book's claim". The NYT shamefully conciders a little story buried on page 7 a fair reporting of such an explosive story. They manipulatively downplayed the truth of arrogant agression on the part of a country they repeatedly try to convine the American Public is America's friend. Again the tiny article plays the angle "it's just according to a new book" as it begins with: "Israel's attack in 1967 on the intelligence ship Liberty, which killed 34 American sailors and wounded 171 others, was deliberate, according to a new book on the National Security Agency, disputing the longstanding Israeli claim that the attack was accidental." More<>


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The Press: "Playing the Game" for Israel
For years Americans have been a captive audience to a Media presentation that intentionally manipulates and withholds information in order to caste Israel in a morally superior position. This has involved years of withholding facts and distorting facts. This recient edition of Newsweek from 2002 shows this decades old practice is still in full swing.

Flashback to 1982: it’s the same damn game! The Tantrum of ‘82 is perfect example of how it is played and it is showcased in Noam Chomsky’s new book Understanding Power in the chapter called “Colloquy” Noam Chomsky shines as he discusses how he challanded Newsweek's lies and the telephone calls he received as a result. AND of course Chomsky tells us the way the game played itself out (the usual way)! Read about the Israeli Agenda in Action, An Embarrassing Example: The Tantrum of ‘82, George Will Gets His Way

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