In 1991 while recovering from surgery for a cervical fusion I devise a plan. This injury left me with a permanent disability. When I attempted to return to work I came under attack by Microsoft. This plan never would have been possible if I hadn't been black balled from working in the industry by Microsoft.  Someone had to do it and it took a fulltime effort on my part to pull it  off.

I called the plan Operation Charlie because it was going to be based on the famous movie by Charlie Camplin. The movie is a Hitler parody that is very funny and often confusing due to a poor Jewish barber who resembles the tyrant. In the end, there is a switch. The Jew become the leader. This made all the difference in the world. The state turns from a brutal Fascist Dictatorship into a kinder and gentler society.

My focus for Operation Charlie was Microsoft. This company was the most dangerous thing I have ever encountered in my life. They hired me under false pretense shortly after their first antitrust investigation started. It wasn't in the media yet so a lot of us were taken in the same way I was.  After being trashed myself, i came up with the plan in 1991.  By 1993, I had this document and it was being sent all over Hollywood, the music Industry, and to Artist.

Anyone who had worked with Microsoft got it right away. The funny part is that Microsoft didn't.  And so they even tried to steal the business plan and took the trademark HOME and put it on their own Multimedia products. To this day, I can imagine how Patty Stonesifer or Gates' wife Melinda can show their faces in public. They had taken my work before so both this and what became BOB were total setups. I made my business plan an attachment in my lawsuit to bait them. Boy did they take the bait.

Those boys at DreamWorks and Disney really had to lot to say, and not of it was good.  They eventually even lost their add agency who gave up a $7 million a year contact with them for their own sanity.  I remember the Borg double episode on Star Trek.  We knew what it was about.

This was one of the most coordinated efforts in history. The idea of having people like this take over the world scared everyone.  To this day, I don't believe those poor abused kids at Microsoft understand how much work people put into trying to help that situation. And by helping Microsoft we help a lot of other companies and their young people too.

You can read more about how Hollywood helped save Microsoft here.

                Kiss is baby...
      Home Optical MultiMedia Entertainment, HOME

Introduction to the KISS Concept

KISS Incorporated Founders have provided the computer industry with visionary insight and leadership in in-home computer market since 1989. Anyone who has viewed television lately can see the need for this new change in our home entertainment systems. There just isn't anything intelligent and interesting to watch or play.

"Home Optical MultiMedia Entertainment, HOME (conceived of by KISS), is an industry in it's infancy. HOME's impact on our society will have the same explosive impact as Radio, Film and Television.

My last project was for a video MultiMedia production company who created large video walls for corporate America. I worked with the Microsoft MultiMedia Group on a CD-ROM project using Video for Windows called GateKeeper. Part of the project required viewing and selecting video for a computer MultiMedia and video library. I was literally viewing the history of visual media from the earliest non-talky films to present day commercials by Nike, Microsoft, Boeing, Xerox, Goodrich, and others. As we viewed the archives, which included everything from documentaries on building cobble stone roads from the mid-1930s and government documentaries on teen age dating habits in the 50's to modern computer animated features, everyone was overwhelmed by the literal impact this visual media had on modern day society and how our attitudes have changed. KISS knows this new technology, HOME, will explode into everyone's life. This is one of the most phenomenal opportunities of this century. People who enter this market NOW with the right products, have the same kinds of opportunity as Microsoft and IBM did. So KISS Inc. is in the business of putting the talent and the technology together for this new industry."

Joan L. Brewer

A CD-ROM (compact disc read only memory) is a very high density compact disc, much like an audio CD. It holds 650 mega bytes of read only computer data and it's in a format that is read with a laser optical device. This technology is revolutionizing the computer industry by making it possible for people to bring beautiful pictures and sounds, which require larger file size (usually about 1 mega byte), in to the home at a price that anyone can afford using MultiMedia and a computer. Unlike conventional disk storage that is magnetically sensitive, the compact disc will keep your data forever if handled correctly. Comparable magnetic hard drives with about the same storage space cost about $1,300 while a CD-ROM device sells for about $400. Present price for a compact disc is about $50. The price is still coming down. Just think 650 mega bytes for only $50.

KISS is a MultiMedia CD-ROM company that combines high resolution art, video and sound into products for human entertainment and communication. At this point, we are trying to find others to work with us and do consulting. There are presently about 800,000 CD-ROMs in use, with a projection of 2.5 million expected to sell this year. The high capacity of CD-ROM media combined with new innovations in the computer industry, now makes it possible to provide us with the same kind of art we expect to see on TV, but it will be a while before high motion video is viable, so we are doing something different. When KISS MultiMedia comes to your computer, instead of interrupting you, it breaks the monotony of your work, inspiring you to think. The novelties and intrigue of this new technology will enhance your work, stirring your creativity more than any water cooler gossip, video game or spread sheet program. This is why KISS WORKS!

This technology will educate and entertain. Imagine sitting at your workstation and receiving e-mail from a friend with a MultiMedia packet attached that pops up and wishes you well, zing you with a whoop from the Three Stooges or Reads you a clip from a popular Comic strip. POP ART is culture -- cartoons, rock n' roll, TV commercials, doodles. KISS Inc. can entertain with videos, cuts of old LPs on CDs, old movies, and almost any other kind of artistic media right where people spend most of their time, at work. And by doing so, keep these people awake and open to new ideas, stimulating their creative juices.


KISS was founded by a women art/scientist from the counter culture who lived in rural American and did naturalistic research for over 15 years in cognitive science and cultural psychology. She became a computer engineer 10 years ago in an attempt to use her research to help fix things. She was attracted to the PC Industry by people like Steven Jobs and William H. Gates III who also had a "power to the people" philosophy and saw PC Computers as The Way. After years of working in the computer industry, where she was expected to think like computers and do other thing like computers, so logically and precise, divorced from her humanity, she became very concerned. She put up with inhumane and sometime violent competitive behavior by people driven by money and power, treatment that left Joan permanently handicapped. In an attempt to regain her life, she has committed herself to starting a company based on human principles and cooperation, where the individuality is key and creativity is nurtured.

"Greed has poisoned men's souls... We have developed speed, but we have shut ourselves in. Machinery that has given us abundance, has left us in want! Our knowledge has made us cynical. Our knowledge has made us hard and unkind."

Charlie Chaplin quoted from The Great Dictator

We are being taken over by Men (and Women) with Machine MINDS who "...think too much and feel too little." After 50 years, we are still being ruled with the same mentality. And the danger that confronted us in the late 30s and early 40s is with us still.

"More than machinery, we need humanity. More than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness. Without these qualities life will be violent and all will be lost. (We are) ...victims of a system that makes men torture and imprison innocent people. Do not despair. The misery that is now upon us is but the passing of greed, the bitterness of men who fear the way of human progress! The hate of men will pass and DICTATORS DIE! And the power they took from the people will return to the people."

"Don't give yourselves to brutes, men who despise you and enslave you, who regiment your lives; tell you what to do, what to think, and what to feel. Don't give yourself to these unnatural men -- machine men with machine minds and machine hearts. You are not machine. You are not cattle! You are men (and women). You have the love of humanity in your heart. You don't hate. Only the unloved hate -- the unloved and the unnatural! In the 17th chapter of St. Luke it is written that the Kingdom of God is in the heart of man; not in one man nor a group of men, but in all men. In YOU! You the people have the power; the power to create machines; the power to create happiness. You the people have the power to make this life free and beautiful; to make this life a wonderful adventure."

"Then in the name of democracy let us use that power; let us unit; let use fight for a new world; a decent world that will give man a chance to work, will give youth a future and old age a security. By the promise of these things, brutes have risen to power, but they lie, they do not fulfill their promise. They never will! Dictators FREE themselves but they ENSLAVE THE PEOPLE... "

Charlie Chaplin --The Great Dictator


This film and others by Charlie Chaplin , like In Our Times, were attempts by Hollywood to address the dehumanizing effects of the Industrial Revolution. The assembly line machine men mentality of the day, as propagated by men like Frederick W. Taylor and Henry Ford, had a grave impact on human psychology. In 1924, psychological studies were conducted in an attempt to squeeze more work out of people. The Hawthorn Studies, which attempted to determine if environment could improve productivity, was conducted over many years. They turned the lights up and productivity improved. They turned the lights down and still the productivity improved. It didn't matter! After many changes in environment, some positive and others negative, it was determined that people were simply responding to the attention and support by their management for their needs.

Present day Organizational Psychology deals with motivational theory. It attempts to squeeze more out of the employee by manipulating him psychologically. Superficial elements that are very cheap to implement, such as free soda, microwaves, or a window are used to improve performance using "The Beautism Philosophy" and "Your on the WINNING TEAM." But these benefits and psychological manipulation, such as excepting stock option instead of a pension plan, are becoming demeaning empty gestures. Employees are begin to realize that this PSYCH is intended to get them to work long hours at low pay. They are treated as numbers in a business spread sheet use to lure stock holders or a consumer marketing statistic to be exploited. The Bottom Line is: Money has very little value if you don't have time to enjoy it.


Have you ever sat for hours, or even days, in front of a computer? It dehumanizes your mind. You are mesmerized by the hopping of the cursor across the page. You are totally channeled into the creation of words, phrases, documents. This machine is programming YOU! You are tense, as you careful press the keys, worrying that in your stressed fatigued state, you will push a wrong button, then "POOF," the whole thing will disappear for no apparent reason, leaving you with head in hands and a knot in your gut. After a while, you hate to go this mental torture.



The following is off a BBS and its Character ART:


   W E L C U M              .------------------.
      2                     |:  shall  we     :|
                            |:    pLAy  a     :|
          T H E             |:      game ?    :|
             M A S H E E N   ~._______________.~
                          /============== === ====\-.
                         /================  =  ====\ `. __
                        '==================-===-====`  (__)
           W H U T   D I D   U   D R E A M  ?
      _  _ ___ _    _ _ _ __  _  _ _ _  _ __
      |\ | |_   \  /  | | |_) |\/| | |\ | | \   ___
      | \| |__   \/   |_| | \ |  | | | \| |_/
               |:   w e   t o l d   :|
               |:  u   w h U t   2  :|
               |:    d r e a m ...  :|
               |:                   :|
   u   d r e a m t   a b o u t   a   b i g   s t a r
      w h o   p L A y d   a   m e a n   g i t a r . . .
             ,---------,      ,-~o~~-,
            (__   <     `- - '  o   o  \
  o o o         `, \       -'.--. |     .
 #|#|#|#|#|#|#|#|#|#|#|#|#|#::##: |     :
  * * *          :  :______  `--'  \__  .
                /    _________         .
               (___,'         `-.___,-'          
                         --+=*       the RED DOOR

YES!!!! KISS Inc. understands your plight. This is drudgery. Add to this carpel tunnel syndrome and other computer related injuries and we have a major problem. It's a dehumanizing experience filled with fatigue and frustration. What you want is music and graphics, but what you get is word and confused messages. KISS has the cure for your Computer Blues! Don't be a STEER, its time for a STATION BREAK that will put you back in the PINK. We're not Cattle, were human beings. What the World Need Now is LOVE! That's exactly what we give you at KISS Inc.

"We are in an economic crisis. But this economic depression is not caused only by the mismanagement of greedy self-serving people. This economic depression is the end result of the control, repression and subjugation of the human spirit. Economics is LAND, LABOR and CAPITAL management. What we have is not Economics but Capitalism. People who are not free to think and love or feel loved and appreciated do not create! They just take. They learned to capitalize on a situation. People are conditioned by fear to do nothing more than read the programs and follow the rules. This is destroying OUR planet.

We are not all sick like the psychologist would have us think. People are just being labeled that. We are having a normal emotional response to a system out of control and some people's very evil intent. Our response is very healthy. This is a symptom. We need to do something to change the cause of it.

The relationship of creativity to freedom is well documented in the field of psychology. We had the freedom in the United States to express our thoughts, explore our curiosity, and were proud to be different and individual. And it was this kind of freedom to explore and challenge accepted ideas that set the first Americans apart and allowed them to inspire the whole world. And it was the lack of this freedom that lead to the down fall of Communism. Is this state of freedom still present US? Not in our work environments.

The suppression of the human spirit, has created an imbalance of trade between what we make and what we take. We must make all people more productive and creative again. To heal the economy, we must first heal the human soul. People need to feel LOVED. We must fight these machines and balance them with those things that are near and dear to our hearts. We must balance this mechanical mind, the computer, with our human heart. People are crying out for stimulation, but at this point the Dictators of Taste are hitting us with pornography and war games on computer. Its intended is to further enslave people with their sexual desires and competitive rage, leaving them more frustrated and wanting for more. What the world need now is LOVE! We need more "touchy feelly type stuff" in our everyday lives." ---

Joan L. Brewer - KISS Philosophy

It is human nature to love and create. This is what being human is all about. KISS Inc. is about happy thoughts. It's about people again feeling loved and cared about. Let's Fly with Peter Pan. Remember what the LOST BOYS told Peter he needed to fly? Happy thoughts! Wake up PEOPLE. Smell the ROSES... REMEMBER the GOOD things in our lives. Spread you wings and go higher.

"Let us fight for a WORLD of reason where science and progress will lead to a WORLD of happiness and progress.... In the name of progress let us all UNITE!"

Charlie Chaplin - The Great Dictator

This isn't a new market in the software industry, it's an entirely new communications industry, one designed with people and progress in mind and very mindful of the mistakes technology has created in the past. The technical details are explained in person with a live demonstration, only after a non-disclosure agreement is signed. Seeing and hearing what KISS intends to do with this new media can do will sell anyone! "The soul of man has been given WINGS; and at last he is beginning to FLY." KISS stands for Keep It Simple Stupid -- a well-used phrase in design. We're KISS Inc., a counter culture corporation, dedicated to developing R&D business units with an exit philosophy targeting sell to larger corporation, such an IBM, Sony, Apple, or Microsoft, who are too large and slow to do it for themselves.

We think you have something that can make you money and set you free. We would like the opportunity to talk with you about what you do and how we feel we can help you take your creative work and turn it into MultiMedia for CNM, Computer Network MultiMedia. For further details call. WE NEED ARTIST AND MONEY!

Come Fly with US

In arranging these symbols it was noted that Microsoft Wingdings Font was missing one very important Human Symbol,


They did have this

Doesn't that just about sum up Microsoft.

Venus Brings the Power of the Internet to Millions of Chinese Households

This is the promotional graphic for my Kiss Inc. Venus TV computer. Bill Gates stole the idea, called it the same name and did it in China. He stole from me and then acted like I should be pleased. Well, without the person who did the original research behind this, it has never really taken off and neither did Web TV which he bought because of my marketing research. Only I can sell it.  I'm 52, female and know what the target market is. And I know how to OEM this. And the ability to OEM this product is where the money is. Without the marketing research and knowledge of my channels for sale, after 10 years they have never made any money on it. They wouldn't let Bill hire me because I'm physically disabled.  But it was my physical disability that helped me understand what normal people really needed to get started on a computer. It grounded me in the realities of live. This has happened with everything they have stolen from me over the years.   The HOME-Home optical multimedia entertainment trade mark was due to the use of wireless keyboards and other input devices using simple optical inputs like our remote control. They messed that up too.

A Bugs Life--Remember the Plot

I wrote a document after working at Aldus on the OS/2 project that claimed it was a much better and more stable product than Windows. I wasn't the only one who was recruited this way. My manager from Aldus and a few other also were recruited. One women engineer had an unexpected death during a minor medical procedure, supposedly due to a drug reaction. Most of use thought it was murder.

Naively, I took the job. After only four days, I was sent on a business trip with two males. I can only described them as thugs. I found myself in the D.C. subway after 10:00-10:30 PM. I kept thinking... 'I've been set up.' And I had. They put me through a major hazing and assault. I ended up with a blown disc in my neck.

After I got back from the trip I began in earnest to do research inside of the company. I have some very unusual and highly rare cognitive abilities. That have been tested, so I decided to put my antenna up. Being in the same building as their legal and administration department became very interesting. Gates' office was upstairs too. 

They don't know just how bad a mistake they made with me.  If you want to know how Microsoft got so wealthy, all I can say is that cooking the books is their "spécialité gastronome." The insider trading and manipulation of the media in conjunction with Ziff-Davis Publishing was insane. It was like NO ONE had any care for any law. Later I remember on one occassion they announced that they sold 12,000 copies of Windows and about two weeks later it was 40,000. Yes, they were totally into making up the number as they went for the purpose of pushing the stock up so they could reticulate it.

When I heard that Frank Gaudette was ill, I knew it was because of this. When he came back and found their auditor Mike Brown working in his place, I figured that is what killed him. After he died, Mike Brown who had been their auditor was quickly promoted to CFO.

There was a small group of people they were calling "The Body Guard of Lies" around Bill Gates. This is a book about Hitler. They had him completely duped. He had absolutely no clue what was going on. There was this group of PR women that include Ballmer's wife Connie who kept him in a state of confusion with the on going Bill Bashing in the media. Fact is, Connie seem to be the one behind the Bashing. It seemed to be a way to keep Gates emotionally unbalanced so they could better manipulate him.

There were all these women who were literally doing nothing but using sex to manipulate the men--many in other companies and even the FBI. They did things like hire strippers and have them come for bogus interview, just so they could watch them strip in a managers office. All the offices had glass Windows so they would watch. This was an ongoing thing as well as slipping drugs into drinks at company parties. There are some really nasty stories about what they did to Gates personally. 

I too was victimized this way, but unlike Gates and the other's got right in their face where I still am today. A whore is a whore is  a horror, even if she is living in a huge mansion.  There were all these wealthy nerds getting married to some of the most base and discussing classless women I've ever encountered. The nerds worked 24/7 and their base slut wives had their buff boyfriends. Everyone seemed to know it was going on but it kept the nerds in line so what the hell.

You can't even speak to the level of dysfunction this created in the company. Once when I was doing e-mail with some of the upper level executives at IBM I was asked what was going on. IBM was totally confused by this war with Microsoft.  I simply told them it was the women. It's hard to say who was worse, Pam Edstrom, Connie Ballmer, Patty Stonesifer, Melinda French or some of the others. It was amazing how many had no education at all but major power. They had the power of sex play.

Melinda was on my sexual harassment law suite as a witness. She use to complain about going out with Gates. Gates gets loud and very intense. He has some behaviors that really stress her out even now. :-)  That didn't deter her from the idea of getting him though. So with the help of her friend Patty, Jon Lazarus and some other women she manage to use the threat of sexual harassment to position Gates for the killer marriage of the century by manipulating Bill's mother Mary. It was about that time that I gave up the law suit. I was in shock.

We came to call Melinda Gates' "Pocket Protector." When Paul Andrews was interviewing Gates' for his book "Gates" he asked about the "Pocket Protector." It was a major local joke.  He claimed he didn't have one. It ended up on the nightly new--Gates claims he doesn't have a "Pocket Protector."

The level of coercion in the company was insane. But sometimes if you give people what they want they get exactly what they deserve.  Your are so bad baby... Do you like my prototype? Steal from me and look what you get. It's turned out to be quite the lonely life for Melinda.  All that money and that huge house... People sucking up to her all over and Bill is always gone.

Later a book and movie called Disclosure.  It seemed a pretty close parody to what had happened to one of Microsoft venders started by some employees that had left. It was forced to work with Microsoft and eventually went under. Outside of this group, everyone else was being abuse.

I grew up in a very stable home. My family was Catholic. My father didn't drink. My parents were the home every night type. Children and family values were very important. Just coming into contact with such a base and immoral group of people was really disturbing. But when they raped me that was infuriating.

I had never been a partier.  To be drugged and loose about 10 hours of time and have no idea what happened simply pissed me off. I went to the  police but they wouldn't do anything. No witnesses but the guy who drugged me. As it turned out, there was e-mail inside of Microsoft about such things, but back then they didn't know what I was talking about.

My father worked his whole life in the defense industry with about 8 years in the Navy and then the rest of his working life for Lockheed Aircraft. Because of his high moral character, he was selected to work on some very top secret government  projects for the CIA, including special stealth and spy plans.

I worked with Microsoft's military contracts. The military engineers, espeically those with NARDAC in Norfolk, VA were livid. Not only was the product unstable, there was no security at all.   I have no idea HOW they got on the DT3 contract,  but have some good ideas given the way they were using sex and coercion inside the company.

I saw what was going on inside of Microsoft as a major security threat to the US government. It remains so to this day. I told my father and mother about what happened to me. When Ralph found out I was sexually assaulted by a uneducated Filipino national and hazed to the point of getting a broken neck he flipped out.

My father had been in WWII, Korean War and then came back and worked for Lockheed Aircraft on some of the US's most top secret projects for the CIS at the Skunk Works and the Ranch--now called Area 51. The worse time in my childhood was when dad was at the Ranch because it was so far away and he was gone for months at a time on occasions.  I grew up in Ontario CA with our house and windows shaking all the time from Sonic Booms. Everyone was worried about atomic war. Now this is what my family gets? NON of the greedy, arrogant and self-serving idiots would have anything without the kinds of sacrifices my family made.

I don't think anyone can understand what this was like for my family. The questions came like fire. What is he doing supervising you--and engineer? The security issues hit both of us. This company is getting government contracts? No security? What the hell is going on in America? Well dad, the whole country is being taken over by sluts and thugs.  How did he get in there?  Using Pornography and drugs.  Why were you on the trip?  Well, I told him. I was set up. Welcome to corporate USA.

There is a  question as to whether a corporation can become a foreign state operation within the US boundary. Under such circumstances, is the FBI really qualified to investigates. Shouldn't the CIA be in here? LOL

My father started talking to anyone he knew about it. And in the undercover reaches of many different government agencies, the word got out. I attempted to explain the security problems to Gates in e-mail but instead of getting rehired to help out they attacked my yet again. This time I was accused of harassment just for sending e-mail about the security issue. Now I was all over the media. My parents saw me on TV in California.  And I even ended up on CNN internationally. I was sitting in front of my hospital bed and they were claiming I was making physical threats. Well, now that really go attention.

The rest can be read here. Crazy is what crazy does. There are more than a few people inside of Microsoft that I would like to see behind bars. I would say, "well you know my mother's maiden name is HOOK and I'm just piece of bait but..." Bit they are so arrogant they would attack me yet again. These fascist feminist and minorities are something--something I don't want to become a feature of the U.S. culture and government.  Keep in mind that the top guy in 9/11 had all kinds of things written about these women too. I think fascist feminist may be part of the motive.

Now I really had the  attention. I started getting contacted. The number of contacts was unbelievable. I learned that after these guys quit, they still look after the younger ones, becoming volunteer spies inside the US which is outside the CIA's jurisdiction. Besides, by 1992, anyone who was heavily involved in the cold war, didn't believe that it could end so quickly. I am sure they all felt they were my only contact, but in fact I was fast becoming a hub.

After awhile, I had the US government on one side, nerds on the other and quickly began contacting my origins, people in the performing arts. I had different strategies for each group but this document remains the mainstay for the whole thing. It's the intro to a bogus business plan that I decided to bait some of the women at Microsoft with. They took the bait so well that Patty Stonesifer even put the name HOME on their multimedia products. Bill Gates later to be wife created the biggest embarrassment in Microsoft history called BOB. Now that was just the fuel the industry needed.

I had nerds reporting bogus bugs. They were also being sloppy about letting Microsoft steal their code--but always making sure that it was only stuff with all kinds of flaws. Inside the company they were agreeing with everything too. I told them to withhold their creative talent and agree with the crazies, stroking their egos and giving them all the credit. Wow....

I called the people in performing arts, master programmers. For a while, Seattle became the place to do a movies, music videos or making excuses to do joint projects with Microsoft so they could check them out. One by one, deals with Disney, DreamWorks and many others, ended with the same conclusion. Yes they are just what I and many others had said. Fascist. And they had massive power due to their monopoly.

They didn't let me down.  A movie was made about Charlie Champlin's life. Shindler's List came out. Then HOOK and Disney began with things like "Beauty and the Beast." It gets crazy. The whole idea of rescuing a major corporation of kids from evil doers caught on.

I use to say to these kids, given them what they want and they will get what they deserve. The best wisdom has been along the longest. You can count on it. I signed all my work:

Love to all the children,
Redmond Rose~

And it worked. I don't think the kids at Microsoft really understand just how many people got involved in this creative effort to rescue a US company from Fascism and foreign interest.  But there is only one word to say about it. It was just a lot of love. And yes they lost the antitrust case, but some times it's the bad medicine that makes you well again.

A year ago in January of 2002, Bill Gates announced his new Trustworthy Computing.  Here is the beginning of our Master Plan--Operation Charlie.

I went to the FBI many times, have formal reports with the DOJ, letters from the White House and the DOJ promising an investigation. The FBI  did nothing. Over the past 10 years, I'm sure that hundreds of others have been to them too. They are still doing nothing. It seem really odd that the DOJ would spend time on Martha Stewart and never pass a glance at the mess here at Microsoft. The company has cash assets in excess of $43 billion.  We have 4 of the 5 wealthiest people in the world living here. We have no state income tax and the worse traffic problems in the nation.  I can only assume that too many ethics questions about the agency itself would crop up if they were investigated. Perhaps if we didn't have this kind of manipulation in our government with sex and money, we wouldn't have had 9/11.

Much of what is on my web is from various intelligence groups.  It may look like religious rhetoric but it's not. A lot of intelligence people are using the Internet in this way as an effective way to communicate. So if one group is using this they tend to look more closely when they see someone else's site. This is kind of cool. I have nothing to loose by doing this either. Nor do I have a problem with Microsoft knowing it. I have six e-mail accounts and aside from a military list, I'm only getting about two e-mail a day from 6 accounts. You bet they are scared. You don't censor someone like this unless you are absolutely terrified. They can't even read this web.

In my view, the cold war has never ended.  And the more the US pushes this thing with China and Russia the worse it's likely to become. While I know that Iraq is a mess and that Saddam Hussein is a maniac, I do believe this is a decoy. I really worry what a certain group with power on their minds might try. We just had a major virus outbreak on January 25.  Hummm.... Why am I not surprise.

I've heard there is a group of CIA agents here in Seattle working under cover on an unrelated project. I am hoping that they would be looking into Microsoft also. Both Microsoft and Preston Gates and Ellis, Bill Gates' fathers law firm, are very involved in International Commerce with strong ties to both China and the Middle East.

Friday February 06, 2004



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