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An interview with Josh Walund

Reach Frog: So, tell us about the new album!
Josh Walund Music: Please state that in the form of a question.
Reach Frog: Can you tell us about the new album?
Josh Walund Music: I can. The new album is called Release. I came up with the basic idea back in late 2006. I wanted to create a collection of music that was dark, melancholic, and sounded as though it was struggling to survive before falling into total decay. As time went on, the idea of recording it to cassette and burying said cassette in the dirt to be excavated and then released came about.
Reach Frog: Is that where the title of the album came from?
Josh Walund Music: No, I stumbled upon that word recently. Saw it on napkin. Thought it had a nice sound to it.
Reach Frog: I don't want to give all the details away, but it sounds as though there is more to Release than just music. There are moments made up of atmospheric elements and voices at places.
Josh Walund Music: The idea was to make it sound like it was recorded over and over from different sources. I wanted it to appear that maybe some things were once recorded on this tape that were never meant to be heard, so the original owner recorded over these bits with music... or maybe it's the other way around.
Reach Frog: There is a part at the end of Once And For All that sounds like a cult is sacrificing a child or animal or both. Am I hearing this correctly? Can you elaborate?
Josh Walund Music: No, I cannot. Things happened. Mistakes were made. Let's just leave it alone.
Reach Frog: Alright then. The packaging on the physical copy includes a blood stained burlap sack. It's fake blood, right?
Josh Walund Music: I am not sure I understand. I did not soak any burlap in blood. Was your copy covered in blood?
Reach Frog: Well, the outside burlap sack was. The tape was inside the sack.
Josh Walund Music: Wow. That's news to me.
Reach Frog: Interesting... What would you say influenced the musical aspects of Release?
Josh Walund Music: Funerals, decay, old media, and lots of coffee.
Reach Frog: And the other elements?
Josh Walund Music: Nightmares, inside jokes, and lots of coffee.
Reach Frog: One of the most bizarre moments of Release occurs on side two with the track Breathing Room. Can you tell us a little about it?
Josh Walund Music: Sure. When I was 11 or 12 years old, my parent's bedroom was located on the other side of the wall from my bed and they would always sleep with the TV on. One night, I had a dream and in this dream I could still hear the TV, only all the music and dialog was slightly warped and twisted. As the dream wore on, I started noticing a breathing sound that kept getting louder and more disgusting until finally, it escalated into a loud gasp that woke me up. What you hear on Release is the actual audio from that dream, captured through a process that... well... I've already said too much.
Reach Frog: There are 10 numbered tapes if I understand correctly. These were given to friends, family, and music collaborators. Do you have plans to make more copies?
Josh Walund Music: Yes. I ended up with extra resources to make 10 more copies. These will be sold for five dollars on the Josh Walund Music Bandcamp page to the first 10 people who pay five dollars on the Josh Walund Music Bandcamp page to the first 10 people who pay five dollars on the Josh Walund Music Bandcamp page. Five dollars.
Reach Frog: Excellent. Is there anything further you would like to add?
Josh Walund Music: Yes. There has been talk going around that none of this is real and we're all collectively imagining this. If this is true, please help me to imagine that this is real.
Reach Frog: Well said. Thank you.

Be sure to head over to the Music Page to listen to RELEASE

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