(After their valiant attempt to conquer America fell apart, the original five-piece lineup of Los Dug Dug's disbanded for the first time. Armando stayed behind to record some forgettable solo demos while the other members returned to Mexico and immersed themselves in various other activities described in this interview. Armando eventually returned, and after a few more months, convinced the band to reform. This interview was conducted with the newly reformed unit in between rehearsals for their great first album.)

The original Dug Dug's are together again! Yes, the same Dug Dug's who were all the rage in Mexico City back in the 60's. They were the ones who started playing in cafeterias and moved on to the Ice Skating Forum (Pista de Hielo). We didn't believe it at first, but we have learned that it's true!

Who doesn't know the original Dug Dug's? Genaro Garcia is the bass player, Armando Nava plays guitar and keyboard, Jorge de la Torre is the singer, Gustavo Garayzar is on lead guitar, and Alberto Escoto is on drums. They are together again, and they're considered the "hippie gods of Mexico" by the young people. They are back with a new (and beautiful!) sound. They're now also playing their own music, which is the main topic of this interview.


When did you decide to reunite?

ARMANDO: 3 months ago.

Gustavo was the last one to join right?

ARMANDO: Yep! He had an injured hand, that's why.

You are back now with heavier music?

ARMANDO: Yes, and everything is original.


ARMANDO: Everything!!!


Are you gonna record?

ARMANDO: Yes, probably on RCA.

Do they give you total freedom there?

ARMANDO: Yes, that's what we want.

You recorded for RCA originally, right?

ARMANDO: Yes. And while we were in New York we did demo versions of "World of Love" and "Eclipse."


During this period Armando formed other versions of Los Dug Dug's and also played with Last Soul Division, but what did you do, "Borrega"?

JORGE: I went back home to Durango and formed my own band, then I felt the urge to leave and went to Tijuana, and the carnival in Mazatlan. Armando called me there and then I came back here. I have been 2 months in standby here, resting...

You were teen idols before, but how are the people reacting now?

ARMANDO: Everybody has accepted us. Those who knew us before are very glad that we are doing original stuff. They're starting to request original songs.

Do you tell the people "This is our song?"

ARMANDO: Of course, we tell them the name also.


Are you going to record in English or Spanish?

ARMANDO: In English. Possibly also in Spanish, but the songs have to have the right feeling.

Rock was born in English, so it's not so easy, right?

ARMANDO: Exactly. We could adapt the lyrics, but right now we're in a hurry, and we have the songs written in English, so...maybe in the future we'll even sing in French! The music sounds American, so English is the obvious choice.

Alberto, what did you do the last time you were in Los Dug Dug's?

ALBERTO: I replaced Carcacho one week at the Ice Skating Forum (Pista de Hielo). Then I went to play in Tijuana, then Juarez, then Tijuana again, and that's where Armando called me. We played there once.

So this period was an experience for everybody?

ARMANDO: Actually, the whole time that we've been playing, we've had different experiences. We're together again and we will try to bring those experiences into our music. For example, a song like "A Day In The Life"...that's the sort of thing we want to do!

What did you do, Gustavo?

GUSTAVO: I played with my brother in Ensenada, it was a 4 piece group.

That was recently?

GUSTAVO: Yes, I just left, somebody else replaced me.

How many original songs do you have now?

GUSTAVO: More or less, 15 or 16.

Who wrote them?

GUSTAVO: The majority were written by Armando, but some are from Genaro, La Borrega and everybody else. Armando wrote most of them while he was sick.

And so they left to practice. Their music is absolutely heavy and played with great precision and quality. You can tell they feel this music -- the energy is there (during the interview Borrega was always telling me to hurry up because they had to rehearse!), and their music is right up there with any American band (we won't say with any British band because that includes Ten Years After and Led Zeppelin, and that's serious stuff). We will soon be able to enjoy the new wave of Los Dug Dug's...which, at the same time, is also the good old Dug Dug's!

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