(Here's a good example of what the rock critics in Mexico were saying about the band, and it also includes a revealing quote from Armando about the the direction the band was headed in after their colossal SMOG album. I still think their third album doesn't get the credit it deserves, so let's let the folks at MEXICO CANTA set the record straight about this beautiful record.)

When a rock LP is issued in Mexico, either it is highly acclaimed or completely ignored. This is the third LP by Los Dug Dug's, and it is worthy of praise.

Once again Los Dug Dug's, under the hand of Armando Nava, show their creativity and maturity in the rock and roll field. Armando really knows what he's doing, making Los Dug Dug's into one of the great Mexican bands.


As usual, all songs are written and arranged by Armando, and this time it's hoped that the band will remain the same: Enrique Nava on drums and Gabino Araujo on bass.

This time there is more of an inclination toward ballads, but there are also hard rock numbers like "No Te Asustes" and "Cambia, Cambia." Before they went on tour, we talked with Armando, who said, "We wanted to be a little more commercial, that's why we did the ballads. Sweet ballads, with beautiful words, but ballads of high quality." The words are pretty but also very thoughtful -- and it would be foolish for Armando to go back to recording in English! This record is just too beautiful.

If the first record was philosophical, and the second record was heavy, in the third album musical beauty is the key word.

Armando plays some very exciting, emotive synthesizer on "Cambia Cambia." There is also some musical meditation in the instrumental "Donde Esta A.N." And the words always have something to say--in fact, in the next issue of our magazine we will be publishing them!

In simple words: CAMBIA, CAMBIA represents the genius of Los Dug Dug's and Armando Nava.

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