Paper 11 
By: Ramin Amir mardfar

We observed that in the world, the single components collect in a group and create complicated component. The components compositor atom collect in a group and make an atom. The atoms collect in a group and make an molecules. The molecules compose the complicated organic materials, the organic materials compose organelles, the organelles collect in a group and make the cells. The cells collect in a group and make the polycellulars (single creatures ) (initial polycellular creatures).The initial polycellular creatures gather in a group and compose excellent plants and excellent animals. The excellent animals, in turn gather in a group and make socials (colonies). The colonies may be initial or advanced. As much as the dependence of colonies is much and work division is more, that colony is advanced. A flock of deers is as a colony. But this colony is initial, because work distribution has not been accomplished about it. The most advanced colonies are seen in insects, such as bees, ants and termites. When we see a nest of termite, we can speak about a colony without considering termites, separately. We can speak of greatness or smallness of it. We can speak of its health or illness. We can speak of the growth of colony. We can speak of the age of the colony. Perhaps the life of each termite is shorter than the age of their colony. But this is not very important, because new termites replace them and the colony continue its life. Even if the queen destroys, a new queen replace it and the colony remains. The soldier termites defend the colony. The workers provide the nourishment of colony and make the structure of colony. The queen generates. The colony can grow itself. Then we can speak of the birth or death of colony.
The principle of grouping the components, independent components and coexistence of components is the case with the colony. So this colonies are one of the stairs of existing world. This stair is beside excellent animals, and its composed components are animals themselves. This is not the last stair of existing world stairs, and we can set forth other stairs perhaps the stairs exist now or in the future. In any case, the component grouping may be infinite and other groups great, which we are unable by observing them.

Book 1: Relationship between Gravity and Evolution