Paper 19
Why the body of Coelacanth grow several time?
By : Ramin Amir mardfar
Paper 20

Keith Wilson (St. Paul, MN USA) >> [email protected]
Ramin mardfar >> [email protected]
Keith >> Thank you for sending me the article. It was good to hear
something from you again. I am sorry you choose not to stay on the
Expanding Earth board. I would have liked to learn more about your
work. I hope all is going well for you.

Ramin >> I didn't feel that I've entered in a klatch.
I'm communicating with you by my translator friend.
Translating of all message of the group was so hard to me and it was
uncontrollable my mail box.

Keith >> It is truly good to hear from you and to know I should not
worry, but only to keep messages short and precise for translation.
Most of the messages on that other board are not worth translating.
Some are. If I find a very valuable one, I will forward it to you. I
believe that the "lower gravity" issue is very important for
Expanding Earth (EE). I have been working on my web-site and am
trying to keep the work simple so that a broader group of people can
understand and become interested in what we talk about. I have a
specific request for you. As you know there are only a few people
who have published gravity issues like yourself. Most of the
examples deal with dinosaurs and large fossils with skeletons. I
find graphs to be very informative, especially in showing the size
change from about 250 mya ago to today using the same species or
near species. While there is good information on animal fossils,
there is very little on Insects and flora. One can track Millipedes
and Scorpions but few others in insects. Flora seems to have even
less trend line information. If you had broader information in these
two areas (insects and flora) that could be placed into simple
graphs, I would eventually like to use them and give you full
credit. Perhaps you can take this as a suggestion as to an important
need for EE, no matter how you use the thought. I say this also
because I would like all of us who believe in EE to work closer
together and continuously reference each others work.

Ramin >> If the main effective factor on animals' and plant's body
was only earth's increasing gravity force then drawing a descending
graph was so easy, and certainly most of the scientists believed to
the increasing of the gravity yet. But there is another important
effective factor on body's size in fact, and it's increasing force
of blood circulation system during the time (evolution of blood
circulation system). The increasing of gravity make effort to small
animate's body and the increase of blood circulation system make
effort to enlarge the body. The resultant of these two forces
determines animates body and harden drawing descending graphs
because the graphs have a sinuous form. If we don't consider the
force of blood circulation system, it seems as if the gravity has
been increased some times and has been decreased other times in a
certain period. That's it have been increased for an animate's class
and have been decreased for another animate's class, while it's not
so, and the gravity have been increasing and the body's reverse
changes (getting greater) is under the effect of increasing force of
the blood circulation system on that animate's class. The people,
who have published proficiency on geology, and have not enough
knowledge on animate's physiology, and are remiss (incognizant) from
the effect of blood circulation system. Even zoologists and
botanists are remiss from the importance of effect of the force of
blood circulation system on animate's body size. For example, you
ask an entomologist: Why insects are smaller than other animals? In
answer to this question he/she never will mention anything about
blood circulation system, while he/she will say something's about
exoskeleton. Ask a zoologist: why an elephant is greater than a
crocodile? Why a crocodile is greater than frog? Why an elephant is
greater than a mouse? Why the elephant can't get greater than its
existing size? You will not hear anything about blood circulation
system in response to these questions. As a conclusion, if the EE
theory wants to be successful, first of all it must introduce the
importance of effect of blood circulation system on body size to
people, especially to the experts. If it become successful on this
duty, the remaining of the work will be so easy. The first article
of my book is about the effect of the force of blood circulation
system on body size of different classes of animals. The twelfth
article is about the effect of the force of blood circulation system
on species inside a class of animals. The third article is about the
effect of the force of minerals transferring system between
different classes of plants. As I believe, initial activity must be
based on such subjects, as a second stage, on increasing of the
gravity and as a third stage, on expanding earth.

Keith >> I had asked for a graphic. You responded back to re-read
Articles #1, #12, and #3. I took this to mean you felt I had missed
something. So I took my time to re-read them carefully. I had missed
many things. Unfortunately, to understand EE has required reading
many books, with many unusual science terms. In the course of doing
so, if I re-read anything I will get more out of it. This is the
case with your work. I had missed many things. You have given me not
a graphic, But sufficient names of different species that I can
learn more about, takes some size notes about each, and prepare a
graphic. I don't need that graphic now but if and when I write a
book I will need it. That will take some time. I have been busy
trying to get my web-site up. It is written, but there is difficulty
making it work in HTML, so that takes time. I write in English and I
can read English, so I can proof read in real time. I have a better
understanding of you writing in Farsi (?) and having someone
translate it into English and wondering what it says. There are some
flaws in your text that you should know about. There are of course
possible english word improvements but that is understandible.
However, there are numerous places where key words are replaced with
strange number symbols which indicate a possible computer to
computer text language issue. I could copy an article, mark the
issues in red and send it back as a PDF if this is wanted.
Another subject Atmospheric pressure. I believe I have built the
range of gravity possibilities going back several billion years
which would also correlate with the size and gravity of the moon and
Mars. I could send you this. Back about 250 mya a gravity of 50% is
likely. That is enough to represent a dinosaur 2X as big as today
according to Hurrell's work. I believe I need another factor because
the dinos were 4X as big. I believe it is in atmospheric pressure as
you related, but I do not know, and can not find how much additional
atmospheric pressure would be needed to get another 2X size in
addition to gravity effect.

Ramin >> My meant was thus: If EE wants to be successful; it must
begin its duty by publishing and explaining these issues. That's for
first stage it must inform persons spoken to from the importance of
blood circulation system's role on animate's and plant's body size.
For example, one of these persons is Mr. Stephen Hurrell who has no
information about this matter and the base of his book's articles is
on skeleton and structure of animals. In spite of the fact that his
meat is to help to EE theory, but he will never can do useful work
by those subjects, unless he could be informed on the respect of
importance of blood circulation system.

You've written 4X. You mean that dinos are four times larger than
present elephants. Don't you? If your answer is yes, I'd say lots of
things to you.
It must be occurred to you such comparison from scripts of Stephen
Hurrell. But have you asked yourself if is correct such comparison.
Such comparison is the most elementary comparison that one can do. I
did such comparison in my mind almost 17 years ago. It kept my busy
for several years, But them I realized that it's not correct to
comparison between a dino and an elephant! Why? Because dinos and
elephants belong to various classes of animals. Dinos are from
reptiles' class (3-chambered heart) but elephants are from mammals'
class (4-chambered heart)! Please see to paper 2 and 11
Dinos are not the ancestor of elephants but they're present
reptiles' ancestor. In other words Dinos have turned to present
reptiles not to elephants. If we want to have a correct comparison,
then must do it for each animal with its related class. That's it
must be compared past reptiles with present reptiles, past mammals
with present mammals, past birds with present birds, past amphibians
with present amphibians, past mollusks with present mollusks, past
insects with present insects and so on. Thus we've done a proper
comparison, and will have a right conclusion. So we must compare a
dino not with an elephant but with a present reptile such as a
lizard or snake or a crocodile! Now you can see that 4X will not be
correct, because the body size of a dino is several tenfold larger
than a present reptile! Yes, increasing the gravity has such a
considerable effect on animals' body size! But how? By resulting on
blood circulatory system. Does Mr. Hurrell's script can explain such
a big effect?

50% is a large amount. Although dino's bodies changes are
considerable, but it doesn't need to such a great number of
gravity's change! Why? Because little change in gravity has a major
effect on of blood circulation system, because blood has alternating
(alternative) period collect with each other. This subject has been
discussed on article number 6.

Yes, atmospheric pressure is effective on animals and plant's body
size, also importance is mostly on effect on growth speed. This
subject has been discussed on article number 13.

Keith >> I will re-read your items listed. I am not concerned with
elephants. As we know the volume of an object increases as the
square of the sides. So a 2X in height can become a 4X in volume. I
am concerned with height effects of 4X, not volume. Hurrell's
engineering work indicates that at 2 times increase in height would
need a gravity of 50%. 1 x 1 = 1.
2 x .5 = 1. So if an animal needs a "1" to survive, if it doubles in
height it needs a .5 in gravity. But if he increases 4X in height he
would need a .25 (25%) in gravity. This is in the extreme size
animals, not the smaller ones as you point out.
I have made 3 attachments. The first I had asked Bill Erickson to do
for me, as it presented his work more clearly. The second and third
are of a Brontosaurus and a Giraffe. Both are at the extremes, and
both highlight your work on blood systems. The giraffe reaches 17
feet tall, with a very unusual heart, and vein valve system. The
distance from the heart to the head when in a vertical position is
extreme but is less than 10 feet. As a side note. holding the head
horizontal presents a different extreme on strength of the neck
tendons needed. The Brontosaurus or similar species are perhaps 80
feet long. I have assumed that the heart would have to pump
vertically 30 - 40 feet but perhaps this is not correct. IF the
Brontosaurus needs to pump 3-4 times higher than a giraffe, then a
50% gravity would still not be enough (according to Hurrell). We
would need another 50% from somewhere, and that may be atmospheric
pressure. You talk about atmospheric pressure, but it is still not
clear IF a higher atmospheric pressure would help move blood
vertically, nor by how much of an effect.

Ramin >> I understood what you say. You've got it good. This is
atmospheric pressure that will answer to this problem. If the
pressure of air will be little, you can't stand vertically even your
heart be strong. (The article No. paper 8, the relationship between
the blood system and air pressure.)
We can have you question in other words. The gravity has been
increasing at the same time, the blood circulatory system of giraffe
has become strong, so why a giraffe have not become as large as a
As a test, a mouse inside a box sent to some areas pf atmosphere
with how pressure by a balloon. In where, the atmospheric pressure
was less than ground surface, the mouse couldn't raise it's in head
and it could only to creep on the ground. (I've read this in a
book). So you see that atmospheric pressure has effect on animals'
height. If instead of a mouse, we had put giraffe inside the box, it
would be forced to abridge it's height in some areas with low
pressure and would creep on the ground. On the contrary, now put
that giraffe in a box, and begin increasing the pressure inside the
box. This time the status is vice versa. The giraffe begins to grow
tall (of course during many generations) and thus it meet your
mentioned 4X.
You can find in the nature areas both with low or high pressure.
When climbing a maintain, the pressure of the air gets lower and
lower. During the climbing, you can't see a tree on top of a
mountain, nor a giraffe. In a deep voyage in seas the atmospheric
pressure gets greater and you see greater animals gradually (In a
comparison with their similar species on level of the sea).
Of course people may say that it gets increased the atmospheric
pressure by getting increased the gravity, not vice versa! But in
deed the atmospheric pressure have been decreased from the past time
up to now.
I can present two good evidences to this subject.
A) The difference between ear structure of reptiles and mammals.
B) The growth speed of animates.
Which have been discussed in article No. 13

Keith: Thank you. Your work is excellent. It leads into atmospheric
pressure which there is very little information about. It is also
very important. I will try to find more. I will re-read your
articles noted.

Ramin >> Coelacanth is a fish. In the past this fish lived in the
low deep of sea but now this fish lived in the high deep of sea.
Because of this place changes of low pressure place to high pressure
place the body of this fish grow several time.

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