Paper 17 :      AXOLOTL
A group of salamanders of Mexico water like, (AXOLOTL)
Ambystoma Mexicanus, the evolutional, growth of which is from embryo to fish like animal, and then, feet appear in their body, but they remain in water and their lungs which are on the basis of gills can't grow more. These salamanders multiply, while they have not grown enough. If required hormones for growth were injected to these animals they can continue they growth and turn to an earth-living animal. These evidences show that this animal have the capacity to get bigger and live on earth. Because it has feet that are suitable to walk on earth and have lungs to breathe in earth air. But now it is not able to do such things and if we make it to grow using hormones, it can not live for long time! Which factor interrupt the growth of this animal and dose not allow it to live on earth?
The theory of the increase of gravity says that: the gravity increases by the passage of time. So the stability of the animals against the gravity decreases and they can't cope with it. Inside the water the animals are lighter and they can move easily, but to walk on earth, more power is needed, and as we knew, the pressure in water is more than the pressure of the air and the blood system of the animals have more efficiency in high pressure. In the gravity was low and Axolotl could grow more and also in its growth periods, it could walk with its feet and breath with its lungs. But now that the gravity has in creased, Axolotl is not able to grow to a degree that it become an adult salamander, and it is no longer able to come out of water and it has to walk in water.
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