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Mopar V-8 Swap

This page will deal with swapping a Mopar V-8 into a 1986 Ram 50 Pickup.

This swap will deal with the A-engine (273/318/340/360).

This page will try to deal with all of the pieces and modifications needed to perform this swap.


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Just brought the truck home
This truck costed $250. It was in very good shape and was the perfect truck for the V-8 swap.

Getting ready to cut
This is what was used to do all of the cutting. It is not needed as torches will work fine. It does cut quick though.

Engine Bay
After removing the engine..the original mounts to the frame were cut off.

Mule fit engine
For this swap a 360 was used as a mule engine to fab mounts. The engine you choose to use can be used as your mule engine.

Motor mount
The mounts reused the 4cyl mounts flipped and welded to the frame. A plate is welded to the mount. The 4cyl isolator is reused. This is bolted to a stock truck mount.

Front Crossmember Modification
The crossmember below the radiator needs to be modified to clear the engine pullies. Also shown is the lower support for the radiator.

It is close to the starter!!
It is very close to the starter but does clear. A small high torque starter might allow some more space here.

Welding in the pieces
A 110volt Flux core welders was used to weld in the mild steel crosmembers and mounts.

The headers were constructed out of a set of A-body headers. A set of Sanderson block huggers should do the job. Also truck center dump manifolds can be used.

Finished engine
This is the new 360 installed. The only mods to this engine is a MP 509 cam and M-1 intake. 13.55 @ 104 so far.

The simple interior
The interior is quite simple. Since this was automatic truck, the shifter and rods were simply bolted on with no modifications. Switches control the swapping in electronic ignition.

The truck now in 2001
This is the truck now. The only modification is the 1970 340 hood scoops to help get some air in for racing.
Complete explanation in text form

As the weather gets better, more pictures will be posted of the underside of this truck and its modifications.

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