This is a complete archive of the old MWA website that was established
in October of 1997 and was terminated in March of 2004. Please keep
in mind that some of the information here is now outdated.

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This website will no longer be updated after 15 March 2004. This is due to budget constraints and a need to spend time on other matters. I've enjoyed editing and publishing this website but it's time to pass the torch to others who have more enthusiasm and more expertise in this subject matter. Excellent new websites are springing up devoted to Part 15 operations and I encourage you to find them (hint: use a search engine and combine search terms such as "part 15" and "low power AM")


Febrary 15, 2004 update:

Added an Early Days of AM Gallery page.


January 1, 2003 update:

The FAQ has been re-written.


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