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Council wins war on graffiti gangs Adelaide Sunday Mail Craig Clarke March 17, 1996
Paying for graffiti until 2021 Messenger Southern Times Stacy Farrar May 24, 2000
Graffiti Fix for $5 Each / Anti graffiti plan supported Cranbourne Sun Kate Allen October 25, 2000
Residents want scheme in Melbourne Southern Times General News Article November 22, 2000
Man killed in 'graffiti rage' attack. BBC News, UK BBC News UK February 9, 2001
Tracking graffiti artists Herald Sun   October 22, 2001
Graffiti vandals Herald Sun Editorial October 23, 2001
Park group tackles graffiti with trees Cranbourne News   December 14, 2001
Hotline to join war on vandalism Cranbourne Leader   January 16, 2002
Time to attack graffiti Herald Sun Leone Burke January21, 2002
Graffiti: get tough Knox Leader   January 22. 2002
'We've done graffiti homework' - council Knox Journal   January 23, 2002
Graffiti The Age The Age Education Unit January 30, 2002
Anti-graffiti praise for Casey Cranbourne News   January 31,2002
All part of the big picture (Graffiti: or is it art?) Herald Sun Andrew Bolt February 4, 2002
Follow Casey lead on graffiti: RAGE Cranbourne News   February 7, 2002
War on graffiti will focus on Banyule Heidelberg Leader Natalie Robertson February 12, 2002
Clean-up crew thrills lobbyist South East Newspapers   March 14, 2002
Stopping the suburban scrawl Victorian Government News Steve Rotherham April, 2002.
Re-Right Graffiti Boronia & The Basin Community News Jess Gooding June, 2002
Hotline bid on graffiti Bayside Leader Christian Tatman June 17, 2002
Reasons for spreading the RAGE South East Newspapers   June 20, 2002
MP praises RAGE Cranbourne Independent   July 3, 2002
Guarding against train crime Cranbourne News Lisa Dodd August 8, 2002
Pressing on with spray can ban Cranbourne News   August 22, 2002
Graffiti Vandal stake-out Cranbourne Independent Amber Morrey November 11, 2002
Cranny now graffiti free Tagging message: it's not cool Cranbourne Leader   November 27, 2002
Writings on the wall in graffiti purge The Age Melissa Marino February 16, 2003
Dutch look at graffiti model Cranbourne Times   2003
Losing the war on graffiti Southern Times (SA) Emma Graham November 5, 2003
Victims to fight back Cranbourne News Karen Casey October 20, 2004
Death Threats May Backfire Cranbourne News Alison Noonan 2004
Residents' rage against vandalism Cranbourne Leader Dimity Barber October 26, 2005
Council urged to scrap plan

Graffiti law cops a blast

Geelong Advertiser Jane bunce February 7, 2005
You spray, you pay Berwick, Pakenham Leader Dimity Barber November 2, 2005
Zero graffiti tolerance, Melbourne plans to appease spray can criminals wont work Herald Sun Steve Beardon January 25, 2006
Graffiti game outrage Jen Kelly Herald Sun January 31, 2006
Graffiti game ban win for campaign Cranbourne News Alison Noonan March 02, 2006
Graffiti Support Improper Herald Sun   January 07, 2007
Jail graffitists says council Cranbourne Leader   January 31, 2007
Graffiti Vandal Goes Free Herald Sun Brendan Roberts February 20, 2007
Vandals_may_be_sued Northern Territory News   February 25, 2007
Victoria Police and Casey Council Target Graffiti City of Casey/Victoria Police Media Release Rebecca Fraser February 28, 2007
Ten face graffiti charges Berwick Leader   March 5th 2007
Tough tactics in anti graffiti bill The Age Kenneth Nguyen March 14, 2007
Councils target graffiti on private land Sydney Morning Herald Anne Davies April 10, 2002
Spray on graffiti - State-sponsored scribble fury Herald Sun Emily Power April 16, 2007
Graffiti hits at fighter Herald Sun Mary Boller April 30, 2007
PAINT PESTS - What do we have to do to rub them out? Herald Sun Brendan Roberts May 5, 2007
Broken Windows Turns 25 City Journal NYC Charles Upton Sahm Spring 2007
Get it right this time Herald Sun Kellie Cameron June 10, 2007
Vandal let off with spray Herald Sun Kevin Healey July 8, 2007
Can you spot the difference? Herald Sun Liam Houlihan July 15, 2007
Firm promotes graffiti artists Herald Sun Liam Houlihan July 22, 2007
Jail for graffiti Herald Sun Brendan Roberts August 23. 2007
Graffiti 'artist' goes to work Herald Sun Carla Danaher August 24, 2007
Spray pay anger

Shoe's on the other foot as 'artist' goes to work

Herald Sun Carla Danaher August 24. 2007
Graffiti blitz costly Herald Sun Mary Bolling August 28, 2007
Spray and pay Herald Sun Chris Tinkler September 16, 2007
Community won't tolerate graffiti - Vandal ordered to pay up! City of Casey/Victoria Police Media Release Rebecca Fraser September 17, 2007
Richmond station home for graffiti shop

Train station home for graffiti shop

Call to close down 'paradise for vandals'

Herald Sun Chris Tinkler September 23, 2007
Graffiti film banned Herald Sun Ian Royall September 28, 2007
Outrage on graffiti toys

Kids schooled in vandalism

Herald Sun Peter Rolfe October 7, 2007
New worry in graffiti war The Age Mary Bolling April 17, 2008
Anti-graffiti lobby sees red at heritage-listing proposal The Age Cameron Houston June 23, 2008
Casey zero tag plan could reach US Pakenham Cardinian Leader Kate Swan June 26, 2008
Class for 'vandals'
Council hosts graffiti artists program

Caulfield Glen Eira / Port Phillip Leader Aaron Langmaid July 14, 2008
Anti-graffiti activists infuriated by pro-spray demonstration
Herald Sun Natalie Tkaczuk Sikora Aug 20 , 2008
Can ban considered in graffiti crackdown
The Australian / aap   Sept 10, 2008
Councillor takes graffiti matters into his own hands
Cranbourne News Glen Atwell
Oct 3, 2008
Graffiti laws spray
Berwick Leader Dimity Barber
Oct 8, 2008
Fast erasing deters graffiti 'taggers'
Erie Times-News George Miller
Nov 14, 2008
Can the can (criminology) Economist.com From The Economist print edition
Nov 20, 2008
Substation gets graffiti clean-up Cranbourne News Lia Bichel Nov 20, 2008
Taggers to pay: council Cranbourne Journal Liz Bell Dec 1, 2008
Graffiti gangs turn violent Herald Sun Brendan Roberts Dec 24, 2008
Graffiti girl Cheyene Back jailed for first offence News.com.au Byron Kaye Feb 2, 2009
Taskforce cleans up on graffiti Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone Independent Mike Morris March 31, 2009
Walls washed clean in Mordialloc-Chelsea Mordialloc Chelsea Leader Wes Hosking July 14, 2009
Victoria Police database helps identify repeat graffiti vandals Herald Sun Mark Buttler, Matt Johnston July 20, 2009
Anti-graffiti campaigners angered by offer of free lessons Herald Sun Anne Wright Sept 7, 2009




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