ZVEZDA - a red star is rising 
circa 1954 in Russia

Case: steel with swirled red print, gold coloured appl., mirrored dial, lighted red star

Size: (w/h/d) 57 x 38 x 23 cm, heavy

Loudspeakers: 1

Antennas: connectors for antenna and parabol antenna

Frequencies/Bands: LW 200-550m, MW 200-550m, 3 * SW 25-75m, 25-32m, 41-50m

Power: 110 / 127 / 220V AC

Tubes/Semicond.: 7 tubes 6A7, 6Z3P, 6E5C=mag. eye, 6XSP, 6Z3P, 6U4P,=rectifier (this is the transscription from cyrillic letters)

Originally priced:

Condition: good, dial glass loosing white background colour, crest at the stand missing

Comments: Zvezda is the Russian word meaning Star, playing fine, at night I like especially the illuminated . Operating this set is pretty strange like driving a car in UK: volume control is the right !! button, shifting the middle button switches the bands, rotating the middle button is the tuning, the left button controls the bandwidth/tone. Schematic available.

Jean-Luc Fradet has the French pendant the Excelsior 52 on his page - maybe the Russians were "inspired" by this French set.

Reella BACKHOMENEXTSiemens A60 
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