Why Should I join Survivor RPG then another game?
Survivor RPG is an easy game to learn and play and great for people who have never played a game before. Unlike most others games, the host will answer your questions and stay on schedule. Survivor RPG also keeps a very detailed history on past games and the host, myself, actually becomes a good friend who cares about its contestants.

Why exactly is Survivor RPG good for beginners?
If this is your first game its easy to understand and have fun in. The challenges aren't the most complicating problems you can't understand, or the word searches or question challenges. The game is fun to play and easy to play.

What does RPG stand for, and why is it an RPG?
RPG stands for Role-playing game. You will make up a character, either fictional or yourself (you get to choose) and will give them skill points. Those skill points will test how good your character will perform in challenges.

When can I apply for the next season?
As of right now RPG applications are closed, check back soon for you next chance to be in Survivor RPG

No not really filming. I document all of the events that happen in the game then make episodes on them.

When will we get more episodes?
I like episodes to feel complete and when I'm not satisfied I hold them until I think they are ready. It takes several hours and several times read through. Plus it takes awhile to update the website. Episodes will come every now and then. But they will come

When will you reveal the RPG4/Next cast?
Upcoming seasons casts are revealed during the live finale of the previous season

Will their be a season after Survivor RPG6?
Yes I currently have plans to do a total of 10 seasons but I bet at that time I will probably do more if online reality games are still popular

I've played before can I play again?
We have lately changed that rule. Previous players may play again but new players get dibs on be selected over you and you cannot play as the same name.

Can I be on the staff of E-Squared?
I am one of the several staff members of E-Squared. Please do not ask me to be part of the staff, we pick staff members when needed and review each person carefully.

There is a mistake on this when will it be fixed?
Thanks for the help, we will fix it ASAP.

Can I help out with Survivor RPG? Host or do the website? Perhaps I can make images? Review
Survivor RPG has a limited staff and it the main host Chad will ask people to help instead of looking for help. Chad is the only one that hosts, makes the website, and does the images. He won't ask for help in that area. Chad looks for small tasks his staff can do. Reviewing is only given to past players.

How do you make your website? Can you help me?
I make my website using Microsoft Publisher 2000. I make my own layouts and images along with it. I do not help people make websites, please do not ask.

Hey I need an image for my game...can I take your logo?
All logos are made by the host. Please do not take them and respect the graphic rule at E-Squared and other indexes.

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