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This is my faith; so help me God...

Where I stand is here: The Integral Message of the God of Abraham, the God of Moses, the God of David, who is Christ Jesus, in the Concomitance of the Divine Persons, Three Persons in One Deity, which Message is contained in the 73 books of the Holy Bible, which Message is this:
  1. The First Commandment - "I alone am the Lord your God.... You shall know no other gods besides me."

  2. The corollary rejection of all the 'gods' of the Canaanites, the Amorites, the Moabites, the Ammonites, the Edomites, the Egyptians, the Philistines, the Phoenicians, the Aramites, the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Greeks, the Scythians, the Medians and Persians, the Arabs, the Romans.
If the Bible is true, and our Guide and the repository, or at least, the Normative Text — which includes the Directive Principles which define us as Christians, then we must accept and make our own the rejection of all these false 'gods' — Chemosh, Ba’al, Moloch, Astarte, etc.

But logically, if we reject these West Asian Ba’alim, what should be our attitude towards the Ba’alim of any other culture?

Obviously, the rejection of these Ba’alim extends not merely to the West Asian Ba’alim, but to all Ba’alim.

That is, it includes the Ba’alim of the Gentoos or Hindus, of the East Indies, amongst whom we live. It also includes the Ba’alim of the Bon and Jain and Buddhist and every other sect (sampradaya).

The more common Gentoo Ba’als are Ganpati, Shiva, Visnu, Brahma, Krisna, Rama, Kali & Durga.

Our rejection of these Ba’alim and of total and complete adherence to the one and only God, the God of Israel, is proof of our being truly Christian.

That is, we deny totally and categorically that there is any salvation or truth in these Ba’alim, and that it is lawful, under any circumstance, to worship them, or even to seem to worship them.

Furthermore, we accept and affirm that Christ Jesus, the Incarnate Theandros, established and guaranteed only one Church, the Community of His Saints, His Family of His Faithful, and gave it power to expel and exclude the untoward. Therefore, we accept and affirm that there is only one true Church, the Catholic, outside of which there is no salvation; all the sects being set up in schism and in heresy, by departing from and seceding from the Body of Christ.

Now these are two of the basic or fundamental Doctrines of the Catholic Church upon which I stand, and standing upon which, I challenge, discomfit and repel the counterfeit ‘Catholic’ Church founded by the Ba'al of Crassness, A.J. Roncalli, and presently led by that Son of Perdition, Ratzinger aka Maledictus the Malevolent Rat.

I affirm that this poisonous sect denies that there is Salvation only in Christ Jesus, the God of Israel, and that it pretends that there is salvation in the pseudo-Judaism of the renegade, deicide Jews, who rejected and reject the Messiah; that it pretends that there is salvation in the heresy of Mohammad, and of Luther, Calvin, John Knox, etc.; in Hinduism and in every other sect and in the cult of every and any Ba’al.

I contemn and repel this heresy, this blasphemy, this apostasy.

This is my challenge: That this sect merely pretends to believe in the Holy Bible, and in the God of Israel, but that it is in fact truly Satanist and apostate.

It makes a show of being Catholic and of having a “Pope” and of revering the Holy Bible, but in fact, it worships none other than Satan, whose High Priest is the “Pope” of this sect, and the only use it has for the Holy Bible is for “toilet paper.”

Counterfeiting God

The practise of Counterfeiting the True God is not new. Every of the ancient pagan religions commenced by perverting the truth and thereby counterfeiting God.

Even during the existence of the Israelite nation in expectation of the Messias, neighboring nations counterfeited the True God, El, and added to Him a pantheon of "gods" and "goddesses".

There are many sects, such as the renegade Jews, that of Mohammad, of the Nestorians, Jacobites, Photians ("Byzantine Cacodox"), the Waldensians and the various Protestants, including the neo-Protestant sects of the "Jehovah's Witnesses", the Mormons, the Bergites or "Children of God", the Dead-Again, the New Death Fellowship, etc., who pretend to worship the same God as do we Christians.

But that is nothing more or less than yet another lie.

Certainly, in the outer form, they worship what seems to be the same God as ours. But it is not truly so.

Heretics have made themselves a Counterfeit of our God, a counterfeit Jesus Christ, a perverted counterfeit, and exalting this base — though virtual — idol, they worship it in place of the true God.

Infidels fabricate themselves a Counterfeit Elohim — the Arab pagan counterfeit called "Allah", a counterfeit Yahweh / Jehovah.

St. Thomas of Aquinas also teaches regarding the Counterfeiting of God by heretics and infidels:
"Nor is it possible for one who has a false opinion of God, to know Him in any way at all, because the object of his opinion is not God.

"Therefore, it is clear that the sin of unbelief is greater than any sin that occurs in the perversion of morals"
— St. Thomas of Aquinas, Summa Theologica II-II, Q-10, A-3.
Yahweh, our God, forbids us commerce with these Counterfeits.

"God Is One"

Our God teaches us in the Holy Bible: "Remember, O Israel: the Lord your God is One!"

The sectaries of the Counterfeit Catholic Church, at least in South Asia, are fond of the "pious" ejaculation: "God is One!"

Yet these two sayings are not the same thing. For these sectaries actually are affirming the very opposite of what God teaches us in the Bible: That there is only one true God.

But what these sectaries mean, in following their obscene heresy, is that all that is called deity, is one entity, one being, one 'god.' Thereby, they blasphemously pretend that the God of Israel is one with, and totally and absolutely identical with, the Ba'als, with Beelzebub, Bel, Dagon, Chemosh, Moloch, Astarte, etc.

Let those who would be saved, who wish to belong to the God of Abraham have nothing to do with this obscenity; let them NOT join themselves with these slaves of damnation in repeating this vile saying: "God is One!"

But we Catholics have that comprehensive Confession of Faith called the Quicumque Vult. Let these words be our passwords, our Shibboleths: Ex Filioque against the Cacodox, Pro Multis against the Counterfeit Catholic sect, and Quicumque Vult.

Lúcio Mascarenhas
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