The Strange Case of Comrade Marlon

Message 13530
From: Marlon Menezes
Date: Wed Apr 28, 2004 8:43 am

I fully second Angelo. Please save goa and do not vote for those evil communalists. Please vote for the GMLP (Goan Marxist Leninist Party). Only the GMLP can save us from the saffron and golden hell that will fall upon us if these evil doers come to power. I salute Angelo Gomes for his generosity in supporting the fight against the communalists! Long live a pure and free Goa!
Message 13533
From: Agnelo Gomes
Date: Wed Apr 28, 2004 7:13 pm

Dear Marlon,

Thank for your support for free Goa. Communalism is bad for Goa, and its people.

What we're looking for few sensible leaders like yourself to step up and confront all those communal minded leaders, who are looking only for their benefits by dividing Goan socities. They got to be brought under control of sensible leaders who are determined to improve living conditions of Goans in general under one secular rule.

Look violence is all over middle east and India fueled by funds flowing from non-residents supporting the cause of destruction that kills innocent people on both sides of contraversies.

Sensible leaders of free Goa movement has vowed instead to invest those hard earn dollars for good use cause of improvement of our citizens lives in Goa.

Yet we shall not let anyone to divide Goans on basis of hatred and divisions of communities. We shall bring them to justice.

Agnelo Gomes
Message 13590
From: Marlon Menezes
Date: Thu May 13, 2004 10:29 pm
Subject: Re: Major setback to NDA

My congratulations to Angelo on his support for the victorious group. Having thrown out the extremist BJP capitailists, the communist party must take immediate actions to reverse the wrongs of the communalists.

First of all, they must put a halt to this madness of foreign investment and all foreign companies must be made to vacate India. India should return to its people, workers and its peasants and thus retain the glory of its socialist past. Goa should be for GOANS ONLY - not the outsiders and foreigners who are polluting our culture.

Next, all the communalists must be put on trial, and if found guilty of crimes against humanity, they must be executed immediately. Unfortunately this is the only way to prevent these criminals from coming to power again. Also, all immoral media outlets need to be abolished. Contorls need to be put on all newspaper publications and the immoral anti-goan movies being produced by bollywood need to be banned. We need to identify all those actors and producers who have engaged in these crimes against goan culture and have them at a minimum, banned for life.

All industrial resources need to be put into increasing production of steel, cement, tractors and fertilizers. Subsides for IT etc should be ended. Tourism needs to be abolished because it is destroying goa's environment. The same is also true about the konkan railways. It has only brought misery to Goa.

This is a great victory for us on this forum. Everyone's hardwork has paid off, despite the odds that were placed against us. Everyone said that we would lose!

Again, my sincere admiration for Angelo for having the wisdom of creating this free forum for us. Well done Angleo!
Message 13594
From: Marlon Menezes
Date: Fri May 14, 2004 3:29 am
Subject: Re: Sonia Gandhi front runner for PM seat

The communist party should not allow sonia gandhi to rule india because she is a foreigner. There are many indians in the commmunist party who can rule india.

I have heard that Rahuls wife is Portuguese or Spanish (not a big difference). I think she might make a good candidate to rule Goa. Angleo, do you know anything about this? Maybe you can use your contacts to find out. I appreciate your efforts.

Message 13595
From: Lucio Mascarenhas
Date: Fri May 14, 2004 7:01 am
Subject: "Marlon Menezes"

Dear Senhor Agnelo,

You must know that this creature, "Marlon Menezes", is neither a Communist nor pro-Goan. (I do not even know whether Marlon is male or female, the name is so confusing!) But you should know that s/he is the administrator of the virulently anti-Goan "Goacom" list - a fact that Marlon is not concealing - and is using these posts to ridicule and mock you, us and the Goan Causes list.

This, atleast, is my understanding.

It makes no sense for Marlon to "congratulate" you on creating this list, when Marlon does not use Goacom to push Goan nationalism, does it?

Goacom is a huge list, and given its sheer size, it should be able to push the Goan cause far better than either your list or mine.

Just thought to bring this to your attention...

Yours sincerely,

Lucio Mascarenhas
Message 13597
From: Lucio Mascarenhas
Date: Fri May 14, 2004 3:27 pm
Subject: Re: "Marlon Menezes" - Silent flight of a coward?

What bugs me terribly - and what I hate most - is the utterly knavish behaviour of these characters. And so what happens when I have exposed dear Marlon? S/he surreptiously folds up tent and flees away into the darkness of the night...

Tsk, tsk. This is not the methods of the honest.

Or did Mr. Agnelo Gomes silently expel Marlon? I doubt it. Agnelo's habits are to reprimand someone when he feels that that member has done wrong.

Lucio Mascarenhas
Date: Fri, 14 May 2004 10:05:33 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Marlon Menezes"
Subject: Re: "Marlon Menezes" - Silent flight of a coward?
To: Lucio Mascarenhas

silence! you capitalist retard. speak when you are spoken to!
Date: Fri, 14 May 2004 19:07:26 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Go-an' Connect"
Subject: lucio the liar
To: Lucio Mascarenhas

I demand a complete and total apology for your absolute lies. You are a born lier. Is this how your mother thought you to behave?
Message 13598
From: [email protected]
Date: Fri May 14, 2004 4:10 pm
Subject: Re: Sonia Gandhi front runner for PM seat

Dear Elias, Marlon and Prakash,

It was a great victory for Goan people. It's a victory for minorities and our Roman Catholic Church. BJP party in Goa is a history. It's a victory for freedom loving people of Goa, Hindus, Catholics and Muslims. CM Parrikar should resign. It's a disgrace for those Goans who voted for BJP. It's a disgrace for UGDP party. Those 3 MLA of UGDP should resign.

This is not a victory for Congress party. Goan people needed a medium to unite together and overthrow BJP party. It's a victory for secularism and communal harmony that Goans love to secure at any cost. That was a victory for late Dr. Jack de Sequeira, Mr. Sarmalkar, Mr. Babu Naik, etc. and "Don Panna"

It was a victory for Goa Su-Raj and Mr. Floriano Lobo.

And most of all it's a victory for GoanCauses list members.

It's a giant step towards movement for freedom of Goa from the Indian government.

I'm not a communist nor a Congress man. I'm a Niz Goencar. I love freedom, equality and prosperity. I believe in Capitalism. Create job opportunities for all. Work hard and make lots of money, create millionaires among Goans. I also believe in sharing my fortune building our Catholic Diocesan schools. I'm a very strong Roman Catholic. And a very strong protectorate of our Catholic system and Churches.

Marlon's thoughts are great. You got to lift up our Goan illiterate, middle class and poor people. But not through Communism. No hand outs for people, create opportunities, and let people work hard and pay taxes.

Arrest all those corrupt politicians of Goa. Found guilty send them to prison. Recover all loot from them and fill Goa government coffers.

Create our own militia and Judicial sytem.

I really don't care who become Prime Minister of India. I do not believe in Nehru and Gandhi's dynasty that goes with Sonia Gandhi.

I do not believe in Royal Dynasties.

I believe in Karl Marx ideologies, and communism through some extent. To put into practice you need good selfless leaders. Soviet Union was a total failure so as China.

So as Democracy in Goa and India is a total failure. Democracy in Goa created mobsters after the elections. However, democracy is a good system, it provides liberty and gives power in the hands of the people to overthow any bad leadership in the making such as BJP extremism and fascism.

Yes Lucio is right. Goacom, Goanet, Goa forum, Goa world, etc. they are large lists. They don't provide freedom of speech. They must join in the freedom struggle of Goa. Otherwise those large lists sound like an empty box.

Marlon I don't know if Sonia's sons wife is Portuguese or not. I'll find out. The next first lady of USA Teresa Heinz Kerry, multi millionaire is a Portuguese born from Mosambique. And she still speak fluent Portuguese.

That's all.

Agnelo Gomes
The Goan Paclo, Goan Portuguese
The Goan Freedom fighter
Message 13600
From: Marlon Menezes
Date: Fri May 14, 2004 5:38 pm
Subject: Re: "Marlon Menezes"


goacom is not a mailing list. It is website. Please get your facts right! I have nothing to hide.

Angleo, thank you for ignoring this madman.

Message 13603
From: Camilo D'Sa
Date: Fri May 14, 2004 10:56 pm
Subject: Re: "Will The Real Marlon Menezes Please Stand_up"

This guy is a total sham. Please read the following from GOYAN it pretty much sums up how Goan he truly is. You can go to their site to get more info and pictures of who he really is.

I am not too sure which era or planet you live in, but it does not match any of my experiences. I should also add that your post will not really get you any browney points to help speed up your green card or US citizenship process.

There is no discrimination in Goa on adoptions based on religion. In fact, an uncle of mine adopted a fomerly hindu child. My family is catholic (or at least pretends to be). If some Goans dont get jobs in Goa, they probably deserve it. We have a lot of good goans working for us in Goa, but we have also had some pretty lousy goan workers too. Not surprisingly, we also have many non goans working for us. By your books, that probably means I am discriminating against goans, right?

Bribes to get electricity, water, telephone, birth and marriage certificates? You surely are kidding. Heck, even my long gone grandmother got her house electrified in a then remote part of Goa over a quarter century ago. She continued to maintain her piggy toilets though.

It is true we have some relgiously extremist elements in the present government in India. We must keep our guard against this and seek every opportunity to strike back at them. By your definition of things, that would make me anti-Indian or anti-national. While on this topic, one could also argue that the same also holds true in the US. Large chunks of the republican party have been hijacked by the narrow minded, racist, bigoted christian right wing. Hey, I'd rather be labelled as being anti-national rather than being a dumb lemming.

Finally, I am sorry, but my mail client does not have a spell checker. I'm sure you'd agree this is not as critical an issue as some people needing a brain check. I do hope you have health insurance, afterall, it is unlikely we will be getting universal healthcare with the present administration anytime soon.


Message 13604
From: Marlon Menezes
Date: Sat May 15, 2004 3:09 am
Subject: Re: "Marlon Menezes" - Silent flight of a coward?

mr pakass,

Just because I did not reply to you at your conveneince does not mean that I am a coward. I do not live in your timezone. I live in America, the worlds greatest and only super power. You people in europe are soo small minded. You should be greatfull that americas are spending their blood and money to save your freedom.

Long live freedom. God bless america, land of the free and home of the brave.
Message 13605
From: Marlon Menezes
Date: Sat May 15, 2004 3:19 am
Subject: Re: "Will The Real Marlon Menezes Please Stand_up"

Mr. Das,

I know of many people who have adopted kids in Goa. As an example, my uncle was able to adopt a hindu child. My uncle is christain. Maybe you failed to adopt a child because of your identity or past record. How do we not know that you are not one of those child molestors from outside india who have been causing so much of trouble in Goa? If you are a molestor, you should be arrested. I really do not undestand how people can have such evil in them.

Why cant we all join together and celebrate the happy election results. Why do you have to start fights on the net? Unity is what will allow us to achieve our common goals together. If we cannot work together, you should be banned from this list.
Message 13606
From: Marlon Menezes
Date: Sat May 15, 2004 3:25 am
Subject: Re: "Marlon Menezes" - Silent flight of a coward?

Angleo is much more intelligent than you think. He knows that we share common values and have the interest of goa in our hearts. It seems to me that your understanding of things and events is very limited. Goacom is not anti-goan. You are free to join and post your views on the website at anytime, but it seems like you are the real coward. But then again, I think unlike America, Europe is full of you cowards. If it was not for America, you would have been speaking either german or russian.
Message 13608
From: Marlon Menezes
Date: Sat May 15, 2004 3:48 am
Subject: America's solitary fight for freedom

The cowards in Europe sit back and enjoy their freedoms, while America takes the brunt of the battle. These people do not realize what they are against and think in their old ways. This is a clash of civilizations. If you do not understand what I am talking about, please click on the link below.
Message 13617
From: Lucio Mascarenhas
Date: Sun May 16, 2004 8:27 am
Subject: The Pornographic Gallery of the Antichrist John-Paul II

The Pornographic Gallery of the Antichrist John-Paul II:
Message 13618
From: Lucio Mascarenhas
Date: Sun May 16, 2004 8:48 am
Subject: Re: "Marlon Menezes"

Well, yes, it is evident that I made some mistakes.

#1: I looked for "Marlon" in the membership list of Goan Causes, under M and under G, but since I could not find it there, I jumped to the conclusion that it had fled. Bad mistake #1.

#2: I underestimated Marlon's deviousness. Bad mistake #2.

Any one of these bad mistakes can be fatal, because it allows the enemy a chance to wiggle and to throw up more alibis and lies to veil the truth, and to permit them to remain in our midst, in order to subvert and pervert us.

Yes, Goacom is a website. However, it is also a very large "community" and it hosts, as I understand it, several lists, Goanet, etc.

But it is true that Goacom does have - or had - its own "list": Goacom BBS.

It was but a few months back that one person, a member of both GoanCauses and of the Goacom lists (Goacom BBS) had begun to slander me on the Goacom BBS for something which she found offensive in my posts on GoanCauses. I am talking, of course, of "Leah David" - a woman who offered the public at large an audience with her panties, and is, therefore, in my books, a prostitute.

Shortly after this imbroglio, Goacom shifted its BBS - I do not know where, because I never cared to join it and to participate in it. It is my understanding that the Goacom BBS continues to exist, but possibly on another server.

I do not even know whether "Leah David" continued her attacks against me on the new server, nor do I really care, for I have little but utter contempt for both "Leah David" and for Goacom.

Right from the beginning, I have refused to participate in any of these "communities" - Goacom, Goanet, etc., because they not only do not themselves endorse and push the Goan national cause against the Indian occupation, but they even actively oppose, mock and disparage the Goan national cause and uphold the pretensions of the Indian invaders and colonists.

In place of ceremonies to mark and imprint in the Goan mind the Rape of Goa, and the fact of our continuing slavery, they celebrate this Rape and Slavery with an obscene thing called "Goa Day"!

There is a big complex of anti-Goans out there, of which Frederico Noronha, Rene Barreto, Goacom, Goanet, Gaspar Almeida, Marlon Menezes, Viviana, etc. form important nuclei.

Dr. Jose Colaco's TGF is, for some reasons of eccentric personality, not a part of this criminal, anti-Goan complex, but is off on his own tangent. Of course, the Colacos are themselves Collaborationists, and therefore anti-Goans.

Before I continue, some asides:

1. Rahul Gandhi is not married. He is dating a Colombian woman named Juanita. I do not know her ethnic origin, aside from the fact that she is a citizen of Colombia. But even if she is, in fact, Portuguese, I would not accept her as ruler of Goa.

The very suggestion made by "Marlon" that, if this woman is Portuguese, that Goans should work to have her made the ruler of Goa, (Chief Minister? Governor?) is stupid and based upon nothing more than contempt for Goa and for the Goan national cause.

This suggestion is evidence enough of bad faith, if there was any need for evidence.

Such a suggestion coming from a non-Goan would be immediately rejected as nothing more than an insult and an attempt to be patronising, but from a Goan?

What does it speak of the Goan-ness of this Goan?

2. Bad enough as the BJP is, I do not believe that any patriotic Goan should be so forgetful of himself that he should support or facilitate the Indian National Congress Party. It was the Congress Party that played the pivotal role in the Rape of Goa. It was the Nehru family, of which Antonia Maino is the daughter-in-law, that is chiefly responsible, in the person of its patriarch, Jawaharlal Nehru, for the Rape of Goa.

Having dealt with these asides, I return to the main subject.

I do not know on what basis "Marlon" has decreed, not as a probability, but as a certainty, that I am resident in Europe. That is, however, of little significance.

Again, it is not important for me to deny the foolish assumptions that "Marlon" makes as to my position in relation to Gulf War II, for any sane person can easily find that out on the net, besides which, I have amply shown my hand on GoanCauses.

I have consistently said that Gulf War II is not the war of Christians, and there is no logical reasons for Christians to get involved as a ideological party to the conflict. However, again, I assert, in the face of all assertions to the contrary, that Bush's invasion of Iraq is eminently moral, if for no other reason than to remove a very real threat of Saddam Hussain attacking Israel once again, and precipitating the world into another World War.

But what is of greater significance is the idiotic - even profoundly assinine - assumption that all Europeans are anti-Gulf War II, and that all Americans are pro-Gulf War II. There is here a blithe confusion of the positions portrayed by the medias as being the popular position, and also that of some European Governments, with those of each and every individual European.

Such a categorical identification shows that the person making that identification is either a moron or a charlattan out to misrepresent people and create misunderstandings among peoples of the world. The reader can take his pick.

"Marlon" insists s/he is a sincere Communist.

Now there is something fairly ridiculous and discordant here.

I mean: "Marlon" is so DESPERATELY pro-American (although no one has asked her/him to prove her/his "American-ness") and waves the American flag with such jingoistic gusto that one can only wonder at the meaning of this spectacle.

Such a scene would be ridiculous in itself, the degree of the foolishness depending on whether the perpetrator is an American citizen or an immigrant into the USA. And we know that "Marlon" is not a native American. At the most, my shrewd guess is that s/he has a Green Card...

But it turns even more hilarious when one considers the just as simultaneous protestation by this jingoist that s/he is a hardcore Communist.

What! A communist celebrating Capitalist America - the sworn enemy of Communism! Will wonders never cease!

And so, here we are, stuck with someone or something that loudly proclaims itself to be a Communist, and at the same time is an American jingoist!

S/he celebrates, not the victories of Communist China, or Communist Vietnam, or of Infidel Crasto or of Hugo Chavez or of Lula da Silva or even those of the former Soviet Union, but, gasp!, of Capitalist America!

And even when of Capitalist America, s/he celebrates, not the left wing Democratic Party, but the right wing Republicans! Not of Pinko Clinton, but of George Arch-Capitalist Bush!

(This pretension of "Marlon" to be a Communist, is extremely improbable. It would be more sane if "Marlon" pretended to be a boiled egg...)

At this point of time, I am utterly boggled. I am so overwhelmed with the fantasticness and grotesqueness of these pretensions that I cannot think straight anymore. I need a coffee break.
I do not see the provocation for "Marlon" impertinence with Camilo de Sa who sought to adopt a child.

I think that it is pretty rich on the part of "Marlon" taking a chap whom he does not personally know and - confidently and insolently tarring that person with the tag of being a child molestor.

I would think that wise and social people should not countenance the company of people who use their words lightly. And if anybody needs to be incarcerated, it is evidently this presumptuous slanderer, "Marlon".

But "Marlon" is extremely cocky and conceited, and performs the unthinkable feat of talking down her/his nose even while talking into her/his hat!

Thus, I am "Pakass". But even more outstanding and inexcusable than his misbehaviour with me, given that I have first given offense to dear "Marlon", is her/his insolent reply to Camilo de Sa, whom he contemptuously calls "Mr. Dass". All this insolent smart-ass talk is evidence that dear "Marlon" thinks no end of her/his-self!
"Why should we not get together, forget our differences and celebrate the Congress victory?" Indeed, why not?

Let us forget the inconvenient fact that it is the Congress, not the BJP, that perpetrated the Rape of Goa. Let us forget the inconvenient fact that Sonia Gandhi is an apostate - one who has callously betrayed Christ Jesus, and that if she can betray God, which sane man can put his trust in her?

Let us forget the inconvenient fact that the winning Congress MP from "South Goa", Churchill Alemao is a mafia don... scarcely different from - if not worse than the sex-maniac Francisco Sardinha or the Neanderthalish Goon, "Babush".

Let us, above all, forget the inconvenient fact that we stand on sharply opposite sides: Some as Goan Patriots, others as enemies and traitors of Goa. Yes, let us get together and forget this inconvenient fact, and let us get down and beg from our Indian masters for some crumbs from Vajpayee's or Sonia Gandhi's table. Let us forget these inconvenient facts and rejoice in our slavery under the Indian invaders and colonists.

This is, indeed, "Marlon's" program: to pervert us.

There is a good reason why Christian Goans are suffering - albeitly, as yet rather mildly, in the main, and also Indian Christians. That reason is to be found in their perfidy and in the warning that God gave in the Bible to those who committed perfidy with Him.

We have betrayed Christ and have gone fornicating after the Baals, following in the footsteps of the antichrists Roncalli and his "Vatican II" Robbers' Council, and presently led by the antichrist "John-Paul II"; in the antichristian, syncretist, ecumenist, etc. rites of the New Church, of the Roman Antichurch.

We may delude ourselves that by our "smartness", we have eluded the wrath of God, but those who so deceive themselves, forget that God is not mocked. God knows how to punish evildoers, and whether under Congress or the BJP, He will ensure that we get the rewards of our perfidy.

But, as for Antonia Maino aka Sonia Gandhi, the Italian apostate, I would remind the reader of the fact that there is no one who is more better fitted to persecute Christians than an apostate Christian; this much should be evident from the history of the faith.

In matter of fact, despite that the BJP would persecute Christians more bloodily, it will be better for Chrisitans, for many would thereby repent and return to the God of Israel in contrition. But by compromising with those who wish to seduce us away imperceptibly from Christ, as the Congress has always sought, we put our salvation at far graver risk.

We as Goans must not forget who are the real culprits behind the rape of Goa. Except for some small and insignificant minority of Goans who had been won over by the Triumphalism of the Anglo-Saxons and their idiocities, we Goans were happy living with the Portuguese and Angolans and Mocambicans and Timorese and Cabo-Verdeans, etc., as part of a large, happy, family of Greater Portugal, without Racism and discrimination - a Portugal that prided itself in its recourse to our Lady of Fatima, as its patron and guardian.

But every paradise has its serpent. Ours was the Communist movement, under the guidance of Soviet Russia.

Russia itself is an empire, where the Russians have progressively colonised lands eastwards, going up to the Pacific Ocean.

Yet, the Communists could not bear to see the Portuguese, which includes the Goans, living together in peace and harmony, not in the relationship of master and slave, but of equals, a scenario unknown in Russia, between the Russians and the enslaved peoples.

Therefore, it was the Communists who worked up a rage and ranted and plotted against Portugal and Goa.

Jawaharlal Nehru was a Socialist in name, but a Communist admirer, and a disciple of Soviet Russia. He perpetrated the Rape of Goa solely at the instigation of the Communists.

The Soviet Union gathered together the Communists of the world in Belgrade before Comrade Tito broke from Russia, and there the Russian, Chinese, Indian and Balkan Communists together with the African Communists plotted against Portugal, to dismember her, to break up her into tiny little bits and pieces.

This convention of malignant, satanic misanthropes was followed up shortly by another in Delhi, 1961, shortly before the Rape of Goa, commenced on 18 December 1961.

That is why the Rape of Goa happened, why civil wars were foisted on Angola, Mocambique, Sao Tome, Guinea Portuguesa, etc. That is the true cause of so much suffering, so much pain. So much of mass murders and of genocide.

A Community - of Greater Portugal - united by the traditions of centuries - brutally torn apart without the approval and consultations of its peoples, whether as a whole or in parts.

This is the Communist achievement. In my sight, the Communist is the lowest form of the lowlife scum.

Whatever positions others take, I want nothing with the "Goan Su-Raj Party" or the "New Catholic Church" and its institutions, in Goa or elsewhere.

I cannot accept the morality of cooperating, on any terms or grounds with any Goan organisation or institution that is unabashedly pro-Indian, which swears by the Indian Constitution. I can only acknowledge such bodies to be my most vicious enemies.

I have had experience with Floriano Lobo and his deviousness, which, in itself, is good reason for me to steer clear of him, even disregarding his part in the criminal venture called the "Goan Su-Raj Party".

I remember how his man, Geraldo Fernandes, a homosexual, attacked me for defending the Catholic Faith, and how Floriano betrayed himself by endorsing Geraldo. After that, I do not need to deceive myself as to where Floriano stands - I am not in the business of cultivating delusions and deceiving myself as to the goodwill of those who have shown themselves to be traitors to God or country.

And I would not, even if I did have the money, give anything to that sick sect of satanists, paedophiles and adulterers, of ecumenists and spiritual fornicators.

If I did, in fact, have the money, I would work to set up my own Goan schools, not under the atheistic and godless syllabus taught in the state approved schools, but where pure and unadulterated Catholicism / Christianity - brought to us by Goenco Saib St. Francis Xavier - and Patriotism would be taught; where Portuguese and Luso-Concannim, under the Roman script, not the demeaning English of the White, Anglo-Saxon Protestants, would be taught.

Goa needs a Don Bosco, another St. Francis, another Fr. Agnelo de Sousa and Fr. Jose Vaz.

We don't need the new, blasphemous religion, which is hateful to God, and I will not, under any circumstance, cooperate with it.

Under no circumstance will I aid the sick material and spiritual perverts of the New Church in gaining more adherents, and in brainwashing even more youth in their hateful heresies.

Goa does not need more schools that teach impressionable young minds to extol Martin Luther, the French Revolutionaries and such like vermin, and to contemn, badword, misrepresent and loath Holy Mother Church, individual popes and the institution of the Papacy and of the Holy Inquisition.

We don't need more youth to be brought up being taught the lies that the Church persecuted Galileo Galilee or Bruno or that it is the enemy of Science.

We do not need more schools that teach the youth that free sex, irresponsible thinking, abortion, premarital and extramarital sex, divorce and other errors are good and acceptable.

I, of course, do not impose myself on others. Every one makes his own moral choices. And every one is going to have to account for his own works before God, not for the works of his neighbours.
"Marlon" wants to know whether my mother taught me to belave "like this". No, my mother was very outspoken and taught me to love Goa passionately and to hate India and its Rape of Goa.

On the other hand, my father was not so outspoken on this, but taught me to passionately love Christ and the Catholic Church and to hate humbug, to learn to discern humbug, and to learn to zero in and puncture humbugs. I have never abandoned that delightful sport...

I rest my case.

Lucio Mascarenhas
Message 13619
From: [email protected]
Date: Sun May 16, 2004 6:22 pm
Subject: Re: "Marlon Menezes"

Dear Lucio,

As a moderator I've to get involved sometimes in between the debates. However, freedom of expression is well guaranteed only here on GoanCauses list and no where else on Goan newspapers nor Goan lists.

Marlon is he and not she. Marlon must give respect to names of those members like Lucio or Prakash and Camilo de Sa. My name is Agnelo after Pe. Agnelo Gustavio de Souza. It's a very common name in Goa, like Jose or Francisco. One should not denigrate others.

There is no "creature" character on this list.

Marlon, Lucio is based in Bombay. A fine young adult, intelligent in his early thirties just of your age may be. A real Goan Patriot non-wavering pillar of freedom.

We really don't need support of those Goans who don't know us well. I was kicked out almost all of those lists you mentioned below about 5 years ago for speaking up Freedom for Goa from the Indian Occupation. It does not matter me.

I've the abilty of forgive and forget those who disagree with me on any issues.

That's all I wanted to clear.

Agnelo Gomes
The Goan Freedom Fighter
Message 13627
From: Marlon Menezes
Date: Mon May 17, 2004 10:24 pm
Subject: Lucio/Prakash a communalist stooge?

The blatant lies posted by this coward who seems to take cover under different names such as Prakash/Lucio shows no bounds.

The goacom bbs still exists as it always has. It was never removed, moved, shut down etc and people are free to post their opinions on it. The fact that Prakash/Lucio chickened out to defend his viewpoints, just illustrates the kind of lying coward we are dealing with.

The despicable anti-christian tirades by this coward leaves a lot to be desired. One wonders how this person can be considered to be goan nationalist. It is more likely that this foul individual is actually working for the enemy. How else can we rationize his contrary logic?

If this Prakash/Lucio individual is in fact real, let him prove it to us with verifiable information. Give us information about your parents, spouse and childeren (if any), so that we can verify it. Until then, I strongly URGE Angnelo to treat this individual with EXTREME CAUTION. He should be considered to be DANGEROUS.

We the REAL GOANS need to join together to work for a better goa. Fraudsters such as Lucio/Prakash are a clear threat to our worthy goals.
Message 13628
From: Marlon Menezes
Date: Mon May 17, 2004 10:36 pm
Subject: Lucio/Prakash - an enemy of goans


With your information below, I am beginning to think that is a lot more worse than I ever imagines. You must watch out for your saftey. I suspect Lucio/Prakash is a double agent who is out to get you. He may may have seemed friendly when you met him, but one needs to be suspicious of him. He is simply trying to befriend you to trap you and is probably working for the communlist forces to get data on you. How can a pro-goan call the Pope and the vatican the anti-christ? This is outrageous.

Can you provide me with all of his personal information? I can have my agents in India check up on this fraudster. Also, we can hunt him down via his IP address, so if you have any of this data, please pass it on to me. PLease treat this as urgent. We need to act fast. Thanks for your cooperation and past help.

Message 13629
From: Marlon Menezes
Date: Tue May 18, 2004 7:23 am
Subject: Re: The Pornographic Gallery of the Antichrist John-Paul II -horrible blasphemy

Beg for forgiveness from the almighty, or may you burn in the fires of hell for all eternity. Your blasphemy against the church and our great pope makes me sick from the very depths of my despairing soul. People like you make me lose my faith in mankind, inspite of great people like Agnelo in our midst. Even Adolf Hilter would not make the allegations you have made.

Agmelo, this person does not belong here. He should be removed from this list. Please read his horrible post and see for yourself (warning - it is graphic). Even the execution video of Mr. Berg is more tolerable than this. This is an anti-christian hate crime.

Prakash/Lucio is clearly in bed with the communalists.

a deeply saddened and offended,

Message 13631
From: Elias Monteiro
Date: Tue May 18, 2004 10:53 am
Subject: Conspiracy?

It appears to me that there is a clear conspiracy against this site and it's members. Senhor Agnelo Gomes should put an end to it without further delay for the good of GoanCauses.

Thank you.

Message 13632
From: Lucio Mascarenhas
Date: Tue May 18, 2004 4:29 pm
Subject: Marlon's Latest Posts

Dear Agnelo,

Since I appreciate your appeal, I will not respond to Marlon's latest provocations, but leave it to you to handle this situation. Anyway, they are so contemptible, that it would be beneath my dignity to respond to them.

Marlon's latest posts only underline my old realization that there cannot be deals, any true peace, with those of evil intent and minds - a fact that I have incorporated as an unswerving rule in my life.

On my part, I was willing to work at a truce, in accordance with your appeals.

But, you being the founder-moderator of Goancauses, I am willing to accept whatever action you wish to take - even if you wish to remove me from the GoanCauses list.

Yours sincerely,

Message 13633
From: [email protected]
Date: Tue May 18, 2004 5:03 pm
Subject: Re: [goancauses] Conspiracy?

Yes, this site is very valuable to all of us.

No more misspell. Marlon won't bother us any more. I've taken him of the list.

He ignored the warning.


Agnelo Gomes

In a message dated 5/18/04 4:55:53 AM Eastern Daylight Time, [email protected] writes:
It appears to me that there is a clear conspiracy against this site and it's members. Senhor Agnelo Gomes should put an end to it without further delay for the good of GoanCauses.

Thank you.

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