The Hindu Plague

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[This post is in response to certain texts posted by Indians in opposition to the Goans, on the BigSoccer forum. Relevant posts from the thread are collected here: BigSoccer Forum – The Goan Question]

When everything else fails, the Hindu retreats into defending himself based upon nothing more than his pretended superiority in various fields. This was one of the cracks made by the Indians at first also, but since it was irrelevant, I ignored it, and concentrated on an exposition of the Goan Question itself.

But our favourite neighbourhood vermin, failing everything else, have begun to resort to this line in a big manner, pretending that they are defending themselves against some "race" based attack, when in fact, there was and is no provocation of this sort, whether from the Goans or from the Iberian Portuguese.

But I am not surprised: This is typical of these hypocrites!

By these unprovoked tactics, they hope to overawe and intimidate their opponents into silence. It works with most; it does not work with me.

Yet, this is also an interesting topic, and since the vermin wish to bring it up, I will not disappoint them. To this Question, then:

The Hindu pretends that it is some kind of inherent racial or social traits of the Hindu that makes the Hindu "superior" and thereby allows him to dominate and to come up top-dog in competitions with other races and peoples. It is because of this that Hindus are more studious, more intelligent, more prone to succeed in intellectual and economic pursuits, become Engineers, including computer engineers, dominate the Motel industry in the USA, etc., etc.

But the facts are very different.

The people who are "succeeding", if that is the correct word, are not representative of all the peoples of India indiscriminately, but of an elite. What elite is this? This is the elite descended from the barbarians who overran India about 1300 A.D. and destroyed the superior civilizations of the Dravids and Nagas, in the Indus Valley and in the Gangetic Valley respectively.

Since their conquest of India, they have put into place a brutal, inhuman system, the Varna-Asrama, or the System of Colour. The social leaders of the previous civilizations were systematically exterminated, and the natives were reduced to sub-human levels, as Shudras and Antyajas or "Untouchables".

As a result of this system, the Brahmins and other "upper castes" have successively monopolized the intellectual and economic pursuits in India. It is in this caste-milieu that these "superior" tribes have been born and bred. They are the products of the Aryan, and Hindu, Rape of India.

The "Varna-Asrama" is the longest lasting system of Apartheid in all the world. It has lasted from 1300 A.D., to this day. Today, in the laws of the Indian Union, the Caste System is "outlawed." However, in fact, it lives on, and is successfully perpetuated.

As products of the Caste System, the emigrants from these privileged classes have been born and bred in privilege. It is easier for them to succeed in the Indian social order than for their victims.

As a further next step, representatives of these privileged classes have begun to emigrate to the rest of the world, carrying their belief-system with them, and working to establish and perpetuate the same system in these host-communities.

They are not naturally "superior" but are pure parasites, out to destroy and subsume the peoples who have unwittingly permitted them entry into their midst, to reduce them to the same sub-human level as they have perpetrated on the aborigines of India.

They are not representatives of India, or of Indian "superiority", but of the dehumanization of their victims, which they fantasize of repeating upon their new, unwary hosts.

The host peoples who unthinkingly allow them in, put themselves at grave risk from these inveterate misanthropes, these bestial androids. They invite these parasites to degrade and dehumanize them as they have perpetrated in India for more than 3,000 years!

"Mahatma" Gandhi once appealed to Christian missionaries in India not to proselytize the Dalits, for they, the Dalits "were as cows, and you would not preach to cows!" Under sharp protest from Dalits, including his disciple Jagjivan Ram, Gandhi "retracted", but that was only to please the outside world, and was not an interior conversion.

Indeed, by this inadvertent remark, Gandhi betrayed himself, his motivations and his program!

India, under the Hindu system, is not a "superior" society. It is not even an integrated society. It is rigidly organized on the basis of castes, the "jatis". If India was superior, that superiority would have been universal and global, not restricted to merely an elite.

In the Philippines, for example, society is largely integrated, although they have imbibed many wrong and immoral values from their American masters. Nevertheless, Philippinian society is largely integral.

By contrast, India is sharply divided. The victims of Hinduism suffer as much today as they did a thousand or two thousand years ago.

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