Goan Paganization: The Cross & The Lotus

People tell me I should keep my faith out of political questions. Does anybody wish to keep Science out of politics? Then why keep out morality? And why is it that none of these people ever object when someone or the other attacks, perverts or corrupts my faith?—Lúcio
©Lúcio Mascarenhas, St. Valentine's Day, February 14, 2005.
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This document was originally published in the GoanCenter list on Saturday, February 12, 2005. I am republishing it in my webpages after updating and amplifying my points.

I have taken a calculated risk of offending and alienating my fellow compatriots who believe otherwise than me. In the beginning, I was afraid; afraid that by this step, our small numbers, already divided into unhealthy factions, will be further broken up.

However, on the balance, after thinking it out, I realized that my obligation to God, and to His Integral Truth, is higher and greater than any lesser obligation, and therefore, even if such a fear were to be realized, I am willing to accept it, on the principle that it is better to purge from our ranks those who are in serious doctrinal error, now, when our movement is in the infancy stage, than to risk a harsher — and more fatal — division at a more critical time, such as when we are eventually in actual action against the enemy, in the theater of our war of liberation!

That is, I would like to point out that I neither oblige any one to be a patriot nor anyone to be a traitor. Everybody is obliged to do right only to God, and if any one is not willing to accept the truth, it is better that they depart from us now than for us to go on together in a false unity, and then have our radical difference break out while we are jointly enlisted in the war of our liberation!

However, I stress, that my intention in publishing this page, is NOT to purge (our ranks), but to correct and to bring back those who are in doctrinal error; back to the Unity of the Faith, to the Timeless Gospel of Christ Jesus first imparted us by St. Francis Xavier.

Patriotism and National Liberation are moral goods that are subordinate to higher truths; and if these higher truths are not accepted wholeheartedly, there is no point in making a cult of the lesser truths!

I would suggest that the reader also read this other relevant page: Wendell Rodrigues.

Lúcio Mascarenhas, St. Valentine's Day, February 14, 2005.

Dear Friends, Compatriots and Seekers of Christ,

"It is natural to man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth... Is this the part of wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty? Are we disposed to be of the number of those who, having eyes, see not, and having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation? For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst and to provide for it." — Patrick Henry, Speech to the House of Burgesses of Virginia, 1775.
[Paganization of Goan Christians concerns their Spiritual salvation rather than merely their temporal salvation.]

That a movie such as this (India: The Cross and the Lotus) has been made and is being viewed with favor by a great many Goans is proof enough that Goans have been successfully paganised in large measure, is it not?

If Goans had a truly Christian faith, they would have reacted as strongly, and as fiercely against it, as they did to the Parricar Sectarian CD or to the efforts to make Marathi the official language of Goa.

The program of Paganization of Goa, or rather, of re-paganization of Goan Catholics, is old, but in the last hundred years, has been greatly intensified. From 1911 onwards, Portugal has been the focus of a particularly fierce campaign of de-Christianization, which produced the 1911 Anti-Christian "Revolution", the Apparition of Our Lady of the Rosary at Fatima and the rise of the Fatimist Movement as the vehicle of resistance, the Counter-Revolution's military coup d'etat of 1929, the rise of Dr. Salazar, and again, the Communist and Freemasonic campaign to dismember Portugal into several unstable banana republics naturally susceptible to communist conquest; finally, the 1974 "Carnation Revolution".

Goans have been the target of seduction away from Christianity and away from their legitimate civil loyalty, and both processes belong to the same movement and ideology. People like Valeriano Gracias and Raol Gonçalves particularly typify it.

It is true that, to some extent, and in some manner, the Lusitanisation of Goan Catholics insures against their paganization. But it is false to rely solely on this, and to delude ourselves that the enemy has not gained successes despite, or that the enemy cannot triumph over us due to this peculiarity.

As a matter of fact, Christianity in Goa has been completely subverted, and Goans who believe otherwise are merely inhabiting a fool's paradise.

The Mass has been thoroughly and completely Protestantized, and that by orders of "superiors", so that, exactly those things against which the martyrs in the European countries which defected to Protestantism, to Luther, Calvin and Anglicanism, fought — the Protestantization of the Mass, which is the desacralization of the Mass, has been achieved. And in acquiescing, we repudiate Saints Edmund Campion, Margaret Clitherow, Peter Canisius and all the other martyrs and saints who fought against precisely this evil.

Worse, "superiors" have mandated a complete and worldwide repudiation of Christianity, and more particularly the First Commandment, and people, purely out of sentimentalism are claiming that even when they have gone along, they still remain Christian!

[I have always pointed out that if "John-Paul 2" is pope, then necessarily, Jesus was a fraud; but for a man to be pope, it is necessary that Christ is Truth.

We have an insoluble contradiction: John-Paul 2 teaches the legitimacy of all religions and "gods", and advocates and teaches his followers to join in worshipping these devils, but if the Gospel of John-Paul 2 is true, then Christ is false!

Yet no man can be truly pope if Christ is false, for the papacy depends fundamentally on the legitimacy of Christ, for the true pope is not owner of the Church, but merely the chief steward of Christ Jesus, who is its owner!

One evidence of this is the importation of the Protestant heresy of the Charismatic Renewal into that sect that seceded in 1958 from Catholicism, but which nevertheless still pretends to be Catholic and to be governed by a "pope". Catholicism teaches that it is the one and only true religion, and excludes Heretics and Schismatics, whose secession and defection does not impair or negate her unity. Therefore, it is impossible for the True Catholic Church to import, or even to countenance an importation, of a devotional movement, or ideology, from these Heretics and Schismatics.

Now when the Protestants broke from the Church, they pretended that the Church, because it allowed the British-Roman Emperor Constantinus Chlorinus to make it the State Religion, lost the Holy Spirit, and they therefore pretended to rediscover the Holy Spirit and to bring it back. This aspect or trend of Protestantism developed, via Dr. Edward Irving's "Catholic and Apostolic Church", the Latter-Rain Movement, Pentecostalism, etc., to, in 1967, via the Duquesne University in the USA, the Charismatic Renewal [Ronald Johnson's Catholic Charismatic Renewal, Bangalore].

Today, this Charismatic Renewal is an integral part of this pseudo-Catholic Church, and Goans must, de rigueur, go on hajj to Potha in the Malabar, or if residing in Bombay, to "Mount Tabor" in Kalyan. None of these Goans ever uses his critical facilities to investigate the truth and to reject the very basis of the Charismatic Renewal, which in its fundamental essence is a repudiation of Catholicism!

[Despite the thoroughly unorthodox and anti-Catholic roots of the Charismatic Renewal, it is one of the most conservative of movements in the Antichurch, and, where the Divinity of Christ is concerned, largely fundamentalist and literal, except for the higher ranks. One interesting site run by these people is http://www.holyspiritinteractive.net, where they set out to "expose" other, equally unorthodox movements!

I was once in the Charismatic Renewal. A Fr. James de Sousa, who used to conduct his
Crackmatic Circus in the school hall of Our Lady of Egypt, Kalina, Bombay, taught that Our Lord did not know who he was until he received the Holy Spirit at his baptism! In fact, my awakening to heresy was brought about by a "Pastor Alan" of the Emmanuel Prayer Group, predominantly based in Bandra, who taught, for example, that Our Lady was not a virgin, and that she had other children, etc.! In fighting "Pastor Alan" and the Emmanuel Prayer Group, I fell afoul of Simon Pimenta and Fio Mascarenhas, head of the "Bombay Service Team", discovered that in threating with them, I was treating, not with the Church of Christ, but with a Mafia; met the "Catholics For The Preservation of the Faith", and began my journey against heresy and deception. ]

Again, there is this fact that Goan priests and nuns are in the forefront of Paganization under the guidance of "John-Paul 2" and his immediate three predecessors, whether in Goa or in India, but particularly in India, where the Christians are generally comparatively more recent converts and, what makes them more susceptible, not thoroughly detached from the pagan traditions and rites of their pagan ancestors. And these same Goan clergy are working hard like beavers at subverting Goa, in which program they have achieved great progress.

Goans are already deeply compromised, and the work of such as Remo Fernandes and Wendell Rodrigues, who, as laymen, advocate the same compromise, only reinforces this degeneration.

If Goans had been strong in their faith, they would not have kept quiet in the face of the occupation, or permitted Valeriano Gracias to go peacefully to the grave after his flagrant treason.

If Goans had been strong in their faith, there would have been a strong and vibrant resistance in Goa to the Indian Occupation.

If Goans had been strong in their faith, they would not have tolerated Remo or anybody preaching that they should join the pagans in worshipping their demons, as Remo even practically does, as in the "Siolim Zagor".

If Goans had been strong in their faith, they would not have been tolerant of a public homosexual such as Wendell Rodrigues.

"Anjali" Phyllis Mendes is a Goan, a woman who had been a model in Bombay and Paris, though she is now retired. Recently an article by her had appeared: Anjali Mendes, writing from Udaipur for the Times of India, Bombay Edition, January 31, 2005; Column "CosmoZen", "Life & Letters Of A Parisian Model", para. 7:
"I'm a Catholic, but I have a Ganesha idol sitting in my little crypt. Along with Christian thought, I have also absorbed a lot of Hindu thought and culture. I feel happy about this eclectic mix...."
When I researched "Anjali Mendes", I found that she is Goan, according to the Goan-Voice of the UK (http://www.goanvoice.org.uk), published by Eddie Fernandes. Further information on Ms. Mendes are provided by these pages: Business Standard & Times of India Interview with "Anjali" Mendes.

She is not exceptional. Years ago, when I went around my parish with a nun, Sr. Mercedes (from St. Anne, Colaba), on BCC (Basic Christian Communities) organizational work, I found a family with an framed picture of "Sai Baba" next to the altar in their home. I have been given to understand that there are many families, both in Bombay and Goa, who do the same.

About a year back, there was a report of a claim that a picture of our Lady or our Lord had wept. The "visionary" was a "cocktail" — Catholic mother, Hindu father. There are too, too many such mixed marriage, with the attendant confusion of the True God with the demons of the pagans!
Some years ago, I was astonished to receive a brochure from the Pilar Fathers, a major Goan order headquartered in Pilar, Goa, and largely staffed by Goans, which provocatively advocated joint worship with pagans. Unfortunately, I cannot track that pamphlet at short order, though I am certain that I have it somewhere among my papers.

If you visit the institution of the Pilar Fathers at Bandra Bandstand, you will see a large "Om", the Hindu symbol which is actually the cry of the demon Shiva when engaged in intercourse with his consort "goddess", placed strategically on the archway of the entrance.

In the year 2002, there was a controversy over the Pilar Father's Agnel Ashram in New Bombay. At the end of it, we learnt that Fr. Saturnino Almeida was just another priest-traitor who advocated we join the pagans in worshipping their demons! [http://www.geocities.com/prakashjm45/faa.html] From his distinctly Lusitanian name, I am willing to bet that Saturnino is Goan, not "Norteiro" or Mangalorean.

With regards to the Sexual Scandals sweeping the Pseudo-Catholic Church, I have been pointing out since years, that a Goan priest, Vicente S. Pereira, from Saligão, is the author of a booklet that advocates free sex, even by the clergy, and particularly by the clergy, and which booklet is prescribed as a textbook for novices at the St. Pius Seminary in Goregaon, Bombay. [http://www.geocities.com/prakashjm45/poisonfruit.html]

That this doctrine of Vicente Pereira is not an exception is proven by Dr. Andrade's exposure of the goings on at the "National Liturgical and Catechetical Center" in Bangalore, the text of which I had posted on GoanCenter but recently.

Ivan Dias is a Goan. Recently, in relation to the controversy over the Antichurch permitting pagans to worship, and thereby desecrate, the Shrine of Fatima, where the Antichurch pretended to appease outraged opinions by having Ivan Dias give a sermon at Fatima, pretending that Ivan Dias is some great hero of conservativism, I had posted a news report and photograph showing Ivan Dias lighting a lamp for the demon Ganpati at the K.J. Somaiya College and Center for Inter-Religious Dialogue at Vidyavihar, Bombay.

Dr. Jose Colaco das Bahamas is a Goan who is not only an adherent of the pseudo-intellectual heresy of Evolutionism, but another proponent of paganisation, together with Gaspar Almeida, his close collaborator and accomplice (one can excuse his accomplice, Dr. Santosh Helekar, who is a born-pagan). These are their words from two years ago:
Message 10068 Goa-Goans
From: "www.goa-world.net" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun Feb 16, 2003 3:56 am

Today... Goencho Saib, SFX and Santa Durga Mata... We will rebuild our faith, restore our peace, redouble our resolve. We are fearless, bearing light for the darkness, standing together, towers of strength....
Thereby, Gaspar Almeida and Jose Colaco put St. Francis Xavier on the same level as the demoness "Shanta-Durga"! Needless to add, I was the only Goan to object.

Mario de Cabral e Sa is a Goan, who wrote a viciously anti-Catholic article, so vicious, that the pagans rejoice to reproduce it on their sites: http://www.hinduismtoday.com/1997/10/1997-10-20.html

Eddy de Sa of the U.K., the "Editor" of the "Goan Overseas Digest" is another vicious anti-Catholic; see his pages hosted by Goacom, a rather eager vehicle of paganisation: http://www.goacom.com/overseas-digest/god.html.

Brother Lourenco de Sousa, was formerly a Seminarian at St. Pius' Seminary, Goregoan, Bombay. He reports that he and all the other seminarians were required to remove any Christian religious sacramentals, such as rosaries, scapulars and blessed medals, and enter into a Hindu temple for a prolonged religious retreat; when he and three others baulked, they were summoned to Wodehouse Road, where Ivan Dias denounced them as being instigated by the SSPX, to which they replied that they had not heard of that name before he mentioned it. Subsequently, Brother Lourenco and two others out of these four have joined the SSPX as seminarians, and the fourth has returned to civil life. It is probable that Brother Lourenco is Goan; it is certain and unquestionable that the vast majority of clerics in the Diocese of Bombay are Goans.

Here are Brother Lourenco's accounts of these happenings: http://www.sspxasia.com/Newsletters/2003/Jul-Dec/Scandalous_Ecumenism_with_Hinduism.htm & http://www.sspxasia.com/Newsletters/2003/Jul-Dec/Hinduism_at_a_Glance.htm.

Another aspect generally overlooked is that "Indian" or "Hindu" names given by Goan "Catholics" to their children is evidence of Paganisation in action! Too many of these names are actually names of the Hindu "deities" and not innocuous.

Pedro Raposo is a priest with the Society of St. Francis Xavier. In an article, he betrayed the intention of the Antichurch in Goa to compromise the Christians and make them daily more susceptible to the pagans: http://www.geocities.com/prakashjm45/eip.antichurch.html

The Church... Against Goa

"Let us practice generosity to all, while the opportunity is ours; and above all, to those who are of one family wih us in the faith." — Gal. 6: 10.
I have been crying myself hoarse on the role of the Antichurch in the Rape of Goa. Not only have these renegades trashed Christ and His Gospel, but as a direct result, they have sought and have actively worked to subvert Goa and Goans and to enable the Rape of Goa and the continuing Occupation.

God teaches us that Charity begins at home (see Gal. 6:10 above); but for the Antichurch, its Charity is for everybody and anybody, but NEVER for Goa and Goans!

This "Church" has charity for Tibetans and for strange and exotic people, but it has none for Goa.

For Goans, the Church has always been their Highest Moral Authority, and they have not permitted themselves to be guided by anybody other than the Church. Therefore, at all times of controversy or crisis, Goans have looked to their Church for their leads.

But what happens when the Church itself has been infilterated and taken over by Goa's enemies, the Servants of Satan? This hijacked church, now the Antichurch, not only leads us to certain damnation, but it also worked hard to fructify the Rape of Goa and the Occupation, and taught and educated Goans that this is lawful, good and just....

Certainly, at no time, since the resignation of Patriarch Alvernas has the Church raised it's voice against the Rape of Goa or the Occupation, as it is obliged to do, being the Moral Guide of the Goans.

But on the contrary, this robber Church, made up of the Sons of Belial has consistently sought to subvert Goans and to persuade them to acquiesce and collaborate with, and "legitimize" the Occupation!

Recently, a Hindu faction threatened violence if Christians were permitted by the Indian Navy to enter the Island of Anjediva and to celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of the Spring (Nossa Senhora da Brotas) there [http://www.asianews.it/view.php?l=en&art=2483].

Responding to the controversy over the celebration of the feast of Our Lady of Brotas at Anjediva island on February 2, the Church in Goa today said that it had been in touch with the concerned authorities at Anjediva and even at the capital regarding the celebration of the feast, but the required clearance for the event has not been obtained so far. A press release from the Diocesan Centre for Social Communications Media therefore appealed to the increasing number of faithful seeking to go to Anjediva feast "to accept, as law-abiding citizens, a situation that is not under our control".
"Navhind Times" quoted by Goacom.
[See also http://www.goacom.com/news/getStory.php?ID=1444]

This statement, or "Advisory" by the Antichurch, is remarkable and extraordinary.

Why ever should Goans, as law-abiding citizens, abide by the laws of India, which has no locus standi in Goa, or any part of Goa, such as Anjediva?

But implicitly, the Antichurch means that Goans must accept the Indian Occupation as being legitimate and lawful!

This is an extraordinary statement, and I am even more amazed that no Goan has remarked upon it, or drawn the obvious conclusion and taken these wolves to task for their public hypocrisy!

If the Indian rapists and robbers and dacoits are legitimate government of Goa, then Saddam Hussain must have been the legitimate ruler of Kuwait, and the Kuwaitis were morally wrong in resisting him.... Likewise, Hitler was the legitimate ruler of Occupied France, Czechia, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Serbia, etc., and the peoples of these lands were morally wrong in resisting the Nazis!

But nothing of this is exception or surprising to those who have followed the treason of the Antichurch over the years. Thus for example, we have this interesting article from Goacom: http://www.goacom.com/goatoday/2002/mar/coverstory.html

This article more than replies (in the affirmative) to the Question: Is Goan Christianity being Paganized?

Some of the interesting recommendations of this "Synod" were:
...the prohibition of masses near market places and crosses, and called for a review of the processions during feasts and funerals, especially on busy roads....
For centuries, the Catholic Church had deliberately cultivated popular devotions among the faithful, in order to build their faith, and to make it an integral and proximate part of their daily life; however, the Robber Church of Satan cannot stomach this and must abolish these devotions!

We are to be left to the tender mercies of the pagans, who will never end their proliferations of demonariums with their grotesque, obscene "deities" that encroach on every available space!

Astute observers, even non-Catholics, have remarked upon the destructive measures of the Modernist heretics, out to de-toxify us of Catholicism and of the "superstition" of believing in Christ Jesus as true God, thus, we have here a Lutheran tell us:
"The liturgical revolution is a mistake touching millions of Catholics at the very core of their religious belief. Let me only mention the sudden abolition and indeed, prohibition of the Latin Mass, the transposition of the officiating priest from the front to the back of the alter and the massive assault on a wide variety of forms of popular piety. If a thoroughly malicious sociologist, bent on injuring the Catholic community as much as possible had been able to be advisor to the Church, he could hardly have done a better job"—Dr. Berger, Lutheran sociologist, Homiletic and Pastoral Review, Feb, 1979.
But this "Synod" went on to advocate:
The civic responsibilities of the citizen were also focussed on and Christians were urged to attend Gram Sabha meetings in their respective panchayats and to cooperate in the decision-making process, besides familiarising themselves with available government schemes.
Yes, as guided by our Moral Arbiters, we, as responsible citizens, must collaborate with the Occupation, participate in its organs, such as the accursed "Gram Sabhas" even as we look on with joy and festivities at the murder of our own ancient and tried institutions, the Communidades. There is no mention of our moral responsibility to resist the Occupation, and to resist the destruction of the Communidades, to refuse cooperation to the imposition of the alien and inferior concept of "Gram Sabhas"!

The "Synod" series of articles spend a lot of time bemoaning the ecological rape of Goa; however, it studiously refuses to admit the fact that this ecological rape of Goa is happening only and solely because the Goan democratic institution of the Communidade has been abolished and supplanted by it's Indian caricature, the Gram Sabha, which puts all common lands — set apart by our ancestors to act as ecological buffers during times of crises — in the hands of the provincial government to be disposed off in an arbitary manner!

There is an intensely logical reason why the Robber Church will not raise the issue of the Communidade, or reject the Gram Sabha system — and that is because, to take up this issue, it will be inevitably obliged to confess that the Rape and Occupation of Goa are immoral and illegal!

If the reader has not believed my long warnings against the Antichurch, and its conspiracy to pervert Christians to hell, read this quote from Fr. Desmond de Sousa:
"The Synod has initiated a plan for the most profound and far-reaching renewal of the Church in Goa than all the efforts over the last fifty years. The challenge is also to initiate the same paradigm shifts in mindset and attitudes engrained in the minds of the lay faithful that the Synod envisages. Firstly, that God loves all the people of Goa — not just Catholic Goans, — their cultures and this land, unconditionally and everlastingly. Secondly, the Church in Goa is not merely for the salvation of Catholic Goans, but for the transformation of the whole society of Goa into a new society, that harmonises more with God's plan for Goa, called the Kingdom of God in Goa."
Christianity teaches us that salvation is not unconditional, but conditional on our repentance. And it is not true that God loves man unconditionally, but He loves us only potentially, subject to our confirming ourselves to Him and His laws. Certainly, God does not loves sinners because they are sinners, but because they are potentially saints!

This sect not only wishes to prostitute us; it also sees the Rape of Goa as a postive good, one that will bring about our de-Christianization, and therefore enable our integration with the pagans into one community of belief — the One World Religion that will usher in the Antichrist and his reign!

Another priest who reports on this "Synod", a Fr. Averthano de Sousa tell us:
"One outstanding example is the drastic change in the nature of war. Wars are being conducted without any formal declaration of war, and are being simultaneously fought across the globe — without any national frontiers. The events of September 11th, 2001 are a dramatic expression of this 'new' kind of war."
No, he is NOT speaking of the Indian Union's unprovoked war against Portugal and Goa, a war without any formal declaration of war, and part of a larger war fought across the globe by anti-Christians, a campaign against moral values; a war conducted by the Freemasons and Communists without regards to any legal borders!

Am I the only one who talks of the moral duty and responsibility of the Church to denounce evil persistently and to warn souls to resist wrong? Here we have the words of Fr. Averthano de Sousa:
"Where does the Church feature in all this? Quite obviously, and most emphatically, the Church does not offer to provide an alternative political platform. Politics based on ideologies is completely outside the scope of the Church's ministry. However, insofar as Social Justice is violated and the rights of persons are infringed, the Church has a moral obligation, not just to express an opinion, but to 'pronounce' on the morality of the issues involved.... The Church never 'interferes' in the political systems as they operate. But the Church is obliged to pronounce on the moral principles upon which any system has to be based.... For the promotion of peace, justice and love, it has become even more imperative for the Church to speak up more forcefully, and disseminate more vigorously, its Social Teachings. The social doctrine of the Church is an integral part of the preaching of the Gospel. It is not simply an appendix added on to the doctrine, which is commonly understood as the teaching of the Church."
Once again, however, I must hasten to point out that Fr. Averthano is NOT speaking of the Rape of Goa, and of the moral duty and responsibility of his "church" to pronounce against it, but rather, he is pushing the heresy of 'Liberation Theology' which is his sect's inhouse version of Communism!
But I have said enough. I now end with two bits of evidence of the paganization of Goans successfully achieved that I had recently found in the Goanet archives: Ariosto Coelho (http://www.spiritualdirection.org) & Tagore Almeida (http://www.goacom.com/tagore). Goans with a true Christian faith will want to vomit after visiting these sites; you can know if you have a true Christian faith by visiting these sites and assessing your reaction: If you are sickened, you still have something of the true Christian in you, if not, you are far gone down the smooth road to damnation!

I know that in saying all of this, I risk offending many, including stalwart Goan patriots. However, it is necessary to tell the truth, however unpleasant, and to warn souls from their peril. What is the use if we gain the liberty of Goa but lose our souls?

Today, the sons of Satan rule in all the institutions named after St. Francis Xavier. There is no respect for him. I would strongly recommend that you read this page that describes St. Francis' attitude towards Hinduism: Louis de Wohl on St. Francis Xavier: Set All Afire

Today, the Satanists ruling in the institutions that were set up in honor of St. Francis impudently invite us, saying “Come with family and friends”. Yes, indeed! Let us all go, together with all our families and friends, to join with them in this spiritual fornication, so much worse than mere physical fornication! Let us reduce the Holy Bible, the Word of God, where our Lord tells us: "I am the Lord your God: You shall know no other God besides me!" to rubbish, toilet paper fit only to fill the wastebasket!

Indeed, the motto of the Antichurch, of the Great Son of Satan, Charles Wojtyla and all his adepts is:

"Come let us fornicate
In the Temple of our Ba'als!"
Friends, if we must save ourselves, we must stop lying to ourselves, deluding ourselves; we must wake up and take stock; admit the great peril that we are in. We cannot begin to treat a disease until we acknowledge that there IS a disease, and work to correctly diagnose its causes.

Let us quit living in our dreamworld, this fool's paradise, and let us admit the reality!

In the hopes of a true awakening.

#021397 Goanet
Ariosto J. Coelho, Ph.D. 
Fri Dec 3 09:38:02 2004


Let me wish you a very happy feast of St. Francis Xavier.

"When the history of the world and of institutions, societies, communities, families and individuals is finally written, the dominant theme will be the degree to which people have lived not by their socialized conscience but by their divine conscience" writes Stephen Covey in 'The 8th Habit' (2004). This holiday and Christmas season is yet another wonderful opportunity for us to focus on our DIVINE CONSCIENCE and consciousness.

A 2005 calendar I received from the Salesians of Don Bosco in Mumbai reminds me that they celebrate 99 YEARS of Salesian presence and activity in India (1906-2005). I, too, would like to thank God for the various sons of St. John Bosco (1815-1888) who have been a part of my life since 1960, when I was led by my parents to Liceu Dom Bosco in Pangim, Goa.

As I look forward to 2006 I would like to thank God for my grand uncle FR. ARIOSTO XAVIER COELHO (1861-1923) who was God's instrument in welcoming the first Salesians to India in 1906, to establish their first orphanage and, eventually, take over the Sacred Heart Parish in Tanjore in 1915. The story of the growth of the Salesians in India over these hundred years is phenomenal and bears witness to lives lived in consonance with the divine conscience.

If you want to read more about this Goan connection, please go to http://www.spiritualdirection.org/Newsletter-Glow04Winter.htm and read the short story entitled TANJORE, THEIR FINAL DESTINATION.

Vivian and I wish you JOY during this season and a new awakening of your divine conscience throughout the New Year. May 2005 fill your body, mind, heart and soul with grace, gratitude, peace and playfulness.

Ariosto Coelho

#022699 Goanet
Tagore's Liberation and the launch of The Uncultured Magazine
Tagore Almeida 
Sat Jan 1 00:25:06 2005

My precious people,

We might not change the world, but we can definitely touch the lives of the people that we meet.

Happy new year my precious brothers and sisters. May our most passionate GOD bless you with prosperity (I had to put that first thanks to the way we measure happiness), love, blessings, peace, good health and also with the sense of compassion, forgiveness and a beautiful bond with the rest of HIS creation.

Starting with, let us learn to respect mother nature and in doing so respect the children of the sea, the skies, the mountains and the forest. May we love, may we forgive and may we be sincere to ourselves and in doing so be loved, forgiven and be sincere with.

Today I'd like to welcome you to the release of my new book of poems LIBERATION, which can be read online at www.goacom.com/tagore

To start the new year, I'd also like to invite all of you to the launch of the Uncultured Magazine, a quarterly online magazine that talks about peace, love and the victory of the human spirit. This magazine can be downloaded for free at www.theunculturedcompany.com

God bless you all, my dearest people. Remember, GOD is listening, HE is watching and above all, HE is compassionate. We are and must always be the protectors of the planet and everything that resides within her.

Kindly pass on this mail to all your friends and family. Thank you. God Bless.

Love, peace & prayers

Tagore & The Uncultured Company
One World, One Faith, One Race. One Colour, Just A Different Face
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I feel that there is no great threat to latin rituals in Goa. In India, yes, because they never fully adapted western culture. Kerala and T N may have christians but they dress in their lungis etc.

Goa and Goan priests are very strong in latin tradition and i dont think many priests here would prefer to sit on the floor and say mass.

Giving sweets instead of eucharist is sacrilige! The body of Christ can never be made a sweetmeat!

There is a danger rising with some sections of the church in goa in favour of inculturalisation. But I think they will not be that successful.

Bernado Colaco wrote:

Is it true that Catholics rituals are changing or have changed in Goa?

B. Colaco
Miguel wrote:

I am posting this for general information. You may like to see the screening at XCHR, just a short distance from O Coquiero, Porvorim.

Viva Goa.

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From: Ana Maria de Souza-Goswami


Hope to see you on the 12th February at 7.15 pm for the screening of the Lotus and the Cross.

Come with family and friends.

Ana Maria


Cordially invites you to the screening of the documentary



Vishnu Mathur


The Xavier Centre of Historical Research
B. B. Borkar Road
Alto Porvorim
Saturday, 12th February 2005, 7. 15 pm
Tel: 2417772 ; 2414971

[email protected] ; [email protected]


In this 92 minute film we will see the phenomenon of "Inculturation" - how Hindu rituals and symbols are intermingling into the practice of Christianity in India. Today Indian Catholic priests openly admit that they feel more comfortable celebrating the 'Mass' sitting on bare floors in simple shawls - and have devotional songs sung and dances to praise the Lord, and rich sweets distributed as in Hindu temples during the Eucharist - than conducting rigid ritualism. The documentary also presents a short history of Christianity since the arrival of the apostle St Thomas on Indian shores in 52 AD. The film goes on highlighting the important institutional and field work of some dynamic Christian priests and nuns who, inspired by Mother Theresa and Christ's message of peace and love, have devoted themselves wholeheartedly to the alleviation of poverty and diseases in India.

An "Indian Rite Mass" more appealing to simple village folk, which incorporates their songs and dances, is shown; we also see the Indian classical music and dance converted into Biblical stories for stage dramas; we can appreciate the new trends in Indian Christian Art, where "Jesus is painted as an easterner" and Mary a bejewelled Indian lady.

Finally, we hear the views of some Indian priests on issues like celibacy, conversion, freedom of the Human Will. They strongly believe that Christianity has to adapt and change if necessary to the needs of people in the context of culture and modern trends.

Vishnu Mathur has produced and directed films independently for the CBC's Nature of Things programme for the last 20 years. Most of these films have been shown on Discovery Channel, as Nature of Things and Discovery have co-production arrangements. He has also worked for BBC, London, for prestigious shows like Panorama and Disappearing World.

Furthermore, he travelled extensively around the world for the NBC network, New York, for which he made films on political and cultural subjects. One of the best and most entertaining being Hollywood of Asia for their Weekend show.

Vishnu Mathur
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