The Church... Against Goa?

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Gal. 6: 10 "Let us practice generosity to all, while the opportunity is ours; and above all, to those who are of one family wih us in the faith."

Recently, I had occassion to read some quite extraordinary postings on the GoanCauses list, on the subject of the Vavraddeancho Ixtt newspaper, which awoke in my mind painful memories once again, of the systematic treason against Goa from a section of society. I refer to the article of "Fr." Raposo, editor of the Vavraddeancho Ixtt, being message #13438.

Pedro Raposo, Editor of the Vavraddeancho Ixtt (Worker's Friend) and a "priest" member of the Goa-based Antichurch formation, the Society of St. Francis Xavier, wrote in the Quislingist rag, O Heraldo: Finally let not this suggestion (the effort to establish a Romi Konkani newspapper) be understood as an attempt at creating a communal divide (as we've seen happening in the case of Konkani and Marathi). On the contrary it will bring Goa's two major communities together, as it will keep a large section of people (in this case the Christians) who are alienating themselves totally from the Konkani fold.

No one should see it as a threat to Devnagri Konkani, the official script of Konkani. Devnagri Konkani will develop in its own time and the support of the Church is evident from the 125 Konkani (nagri) primary schools it runs and promotes.

In fact, in the course of time, the new Romi daily can slowly start introducing Devnagari and, when and if Romi Konkani becomes irrelevant, it can be changed to Devnagari itself. Otherwise the story of Konkani journalism may end up in the words of the wise Konkani saying: Dada-i na puddvem-i na. Simply, a tale of lost opportunity.

Message #13438 on GoanCauses. See full text here: Pedro Raposo, Quislingist.

This post set me thinking of another article, written by another Goan, Fr. Benny Aguiar, then editor of the Examiner, once a great Catholic newspaper of the Archdiocese of Bombay, and now, under the Modernist klepts, a contemptible rag of the Archdiocese of Mumbai. Aguiar went on to become the editor of the Delhi-based Antichurch publication, the Indian Currents, a far more viciously anti-Christian rag!

This is his article: Decolonisation Of The Church.

What is evident, is that the Editor of the most influential Christian Concannim paper in Goa, and one promoted by the prominent sect in Goa, advocates the use of the bastardised, Indianised Roman script "Konknni" language fabricated, as a stop-gap in order to seduce Goans into a thorough Indianism!

Of course, the hypocrites never have the moral gumption to preach their heresies upfront, but will only subvert and pervert folks.

It is not merely a question of script, but of language itself. These traitors collaborated with the Indian effort to terrorise and occupy Goa, and even before the occupation, sought to subvert Goans from Bombay, by "Indianising" them and the Concannim language.

Readers of the old Concannim books and literature put forth by the various organs of the Church, or what remained of the Catholic Church, during the period 1947-1961 will notice that the literature put out from the Indian Union and, to a lesser extent, from Karachi, differed strongly from that put out by Goa, which followed the old and established syntax, orthography and forms of Luso-Concannim.

On the other hand, the British India literature largely tended to Anglicize and then Indianize Concannim syntax, orthography and forms.

Since the Occupation, that Indianisation program has been pushed with great thoroughness, and a new hybrid, bastardised language contrived, "Konknni" which is absolutely indistinguishable from Marathi, and into which it is destined to be merged, as a dialect.

The Quarrel is not between Romi Concannim and Nagari Concannim, but between Goan or Luso-Concannim, and Indian Konknni...

The Goans, upon whom this fabricated, hateful, Indianised "Konknni" has been foisted, neatly sidestepped it by silently contemning it and taking to English instead, thus foiling, frustrating and baffling the robbers who attempted to hijack and divert us.

It is therefore the endeavour of the Antichurch to seduce Goans once again, by offering a fraud — by enticing them with a falsified "Romi Konknni", so that they should return to being captives and consent to be Indianised.

Nor, let us forget that Indianisation actually has the further meaning of Paganisation!
The Goan Christian is by and large aware that, in Goa, it was not that the Christians seceded from the Hindus, but that the Hindus deliberately seceded from the Christians, from the majority and mainstream of Goan life in the early days of Goa's integration into Portugal.

The Hindus rejected and contemned the Christians, the Goans who converted to Christianity, and ostacized them, and withdrew from all social contacts. The Goans then developed by absorbing substantial elements from the Portuguese language.

It is this Lusitanian element that is anathema to the traitors, such as Raposo.

The Antichurch is anxious to assure the pagans in Goa that it does not seek to allow or encourage the Christians to continue in their separate Christian Luso-Concannim language and traditions, but that it endeavours ceaselessly — such as, through its schools — to pervert and seduce the Christians into Indianism and Paganism.

It is remarkable that the Antichurch periodically reassures the Hindus, even when there are no public demands by them — or any moral obligations on its part — and even as it refuses the solace of time-honoured traditions and usages to the Goan Christians.

That is, the Antichurch goes out of its way to reassure the Hindus — and to contemn the Christians!

The Antichurch is not worried that it is denying generations of Goans of their precious spiritual and ethnic heritage; it contemns that heritage — the heritage bequeated us by St. Francis Xavier as "Colonialism" — and seeks to reverse that achievement!

On the contrary, the Antichurch is anxious to ensure that the ancient Hindu program of subverting and perverting, and of procuring a reversion of the Christians to Hinduism, is finally achieved. It is anxious to ensure that Christians do not continue to evade and escape from this dragnet, this net of damnation!

But the reason for this insolence and impertinence is not difficult to find. The key, though not provided by Raposo, is provided by Aguiar. That is: "Decolonisation".

"Decolonisation" is a big word, and an extensive program. It has many aspects — social, cultural, religious, etc.

It is based on the heresy of "nationalism" — the most foolish and irrational error, and one that has inflicted on mankind more suffering and pain than perhaps any other error in modern times.

The different aspects of this "Decolonisation" project are being handled by different persons, sometimes, in order to overcome resistance, seemingly at odds with each other. And this is part of a larger program — worldwide — not merely restricted to Goa, and which program is administered and jealously guarded from the hijacked Vatican.

There is in Sri Lanka, Fr. Anton Balasuriya, aided ably by others worldwide, including the able Fr. Samuel Rayan in Poona; Balasuriya teaches that Afro-Asian paganisms are superior to Christianity.

There is the chain of "Ashrams" all over India and the world, where Hinduism and Christianity are deliberately mixed — the work of Abbe Monchanin, Bede Griffiths, Dom Le Saux, Swami Animananda (Armando Alvares), etc.

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