Ghati — Concannim Polemics...
Combating the Untervolk

[Continued from Part I]

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Khairnar wrote saying that he would supply his counter-rebuttal in installments, but sent in only one. When reminded he sent in one further installment, but once again lapsed into silence. Khair, nahi, we will manage without his further "valuable inputs"!

I have just finished a private spat with someone who identifies himself as a Mangalorean Concannim Catholic and who calls himself Shraven-Mesh-kunk-grung-frog or something like that, though I suggested he call himself the simpler Mishra. And Mr. Grungfrog sought to wrap himself in the Indian flag-rag, to which I have no objection (I cannot see how I can object to Indians wrapping themselves in the Indian rag); but denounced me for baulking at wrapping myself in his rag—the Indian flag—for which I refuse to apologize.

The reason I have not brought my exchanges with the charming Mr. Grungfrog into the public domain, while I do with Mr. Khairnar, is because, unfortunately, Mr. Grungfrog is dumber than our dear Khairnar and, therefore, there is no sport in sparring with him.

Patriotism is a virtue that is mandated by the Natural Law, not by Divine Revelation. Therefore, all men, and not only Christians, are obliged to be patriotic, that is, to love their land, their society, its culture and traditions, the governing elders of their society, their state, etc.

Of course, patriotism, loyalty and obedience cannot be used as excuses for conniving in, participating in or justifying evil and wrongdoing.

Thus for example, we as Christians are taught that we are obliged to love and honor our parents and elders, but if they command us evil, such as to worship idols and false gods, or to rob or to do other immoral acts, we are obliged by our higher allegiance to the supreme authority, God our Father, to refuse obedience and action on these immoral commands.

Indeed, we are officially taught by the Church itself, that the Pope, the supreme governor on earth of the Church, is to be disobeyed if he commands that what is wrong, immoral, not within his authority to command, etc., such as an invasion of another state, without just cause, etc.

When we were small children, when we used to do wrong and be caught for it, we would make excuses by saying, "He did it first!" And our parents would always reply, "If he jumped into a well, would you follow him?"

Therefore, we have always been taught that we must think for ourselves, that when we appear before God to render an account for our deeds and misdeeds, no excuse of having merely followed another will give us a reprieve.

Indeed, these principles were starkly underlined by the Nuremberg Trials, of officers of the German state and its organs, such as the Armed Forces, Secret Police, etc., for Genocide, and other Crimes Against Humanity, where their excuse that they were merely state servants obeying orders of superiors was rejected on the ground that obedience can never be tendered to immoral commands.

It is this aspect of Christianity that has constantly produced "Conscientious Objectors" who refused, for reasons of conscience, to take up arms according to the command of their governments.

In India, which labors under the triple benightment of Hinduism, Buddhism and Mohammedanism, there is no such conscientious examination by individuals of the propriety or impropriety of actions commanded by state or elders.

Thus, when India began its misadventures against Portugal and Goa, there was only one man, Rajagopalacharya, who stood up against Nehru and his hypocrisies, and denounced India's daylight brigandage.

The arguments of Concannim vs. Marathi tends to obscure an important point.

For argument's sake, let us take it for granted, that Concannim is a part of Marathi, a sub-culture. Let us accept, for argument's sake, that Concannim is merely a dialect of Marathi.

The people of Goa had invited the Portuguese to come in and liberate them from the Muslims. Albuquerque sailed in in February 1510, and drove the forces of the Sultan of Bijapur away. But the Portuguese forces were small and insignificant, and Bijapur organized an army of 50,000 and retook Goa. Albuquerque, with vastly outnumbered forces, fought a rearguard action down the Mandovi's estuary, being bottled in by the Monsoon, and then, as soon as the Monsoon subsided, withdrew to Anjediva. From Anjediva, he conducted a guerilla war against Bijapur, with the active involvement of the Goans, and when he had collected sufficient reinforcement, he sailed in once again, in November 1510, and inflicted a crushing defeat upon Bijapur.

In the meantime, Goans, under the leadership of Mala Pai and Timoja, and armed and organized by the Portuguese, had conducted a proactive guerilla war against the Turks, harrying them and stretching them out thin on the ground, and preparing them for their final defeat, on November 25, 1510, at the hands of Albuquerque.

The final liberation of Goa was coordinated by Goans and the Portuguese, using Anjediva as headquarters. There was a constant stream of Goans coming and going to Anjediva with information and with orders for the War of Liberation.

Therefore, when the Liberation was achieved, there was a strong fellow-feeling between Goan and Portuguese, who were bonded by their common adventure of Liberation. This fellow-feeling made it possible for Goans to listen kindly to the exhortations of the missionaries introduced into the newly liberated land, and therefore to convert in large numbers. Both the liberation and the near en masse conversion of the Goans to Christianity, worked to integrate Goa into the larger Portuguese community, into Greater Portugal.

Goa therefore became an integral and indivisible part of Portugal, as Portuguese as the Algarve. And so it remained for centuries after.

Now I have always argued that a territory that is part of some state does not have the moral right to secede unless there were good and urgent causes. Merely that that territory is occupied by a distinct ethnic group different from the rest of the state, is not a legitimate cause. But a people have the right to secede only when their right to life, both as individuals and as societies, is threatened, without just cause, by a partial or complete Genocide. And this right to secession is regardless of whether the seceding people are of the same ethnic stock or not, as the rest of the population of that state.

Thus historically, the Swiss Germans seceded from the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, because the Habsburg Emperors made life impossible for them. Likewise, when the Belgians, who are practically of the same ethnic stock as the Dutch, found life impossible under the Protestant persecutions by the Dutch, they too seceded.

Similarly, when the citizens of the English colonies in North America believed themselves, rightly or wrongly (I believe wrongly) to be persecuted, they seceded, although they are themselves of the same ethnic stock as the English, being an extension of the English nation across the Atlantic.

The world today is full of states that incorporate many different nationalities and their homelands, while on the other hand, there are many nationalities which are spread over more than one state.

Nationalism, the confusion of state and nation, is a grievous error, that has led to many wars and much bloodshed and misery, but it does not have a foundation in logic or sense. The citizens of a state have a duty of honoring and respecting and of tendering their love and affections to their legitimate government, regardless of ethnic differences.

For example, in Europe, we have the German nation spread out in three major states — Germany, Austria and Switzerland, besides the French provinces of Alsace & Lorraine, the Italian province of Southern Tyrol and the petty principality of Liechtenstein, etc. There were also Germans in the Sudentenland province of Czechia and in Silesia of Poland.

Using the false confusion of Nationalism and State, Hitler demanded the absorption of Austria and the Sudentenland into Germany proper, and launched invasions to achieve this; actions that led finally to World War II, when more than 50 million people were killed or died as a result of the war.

Once, I too believed that because Goa is ethnically different from Iberian Portugal, Portugal had an obligation to grant us independence, and that in failing to do so, and lingering on, they wronged us. However, a reflection on the question demonstrated the falsehood of that position, and therefore, I no longer accept that position as being valid, but as merely being misguided.

Therefore, even if we accept that the Concannim are merely a branch of the Marathi, it would still not justify any attempted secession from Portugal.

However, it remains a fact that not only was there no provocation for secession, there was also no mass based movement among Goans for such secession or independence or merger with India, except among the Hindu minority, and a infinitesimal minority of Goan Christians, mainly India-based, motivated and sponsored.

As a matter of fact, the movement, if that is what it could be called, existed principally among Indian citizens, who were mislead by their leaders, Gandhi and Nehru, that India had some kind of divine right to impose itself upon Goa, and that the Goans had a moral and legal obligation to submit to these impositions!

The vast majority of those who agitated for Goa's severance from Portugal, and annexation to India, were Indians, not Goans! The Indians made up more than 99% of these agitators!

Khairnar seeks to use the crutches of transference to divert attention from his own hypocrisies, and from the castigation he received for them from me, by seeking to "project" his wounds onto me, and then disingenuously offering me his "sympathies". I am not buying the ploy. The reason I repeatedly repeated his statement "It is ppl who are fundamentalists, who engineer these disparities to divide humanity..." is because it was useful to show the hypocritical contradictions in his own position.

As a matter of fact, the same point can be made if one quotes it this way:
"It is ppl... who engineer these disparities to divide humanity..."
Yet, the allegation that I am a "fundamentalist" is an interesting topic in itself. The way I see it, historically, a Fundamentalist was a member of a School of literal Protestantism. There are three main schools of Protestants, the Liberals, which includes the Modernists, the Evangelicals, who can be described as moderates, and the Fundamentalists, who can be described as extremists.

Today, however, the appellation of "fundamentalist" is applied loosely, just as loosely and irresponsibly as the appellation of "fascist" is misused.

Today, we are told of Hindu and Muslim and other kinds of Fundamentalists. There is never any coherent definition provided of what these labels are supposed to mean. There is no evidence that any of these people, who are accused of being "Fundamentalists" themselves use or accept that label.

In that light, then, use of words such as Fundamentalists and Fascists are meant to be badwords, belonging to the same class of badwords as "Capitalist", "American Stooge", etc. By and large, their use only demonstrates that the user is either not thinking or not capable of thinking.

But if we define "Fundamentalism" in a general sense, it would be defined as belief in a set of Fundamental or basic values and a refusal to deviate from them without good reason.

Now, if this is the proper definition, keeping aside the malicious misuse of that word, then there is nothing wrong to be a Fundamentalist according to this sense.

As a matter of fact, from my viewpoint, granted this understanding, it becomes evident that every human being on the face of the earth is either a fundamentalist (i.e., one who believes in some basic or fundamental values), or a prostitute — one who has no permanent values of his own, but is an opportunist who sells himself according to convenience.

And, I neither am, nor wish to be a prostitute of moral values or of ideologies, so that I have no other option than to be a Fundamentalist!

Is it true, as Khairnar alleges, that I do not have respect for human life?

I consider human life to be something sacred, but relatively so. I do not consider animal life as being particularly sacred, and so I have no compunction killing an animal for food.

On the other hand, I believe that man is special, and created in God's image, and destined, if he will conform to God and His law, for eternal beatitude, so that man cannot be on the same level as animals.

Yet it is also true that I believe that it is just, pious and true charity, besides the greater common good, to resist and kill evildoers and those who threaten the just order.

Yet, I also believe, that despite necessity, the slaying of any man, even the most evil, is an act that is injurious to our spirit and values, and so must be avoided if it can be avoided, but not to the detriment of values by tolerating evildoers and permitting them to continue unchecked as one labors in a Hamletian dilemma.

If I had the opportunity to kill Hitler or Stalin, Nehru or Mao, I would do it. If some Nazis were killed in fighting, or as a result of their own mischief, I would not account them "martyrs", but that they deserved and earned their fate.

Therefore, I have no sympathies for the members or adherents of the "Samyukta Maharashtra Samiti", and will not accept that these miscreants and vermin are, or were, "martyrs". I will not accept that the terrorists who hijacked the planes on 11th September 2001 were martyrs. I will not accept that PLO terrorists killed while fighting Israel are martyrs. I will not accept that Communist terrorists — such as Ché Guevara — killed while engaging in acts of terrorism, are martyrs. And I make no apologies for my refusal to recognize these vermin as martyrs!

These 108 men who were killed by the police, were not shepherds out playing on a football field. They were not innocent bystanders. They challenged the state, and terrorized the populace, and therefore they forced the police to open fire on them as a last resort, and kill them. It is also necessary to underline the fact that the police was then mainly Marathi themselves, and owing allegiance, not to foreign oppressors, but to Constitutional officers of Free India.

To call these 108 scum and vermin by so noble a title as "martyr" is to make a travesty of all facts and of morality and good sense, and to put a premium on hooliganism and terrorism! It is to tar and rubbish honest policemen out to do their duty, and to protect the lives and properties of the general populace. It is these policemen who put their lives in danger for the common good, therefore making a potential sacrifice of their own lives, and to call the criminals they shot down in defending the law and order as "martyrs" one not only makes a travesty, but one also upturns the moral order, and insults the nobility of men who uphold that what is right and just!

Khairnar informs us:
They were fighting against injustice done to Maharshtra...
Then, he goes on, a little below, to say:
There is a beautiful saying in MARATHI which says "If you love your language, it impossible for you to hate any other language."
This reiterates his constant reiteration of "love" and "regard" for us Concannim, for the Concan and for Goa.

Now it is evident that the Marathi are true to their own values, and love and cherish the Concannim as their own brothers so much that they will not even contemplate the thought of encroaching on the lands of the Concan. Right? Wrong. And what does that prove? Hypocrisy, loud and clear!

According to Khairnar, denying the Marathi the right to rob and to encroach upon other people's lands (in this case Bombay, a part of the Concan), is an "injustice"!

The Marathi love and cherish us, the Concannim, a civilization much older than their own, so much, that they encourage and cultivate traitors from among the Concannim people to despise their own heritage and to become assimilated to Marathi... This, indeed, is how they love and respect us!

[There is nothing wrong, and in fact, it is the right thing, for immigrants to assimilate to their hosts. But here we have the Marathi encouraging and cultivating Concannim traitors like Asha Bhonsale, Lata Manguesimcar, the Chowgules, etc., to become Marathi, not in the Maharashtra Country or Desh, as they call it, but within the Concan itself! Moreover, they have defected to a people who are actively committing aggression against the Concan, seeking to perpetrate Genocide against us, and who are therefore the mortal enemies of the Concan, its people, its culture and traditions. People who abandon their own culture and traditions for alien and inimical cultures and traditions, and glorify these cultures, can never be "great", but will always remain nothing more than traitors!]

According to Khairnar:
Great people like Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Ashok Saraf, Shivaji Sawant, BB Borkar, Rangnekar, Senapati Bapat… belong to Goa and have assimilated themselves into mainstream Maharashtra.
This is the first time I am hearing of this claim... that Bapat was Goan. If it were true that a man of the stature of Bapat was Goan, we Goans would have not heard the end of it. But as a matter of fact, all information available identifies him as one of the Abominable Ghants, born in Parner in the District of Ahmadnagar in Bombay Presidency. As a matter of fact, the only connection between Bapat and Goa was that Bapat was one of the criminals who sought to subvert and terrorize Goa, and who were arrested and expelled by the Goan Volunteer Militia under Governor-General Paulo Benard Guedes, our hero.

"Mainstream Maharashtra". What is that supposed to mean? That we, the Concannim, a nation much older than the Marathi, are merely some deplorable deviants, deviating from the glorious Marathi! This is indeed how the Marathi demonstrate their love and respect for us!

In inter-religious dialogue, we are told that we are not to convert to other religions, but to learn to love and cherish our own respective religious traditions the more. Now Ecumenism is a heresy, but the same concept can be legitimately extended to relationships between various ethnic groups. Each ethnic group is precious in itself, and everything must be done in order to preserve each ethnic group. One does not encourage the preservation of another people, and one does not demonstrate fellow-feeling, love, affection, respect, etc., by encouraging crossovers who despise their own ancient and good ethnic and linguistic tradition for another.

One does not demonstrate fellow-feeling, love, affection, respect, etc., by committing aggression against the homeland territory of another nation, by seeking to encroach upon its lands and peoples!

But the Marathi love and cherish us, a fellow-Indian ethnic group, so much, that they denigrate us, robbing us of our rights and dignity as a distinct language, people and culture, by pretending that we are merely a sub-culture, by encroaching upon our country, by cultivating traitors, and by seeking to exterminate us, to perpetrate Genocide upon us!

They are not satisfied with having robbed us of the bulk of our country, but they are aggrieved that a little, Goa, remains, outside their power, and that the Goan Concannim there resist being corrupted, absorbed and co-opted, to becoming a part of the Marathi nation!

In the Bible, we are told of one of the twelve tribes offending against the law of God and refusing to correct; the other tribes were forced to wage war against it. At the end, the elders of the allied tribes sat down together to devise means by which the defeated and devasted tribe may be preserved, means to ensure its continuation....

The Marathi claim they love us and respect us. We are constantly told that India is a family. Why, then, is it that in this family, there is no consideration by those people fortunate enough to have secured themselves much of their national rights, that they have no consideration for other nations that have not been so fortunate?

In the Maharashtra province of India, beside the homeland of the Marathi, we have the homelands of the Khandesh and Concannim people, besides that of the Gonds in the east, in the district of Gadchiroli, etc. Do the Marathi respect the rights of the native ethnic groups in these lands? No, they do not. As a matter of fact, the Marathi pretend that these lands are theirs, thereby making the native peoples of these lands, second class citizens in their own lands.

The same is the situation in Gujarat, where Kutch is subordinated. In Karnataka, the southern-most part of the Concan, including Karwar, Honavar, Gokarn, Hubli-Dharwad, besides the ethnic homelands of the Tulu and Kodagu (Tuluva and Coorg) are subordinated. Everywhere the same story is true. "Minority" ethnic groups have no rights. Especially, "minority" ethnic groups have no rights in their own ethnic homelands, for these are subordinated to other ethnic groups which dominate the provinces of which they are made a part.

Thus for example, Assam at one time included all of present Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, etc. Assam passed a law imposing Assamese as the State language, thereby provoking the hill tribes to rebel. After years of unnecessary bloodshed, the Indian Union was forced to separate these territories from Assam. Nor is this all. Assamese assertiveness provoked the Bodo-Cacharias to rebel, so that there are two ethnic uprisings in Assam — one of the ethnic Assamese, represented by the ULFA (United Liberation Front of Assam), and the other of the aborigine Bodo-Cacharias, represented by the NDFB (National Democratic Front of Bodoland).

The situation can be encapsulated by one Orwellian phrase, taken from Animal Farm:
"All Indians are equal, but some Indians are more equal than the others."
Those Indian ethnic groups are more than equal, which have their own provinces and in those provinces, their own languages and cultures enshrined. "Minority" ethnic groups are their "legitimate" prey!

In our situation, the Marathi love and respect us so much that they encroach upon us, rob us of our rights and dignity, and impose themselves upon us. They pretend that it is they, immigrants into our country, who are the natives ("Sthaniya Lok"), and not us! What can be more hypocritical than this?

They love and respect our ancient language by constantly denigrating it and seeking to reduce it to the level of a dialect of their own language — which came into being relatively recently!

And this is how they love and respect us! We are literally overwhelmed by the cornucopia of their love and respect for us!

The Marathi love and respect us, the Concannim, a much more ancient Indian ethnic group, so much that they feel insulted, as we are reminded by Khairnar, at the mere suggestion that Bombay and other parts of the Concan, lands which do not belong to them, should not be included in a Marathi national terrritory, the Maharashtra Pradesh (province). As Khairnar so kindly reminds us, the Abominable Ghants see this as being indeed an insulting "Joke"!

Khairnar reminds us that the boors and thugs who were shot down while terrorizing Bombay in 1961, were "really martyrs fighting the injustice done to Maharashtra" by the mere suggestion that lands that the Marathi never had any legitimate claims to, should be excluded from the proposed state of Maharashtra!

It is another thing that there is no truth whatsoever in the suggestion that Maharashtra was the "only state which had political identity prior to independence"!

Khairnar says:
...our Christian Concannim brothers and sisters...
The only relationship between Goan and Indian, is that of victim and perpetrator. Because the Iraqis bludgeoned Kuwait, does not make Kuwaitis "brothers and sisters" of the Iraqis, with the concomitant obligations that that relationship entails. Just because the Germans under Hitler bludgeoned the Norwegians and Dutch and Belgians and Greeks, etc., does not make these peoples the "brothers and sisters" of the Germans, with the concomitant obligations that that relationship entails. This pretension to us being your "brothers and sisters" after you have come in uninvited and unprovoked, by main force, against our will, raping our women and murdering our men, and robbing our properties is just yet more vile and mendacious humbug!

Khairnar says:
You have soft corners for the British as you shamelessly claim that Bombay as well as North Concan as "British Concan" as if the land belonged to their forefathers.
Maybe I do, maybe I don't. I certainly am not obliged to excuse myself to a people who have wronged me, who yet wrong me. It is none of your business, what we call our own country. You have no rights in our country. You can only object to what is said of your own. So, please get lost, creep!

Khairnar tells us:
Since you are fairer than average indians...
Goans are NOT fairer than the average Indian. Goans are notably darker. The Dravidian strain predominates among Goans. You need to be ignorant of the Goans in order to labor under such a misconception. It is true that the Goan Hindus are, on the average, fairer than the Christians. That is the product of racial breeding, while Goans, since their conversion, have freely married, although many today ignorantly pretend to be Brahmins, etc.

Khairnar says:
All thing and the bitter truth (which you subconsciously acknowledge) that the portuguese era is over and the good old portuguese days cannot come back...
Another study in hypocrisy! Khairnar pretends to knowledge that only God can have, and not mere mortal men.

Do I "subconsciously" acknowledge that the Portuguese era is over? I certainly do not, whether consciously or subconsciously.

Is it true that the "good old Portuguese days cannot come back"? I will not play this vile pagan's game by pretending to be God. I know this much: It is my duty to fight and secure the evacuation of Goa by the Indians, and to secure reparations and restitutions, and to restore the lawful status quo ante, and God willing, this is certainly what I work for.

Let the proud and haughty pagans blaspheme all they want; in the end, only that happens that God either wants, or permits, to happen.

Khairnar reminds us that:
As far as my knowledge goes, great people like Senapati Bapat, Atre, Ahilyabai Rangnekar and a number of freedom fighters came down to fight agaisnt the Portuguese in the "Goa Mukti Sangram" ("Goa liberation struggle")... that itself shows that Maharashtrians have always considered Goans as their brethren.
Thereby, he only demonstrates what I have been saying all along: The Goans, the only people who have any rights to determine the destiny of their country, Goa, never were a party to the Campaign to sever Goa from Portugal, and to subjugate it to India, but that it was foreigners, Indians, who staged the entire show.

No, it does not prove that the Marathi were moved by what they pretended was our plight — an affliction that we, the Goans, were never aware of — but that this was merely another part of unprovoked Marathi aggression and interference in Goan affairs. Far from demonstrating brotherly love, it demonstrates malice and vileness!

In Goa, Portuguese law states that even non-resident Goans, even second and third generation Goans born and brought up outside of Goa, remain citizens of Goa. From the time shortly after its liberation, till the middle of the last century, Goan Christians were a majority in the land. Then, due to large emigrations, the Hindus, left behind, came to become a slight majority. Yet, under Goan law, the Christians retained their overall majority of the entire citizenry. Christians form more than 80% of the Goan population, taken as a whole. It was among the small minority of Hindus that there was strong—and even near universal support—for severance from Portugal and for Goa's subjugation to India.

Therefore, Khairnar's statement is telling:
I am sure that an average Hindu Goan would have no issues with Maharashtra, but because of anti-social elements like our Christian Konkani brothers and sisters ahve developed a baseless hatred towards us...
This reflects the statement of another prominent Indian swine, Lohia:
"A conspiracy has sought for decades to turn Goa into an island of imperialist safety where the law has proved inadequate, a whole chain of papers from Karachi over Bombay to Goa, and other agencies are instilling into Catholic Christians an unreasoning hatred and fear of Hindustani nationality…" —Speech by Dr. Rama Manohara Lohia, at the Largo de Margao, 1946 as found in Dr. Pracaxachandra P. Xirodcar's "Goa's Struggle For Freedom", pg. 37, para. 1.
The Goans realized their peril, of being imposed upon by the foul, barbarous hordes of Gentoos, and in their newspapers, did all that they could to raise the alarm. It is this that Lohia is fulminating against!

Immediately after independence, the Indians began to terrorize the Goans to toe a pro-Indian line. This policy led to the promotion of a traitor and outstanding dunce, Valeriano Gracias, as the Co-Adjutor Bishop of Bombay, the Archbishop and Cardinal. Under this policy, Goan newspapers were terrorized, and prominent Goans who stood up against Indianism were kidnapped by Indian police and tortured; some were expelled to Portuguese India.

Khairnar goes on to tell us:
You hate maharashtrians because they were instrumental in driving out the imperialists...
We Goans never asked anybody to interfere in our internal affairs. India's and the Marathi people's interference was gratuitous and a violence and an imposition upon us. It parallels Hitler's invasion and annexation of Austria, although that was far less odious given the yawning chasm between the cultural and social values of the Goans and of the Indians!

Certainly, the Goans are right in abhorring the Marathi and the Indians for their unsought for interference, for their violence and imposition upon us, for their usurpation of our rights, for disrupting our national unity with Greater Portugal, of which Society we were and are an integral part.

Khairnar goes on to tell us:
what an unpardonsble crime to liberate people who endured and still endure slavery...
We Goans were free, a free and equal part of Greater Portugal, and we were content as we were. Our peace and tranquility has been interrupted and disrupted by a bunch of abominable barbarians and philistines, arrogant and insolent invaders who came in against our will, to rob us of our rights and to enslave us in the name of their "liberation", a liberation where we are deprived of our relationships, our rights, our traditions, our right to determine our own future and to administer ourselves as we see fit.

This crime is much the more abominable given that the Goans have assimilated to, and integrated themselves into Latin society and civilization, so that we are culturally superior to the Indian barbarians!

Khairnar goes on to tell us:
You are perfectly right when you say that Marathi of the Shivaji era would not be comprehensible even for an ardent Marathi protagonist liker me. But same applies to English as well.I don’t think many Englishmen would follow the Victorian English of Shakespeare…………….So you would say that Shakespeare was not English?????????????Ridiculous, sorry to say but not expected from a non-pseudo intellectual like you.
According to Wikipedia, Shivaji lived 1630-1680.

Shakespeare lived 1564 to 1616, during the reigns of Elizabeth Boleyn and of James I Stuart. He can be described, therefore, as Elizabethan, not as Victorian.

Texts in the Maharashtri language are not intelligible to a Marathi speaker. On the contrary, Shakespeare is difficult, but still very much intelligible. Shakespeare is difficult because he uses a poetic form, not the normal colloquial form.

But the colloquial forms, surviving in documents, are very much intelligible. Try reading this: A 1620 document by King James I of England to the English colonizers of New England in North America.

I therefore request Professor Khairnar to kindly certify that this 1620 charter issued by King James I Stuart of England, the immediate successor of Elizabeth Boleyn, is not intelligible to one who speaks contemporary English!

Khairnar goes on to tell us:
I accept that Konkani is an older language , but as you have admitted it doesn't even have a script (I feel it is rather fundamental for a full fledged language to have a script!)
Although Khairnar does not himself say it, it is implicit in what he says: That a language, in order to be a truly "full-fledged language", MUST have its own unique and distinct script.

Concannim's ancient script is only of academic interest. But in this age, Concannim does have a script—Roman. Minorities use the Kannada, Malayali, Arabic and Deonagari scripts. But the world is full of languages which do not have their own unique scripts, but which use the Roman, Cyrillic and various other scripts.

Most world languages fail the criteria imposed by Professor Khairnar: that they must have their own distinct script. English, French, German, Dutch and Fleming, Frisian, Danish, Swedish, Norse, Icelandic, Castilean or Spanish, Asturian, Catalan, Basque or Gascon, Portuguese and Galician, Miranda, Italian, Corsican, Rhaetian, Irish, Gaelic, Cymri, Picard, Occitan, Breton, Esperanto, Turkish, and many other languages besides, in Europe, use the Roman script. Most Slavic people use the Cyrillic script. Many Muslim peoples around the world, including the Farsi or Persians, prefer to write their languages in the Arabic script. Other languages in other parts of the world also use Roman: Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, Tagalog, Viscayan, etc.

If we take Professor Khairnar's criteria, English, the world's most spoken and dominant language in this age, is not strictly speaking, a true language—or, to use our nutcase professor's words: English, lacking a distinct script of its own, is not a "full fledged language"!

There is one sure way to test the soundness of your pretensions, mein Doktor. Hindi is officially designated the "National Language" of India. Yet, it has no distinct script of its own, borrowing the Deonagari script of the Marathi. If you truly believe as you do, you must agitate loudly and persistently, that India's Sansad ("Parliament") declare that Hindi is not a language but a dialect of Marathi, and that Marathi is the "National Language" of India. Are you game? Do you have the guts?

Khairnar goes on to tell us:
Try reading something if you can, YOU WILL FALL IN LOVE WITH THE LANGUAGE.
In itself, Marathi may be good, though I seriously doubt that the vileness of an immoral—and therefore, vile—people does not naturally extend to their language. I have been force-fed Marathi from my school days, and the more I was forced, the more I came to hate it. My hatred for Marathi is now complete and entire. I despise it with all my heart and with all my soul. I despise the Marathi people as evil and as those who have committed and who commit wrong against me and my people, and who are therefore, my mortal enemies. I do not—and will not—consort with my enemy—the mortal enemies of my people!

"Come into my parlor," says the spider to the fly. "Come and play with us", say the wolves to the sheep. "Try our language, YOU WILL LOVE IT!" says the Abominable Ghant to the Concannim. We are not buying your tricks; we will not walk into your trap!

Khairnar ends with:
People like you burnt down BRUNO and John Huss, jailed Galilieo and crucified the lord. Correct me if I am wrong.
I rejoice with all believing Christians that Bruno was burnt, for I have no space for heretics and those who seek to corrupt souls and bring them to damnation. Amen, too, to the Council of Constance's burning of John Hus. Amen too to the imprisonment of Galileo, who arrogantly sought to misuse his scientific discoveries to mislead souls into contemning the Church, and who was yet nevertheless very leniently treated.

In so far as I am a sinner, I have, together with every other sinner, crucified Christ Jesus, the only true and living God, in the unity of triune persons. Yet, in that I am a Christian and that I adhere to morality, in rejecting treason and upholding patriotism, it is not I, but the evildoers who perpetrated the Rape of Goa, who worked to destroy the Kingdom of God in Goa, and to establish in its stead a "secularism" (vile in itself) but de facto skewed in favor of the haughty and ignorant and vile pagans, who crucified Him.

The Indians and the Marathi are today the greatest hypocrites on the face of the earth. Before their excellence in hypocrisy, the Pharisees and Sadducees seem like innocent children out for a romp in the kindergarten!

Khairnar protests too frequently, that he is not a Shiv Sainik. No one has alleged that he is. And we have, in our rebuttal, pointed out that a man does not need to be a member of the Marathi terrorist organization, the Shiv Sena, in order to be a Marathi who rejoices in, and defends, Marathi colonialism and imperialism in the Concan, and who celebrates the Genocide of the original nations of the Concan and Khandesh, etc.

There is a famous quote: "Methinks that the lady doth protest too much." And indeed, Khairnar protests too much, and absolutely unnecessarily, that he is not a Shiv Sainik, when no one has alleged that he is, even as he insolently celebrates Marathi imperialism and colonialism and its concomitant Genocide!

But by his words and deeds, Khairnar only proves my case: That he and all the Marathi that I know, without exception, are criminals who are out to rob the lands of the Concannim nation, and to exterminate us as a people, even as they loudly pretend to love and cherish us!

What can be more hypocritical than this?

Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2004 13:15:55 +0000 (GMT)
From: "Lucio Mascarenhas"
To: "Kunal Khairnar", "Lúcio Mascarenhas", "Miguel de Britto", "André de Sousa"
Subject: Ghati - Concannim Polemics


"Thanks" for the clever psychobabble. But, what I need to know is: Have you finished your say, so that I can begin my rebuttal, or do I wait for you to finish?

Don't waste my time. If you have finished your "installments", say so; if not, say so, and provide a time schedule by which you intend to finish. I have other things to do than attend to you. We have a right to not have our time wasted.

Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2004 16:07:36 +0000 (GMT)
From: "Kunal Khairnar"
Subject: Re: Ghati-Concannim dispute
To: "Lúcio Mascarenhas"
CC: "Miguel de Britto", "André de Sousa"


I am very sorry for not replying for so long...I thank you for acknowledging me and waiting for my reply.

Let me tell you how all this started.During my leisure hours I forget myself surfing the net, searching for pictures of beautiful places and saving them for my desktop.Now what place on the planet is more beautiful than Kokan (including Goa).I had typed "konkan" in google and inadvertently I came across your "Save the konkan nation" .I was shocked to read and was deeply hurt to read your views about the issue.Initially what interested me was the love and passion(apparently) for your mother tongue very similar to my (again apparently) to the feeling I cherish about my mother tongue.

However later, after reading André's , your's and Britto's mail, I slowly started smeeling a rat in the whole issue and eventually realized that language was never the issue at all.It is just the pretext under which you are hiding...Its just a garb to attenuate the seriousness (and futile nature of your desires)

Your ultimate demand is you want a separate goa because you think you are portuguese and not Indian.I jumped to the conclusion that religion is the driving force (Reiterating the fact that I am religion neutral)But In was partly wrong.Religion might only fuel your demands, but the ultimate problem lies in your identity crisis (which mortal born on the planet suffers).I feel the problem may even have racial dimensions (Since you are fairer than average indians and your allegiance to Portugal).You probably feel that you are racially superior to us

All thing and the bitter truth (which you subconsciously acknowledge) that the portuguese era is over and the good old portuguese days cannot come back.................

You hate maharashtrians because they were instrumental in driving out the imperialists (what an unpardonsble crime to liberate people who endured and still endure slavery.)It is natural for you to detest Maharashtrians who have , throughout history fought for, won and cherished freedom.I understand that it is impossible for you to empathize with me and comprehend what I say.

Any way , after knowing the truth, I have no ill-feelings towards any of you, (rather I sympathize with you and feel even prouder to be a Maharashtrian.)

Kindly forgive me if I have knowingly or unknowingly offended your sentiments.............

Warm regards,

Kunal Sharad Khairnar
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2004 06:16:27 +0000 (GMT)
From: "Lúcio Mascarenhas"
Subject: Ghati-Concannim dispute
To: "Kunal Khairnar", "Miguel de Britto", "Lúcio Mascarenhas", "André de Sousa"

Today is November 28, 2004. Ten days ago, on Nov 18, Kunal Khairnar wrote:
"I will answer all your questions, allegations one by one in the forthcoming mails.But today I want to elaborate only on one aspect, which is your fundamentalism."
Till now, we have seen only his "first installment" of his rebuttal of my demolishment of his garbage — yet another load of garbage. But he has promised us more of that garbage, and it is only when I get the full stuff that I will reply.

In the meantime, Miguel de Britto has already written a reply.

Nevertheless, the "further" installment(s) has not been sent.

Not that I am anxious to wade into this hypocrite's hypocritical garbage... This is just a reminder.

Message 426 GoanCenter
From: "Miguel de Britto"
Date: Tue Nov 23, 2004 8:42 am
Subject: Re: reply to ([email protected])

Mr kunal,

There is saying ----its easy and good to talk and be with the wise people----- but--- with evil people ,one is better off, to stay away from them.

As far as maharastrains and indians are concern,i feel pity to see all the poor and uncared childrens ,elders and young unfortunate ones on the bombay streets,where miserey is in unmeasureable proportion.

why do you think, oh wise nuclear power indians(mahaevils) are blind to the very truth of practising charity and humanity as far as these unfortunate souls are concern?????

why cannot an indian like you take the first step to do something as far as you beloved mahaevil state is concern. you maha evils got all the money in the world and means to eridicate the poverty from the face of the earth but is it happeninig-----the answere is big NO-------why is that? because majority of the indians are of evil nature and nothing can change them,because good does not come from evil gods and by worshipping evil.

Majority(90%) indians worship evil than the true god and black magic is done to destroy the homes of other fellow indians due to hatred which is at the core of every mahaevils maharastrains------which we goans have to bear for being kind and hospitable to these ignorant,hatefull and evil maharastrains and other indians.

We goans can survive on our own and we will be most glad ,if the unwanted and uncared for,indias uncontrolled population,which is in goa ----could go back to their own evil states .Goa make Rs 3000 billion on mining ravenue alone per year but all that money is robbed by the indian govt.If we goans ,were let to be on our own from 1961 onwards than we(goans) would have been the richest country by now.

But than evil indians ,helped us to remove portuguese from our house and used our billions of money---in the name of liberation.

Any way ------an a*****e like you wont understand.

How can a blind help other person ,who is not blind---to show a way --toward prosperity and peace.

India is blind country,with blind people like you------who want to help the world with million of money --to show off as donations----when their own children are dying in poverty.

Can you justify that---hollow,immature,evil and misguiding attitute of the MAHAEVIL indians.-------------GOANS ARE GOANS,AND GOANS DO HAVE HEART EVEN TO HELP THE NEEDY INDIANS,IREESPECTIVE Whether they are hindus or muslims,because GOANS walk in true spirit of true almighty god.

BUT AS I SAID BEFORE AN evil wont understand that.......nor mahaevil from evil background

Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 09:10:50 +0000 (GMT)
From: "Kunal Khairnar"
Subject: Re: reply of Lúcio
To: "Miguel de Britto", "Lúcio Mascarenhas"
CC: "André de Sousa"

Mr. Lucio,(and now, also Mr. Britto)

I thank you for taking time out and replying to my letter. Also thanks for increasing my information of history and English vocabulary.

But unfortunately, the history was as superfluous as the vocabulary, because you inadvertently proved my point that you are in fact “A RELIGIOUS FUNDMENTALIST”.I guess the reason why you were so obsessed with my statement that “………………………” is because it did hurt you (although I am very sorry for that) for the sole reason that it was a bitter pill which couldn’t swallow.I will answer all your questions, allegations one by one in the forthcoming mails.But today I want to elaborate only on one aspect, which is your fundamentalism….

I feel that there are a few commn characteristivs pf fundamentalists )be they Hindu,Muslim or Christia…………..) equally detestable:

No respect for human life (You support ---you probably relish the fact –that 108 people died in the samyukta maharashtra movement.They were indeed martyrs because they were fighting against injustice done to Maharshtra (the only state which had political identity prior to independence , but denied a linguistic identity even after independence………..WHAT A JOKE)

Past frustrations and irrelevant allegations.(eg. Recently after the arrest of the pontiff at kanchi, the saints raised the issue that the government does not arrest the imam of Jama masjid…………..)Fundamentalist are dogmatic to the core and they let out their own egoistic frustration on unnecessary (In your case, just to vilify Maharashtrians, you raised issues relating to Shiva Sena, which was not the topic at all…..Any way I am not a Shiva Sainik) Hypocrisy in the richest form……………(You feel that Marathas were imperialist…ok ..fine then who were the Portuguese and Britishers…had they come for charity in India?

“Jesus” issue..Now let me tell you…I have studied in a missionary school.There was a church in our school.I used to go there daily.I am not a religious person at all.SO I TREAT EVERY RELIGION EQUALLY, because I feel all have equally failed in the bringing peace to the world. Hatred and insecurity………..People like you actually love neither the religion nor the lord.You love neither Konkani nor Christianity,You love only yourself.

There is a beautiful saying in MARATHI which says “If you love your language , it impossible for ypu o hate any other language.”

Comng to the point you know what is the basic problem in you r life “YOU WISH WERE PORTUGUESE…………..OR AT LEAST A WHITE”





Great people like Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Ashok Saraf, Shivaji Swant, BB Borkar, Rangnekar, Senapati Bapat………..belong to Goa and have assimilated themselves into mainstream Maharashtra

Coming back to our discussion on dialects………………..You answers yourself when you said “that you could not even remember the name of the script of Konkani”………That just proves two of my points.:

You don’t love Konkani, you don’t even remember such an important detail(if that is true of course) Marathi has a script, and the literature written in Marathi be it, Plays(which are very popular in goa by the way…………..), novels, poetry, essay and so on. Try reading something if you can, YOU WILL FALL IN LOVE WITH THE LANGUAGE.

I accept that Konkani is an older language , but as you have admitted it DOESN’T EVEN HAVE A SCRIPT (I feel it is rather fundamental for a full fledged language to have a script!) Secondly, a language always goes through different periods of transition. Rather it’s flow is like that of river. It meanders along different landmarks of History.BU THAT IS ONLY AN INDICATOR OF THE PROGRESSIVENESS OF THE LANGUAGE. It should evolve and not stagnate like a pond……………….

You are perfectly right when you say that Marathi of the Shivaji era would not be comprehensible even for an ardent Marathi protagonist liker me. But same applies to English as well.I don’t think many Englishmen would follow the Victorian English of Shakespeare…………….So you would say that Shakespeare was not English?????????????Ridiculous, sorry to say but not expected from a non-pseudo intellectual like you.

Thirdly another point to indicate that you are a fundamentalist….The way you twisted the above facts just to prove your point…………….

People like you area danger to humanity. You are just camouflaging under the garb of konakism….You feel that you are racially superior to pagans who have darker skins.The biggest tragedy of your life is that you are not a white e European.So what you are trying to do is to create a Europe for youself in Goa and you are wickedly misleading people of your religion in your vain attempt and cutting them off from mainstream India………..

I pity you.. You want slavery and you hate people you liberated you.I think the Islamic fundamentalists are better than you.At least they are men enough to say that they are on a “Jehad” against all Non –muslims. You don’t have the guts to wage a crusade.

People like you burnt down BRUNO and John Huss, jailed Galilieo and crucified the lord.

Correct me if I am wrong,

Yours faithfully,

Kunal Sharad Khairnar
"Miguel de Britto" wrote:

hi women,

There is wise saying------if you live with evil you become evil,if you stay with good people you too become good.but then you wont understand that ----because you ghanntti(bintakar)born in the evil enviroment and did schooling in christain run schools because they are run irrespective of whether you are ghanti or not.

but then the evil roots are allways evil and can never see good.

we portuguese times goans are respected all over the world,and as goans its a great honour for us-----not as mahaevil----nor as maharastrains---nor as marathi fanatics.

in goa the true god prevailed and hence there is peace--------------and about the true god ----it is written in the OFFICIAL BOOKS OF HINDUISM(VEDAS)

rigveda,ajurveda,sameveda,adarnaveda--------------------and in RIGVEDA,BOOK 10,chapter90,verse7 ---everthing about jesus christ is written,before jesus could come into this world---as book written by ARVINDAKSHA MENON(the divine harmony).

menon was hindu brahmin once upon atime but now,he proclaims about only the son of god. you will find the book at this addrees----divine retreat center,chalakudy,muringoor,kerala. so write aletter to him(your own hindu brahmin brother) and find the truth before you go in the grave.

then your sense will get what you are looking for-------one step at a time.

till then keep your ignorant mouth shut...........cause 1st of all you dont know who the real and true god is.

till then good luck to you.

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