Ghati—Concannim Dispute

Compilation & ©Lúcio Mascarenhas, November 17, 2004.
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Mr. Khairnar,

Thank you for your second letter in reply to André de Sousa. I am apathetic towards pseudo-intellectual bilge, yet nevertheless; I am obliged to write in reply to your letter.

First, of all, you do not know Christianity, nor have you ever cared to respond to your conscience and to come to Christ. Yet you have the insolence of quoting at me:
"Forgive Lord Jesus, this poor chap prakash, he does not know what he is doing..."
I know what I am doing, and it is in complete accordance with the Gospel of Christ Jesus. But you insult and derogate Christ!!! Leave Jesus Christ severely alone. He has no part with unreformed pagans!

You say that you have respect for us. However, it is a fact that you have merely ignored facts of history as set out in the Goa Facts-Sheet page. It is not expected that you should accept them, but it is expected that if you believe them false, then you would (should) demonstrate their falsehood. That you have not done, but ignoring those facts, you have gone on to merely repeat stereotype Marathi slanders against us, and exactly those that I had refuted in the Goa Facts-Sheet page, even as you assure us that you "respect" us. This is hardly the way of giving respect. This is hardly the method of intellectuals.

You also wrote:
It is ppl who are fundamentalists, who engineer these disparities to divide humanity........

Now the obvous reason is religion and nothing else. Since goa has a large christian population, ppl in goa wanted a different identity.
Hypocrisy is to have one set of rules for oneself, and another set for others.

When you, the Marathi, fought to tear up cosmopolitan, multi-racial and multi-cultural Bombay Presidency and to fabricate Maharashtra State in its stead, you were not "fundamentalists who engineer disparities to divide humanity." Then, when you, the Marathi, pretended to rights which you were not and are not entitled to, it was a virtue.

Today, when the Konkanis demand their rights in the Konkan, in objection to the depradations of the Marathi, we are "fundamentalists who engineer disparities to divide humanity", and this is a vice!

Yes, you Ghatis love to have your cake and eat it too. Earlier, there was no political Maharashtra for centuries, only the Bombay Presidency, later the State of Bombay. Yet it is precisely that you, the Ghatis, who conducted the "Samyukta Maharashtra Andolan," fighting bitterly against all other communities, even the native Konkani of Bombay, in order to carve up and gerrymander Bombay to make the State of Maharashtra, which nefarious program was conceded in 1961. Today, you honor those who were shot down by the police for terrorising the general populace in order to force Federal India to concede these demands, as your "Hutatmas", "Martyrs". No, they were not "fundamentalists who engineered disparities to divide humanity", far from it. They were only demonstrating their love for all mankind!

When Marathi chauvinists run amok in the streets of Bombay, demanding that the city be renamed with the fictious, contrived name of Mumbai, they were not "fundamentalists who engineer disparities to divide humanity", but virtuous cherubs out on a picnic!

When Marathi chauvinists deny state aid to non-Marathi schools, you, the Marathi are not "fundamentalists who engineer disparities to divide humanity", but you are virtuous!

When Marathi chauvinists run amok in the streets of Bombay, demanding that all shop signs be in Marathi, you are not "fundamentalists who engineer disparities to divide humanity", but you are virtuous!

When Marathi chauvinists terrorise non-Marathi job-seekers, calling them par-pranthis (outlanders), you are not "fundamentalists who engineer disparities to divide humanity", but you are virtuous!

Yet, when we, the Konkani, raise up our demands, in our own country, not that of any other people, we are "fundamentalists who engineer disparities to divide humanity"!

Does hypocrisy get any richer than this?

But this is not all. You demonstrate your brotherhood very neatly and lovingly when in Bombay and the Konkan you demand and terrorise the State into according YOU!—Marathi par-pranthis—with the status of "natives" ("Sthaniya Lok")! This is lovingness indeed!

You have further demonstrated your lovingness much recently by the inhuman, bestial manner in which you—yourselves par-pranthis—assaulted as par-pranthis, the "Uttar Bharatiyas" ("North Indians") who were coming to Bombay and its vicinity for the All India Railway Recruitment Examinations.

How many, and which particular Ghati stood up against and protested against this division of human beings against human beings, when practised by you your own Marathis?

How many, and which particular Ghati stood up against and protested against this Ghati criminality, insolence, arrogance and sheer hypocrisy in a land not their own?

These people were even your own fellow-Hindus, not Bangladeshi Muslims, yet you had no human feeling, only that you joyously demonstrated your recidivist bestiality!

And you talk to us of love and of humanity, you hypocrite!

Okay, how many of you Ghatis publicly and in the press protested against this terrorism of the "Uttar Bharatis", even if only on the grounds of humanity?

Is humanity some sentimental pap only meant to be sold to us, the Konkani natives of the Konkan, so that we become weak-kneed and fall down into your loving arms, selling our birthright to you for a pot of mess, so that you can utterly destroy us?

Let us not kid ourselves. Your hooliganism is ingrained and natural to you. You are a bestial, feral people, inhuman almost! When is it that you have not indulged in terrorism in order to settle an argument? During the "Samyukta Maharashtra" Movement? During the terrorism of local Bombay industries, of Air India, and other corporates so that they accord preference in employing you Ghati imperialists and colonialists? What is new about your hooliganism? Your bestiality?

I will reiterate certain facts for your benefit. I point to Indian historical record (and Goa participates in the ancient Indian histories, although it is not a part of political India).
  1. According to those histories, India was organized into several ethnic homelands, of which the Konkan is listed as one. For example, in the categories of Brahmins, there are Andhra Brahmins, Magadh Brahmins, etc., and included in them is the category of Konkanastha Brahmins, alongside Maharashtrastha Brahmins. These later are now-a-days referred to as "Deshastha" Brahmins.

  2. These records tell us that the Konkan existed from very early times; the incoming Aryans learnt of and interacted with the Kingdom of the Konkas lying south of the Vindhya Range within a short time of crossing those mountains. The Konkan is even tied up to the Parashurama legend, and Parashurama is older (an older "avartar") than Rama or Krishna. Now it is historical fact that Krishna, the Kaurava-Pandava rivalries and the Mahabharata War follow the histories of Koshala, its capital Ayodhya and of King Rama, his brothers Bharata and Lakshamana and Rama’s wife Sita and of Rama’s war with Ravana, King of Sri Lanka. After the Mahabharata War, the Pandavas declined, and the first historical state that emerges in Indian history is that of the Nandas, Kings of Magadha, who held the supremacy while Alexander the Macedonian led his Greek armies to conquer the Persian Empire and all its provinces, coming upto the Persian Empire provinces of the Indus Valley. The Nandas were overthrown by the Mauryas, and under the Mauryan Emperor Ashoka, the people of the Gangetic Basin — the contemporary Hindu heartland — converted to Buddhism. In protest, those who remained Hindu, migrated en masse to the lands south of the Vindhyas, calling themselves the "Maha Rashtra" or "Great Nation", and settling down in the Deccan, between the Konkan and Vidharbha. This land, bounded by the Konkan on the west, Vidarbha on the east, Khandesh on the north, and Karnataka on the south, came to be called Maharashtra-Desh. Today, the Marathi call this in short, "Desh". This means that the Konkan pre-existed Maharashtra by atleast a thousand years!
It is evident and logical, therefore, that Maharashtra as an ethnic community came into existence later than the Konkan — far, far later.

Regarding the Konkani language, there are these facts:
  1. There is the huge Jain statue at Shravanabelagola in the southern extremity of the Konkan, now a part of Karnataka state. The inscriptions on its base have been proven by linguists to be definitely Konkani.

  2. Konkani had its own script, the name of which, at this moment, however, escapes me. This script ceased to be used because of Goa being conquered by the Kadambas, who imposed their own Kannadiga language and script on Goa. Simultaneously, the rest of the Konkan, which is historically martime-oriented, was disrupted by the invasions of the Muslims and their seizure of the port-settlement along the littoral. The Konkan broke up into several petty principalities ruling out of the dense forests of the upper reaches of the Konkan — such as the Mauryan Kingdom of Rairi, which place was renamed by Shivaji as "Raigad".

  3. The South Konkan, including Goa, was conquered by the Kadambas who were Kannadiga or Tulu speakers, and who set up their capital in what is now Chandor, until the Muslims conquered Goa. The official language of the Kadamba kings of Goa was NOT Marathi, but Kannadiga.

  4. Anthropology, which is the science of man, and which includes the study of languages, their origins, their affiliations (i.e., "families"), etc., considers that, all the available evidence considered, Konkani as a language is closer to Bengali and Assamese than to Marathi.

  5. Both Marathi and Konkani are said to be descended from Ardha-Magadhi, a "Prakrit" that was the lingua franca of the subcontinent at one time. However, while Konkani developed directly and has remained largely static, Marathi went through an intermediate phase, known as the Maharashtri language. The language as spoken in the time of Shivaji was Maharashtri and not Marathi. Marathi developed during the long and hard war against the Mughal Empire after the death of Shivaji and Sambaji, under the leadership of Tarabai, Rajaram and Ahilyabai, etc. and which eventually led to the foundation of the Maratha Confederacy and the rise of the Peshwas. Maharashtri works, especially the Bhakti abhangas, are officially taught in schools in Bombay, as a part of Marathi, although it is easily discernible that even Marathi speakers cannot understand Maharashtri texts.

  6. You contend that Fr. Thomas Stevens, S.J., called the language of Goa "Marathi". You are only twisting facts for your own convenience. The fact is that the early Portuguese were confused and did not know what to call the natives. There were Marathas all over the Konkan, in Goa, refugees from the sack of Deonagar and the collapse of its Yadava Empire (e.g., the "Pathare-Prabhus" in Bombay). There were also Kannadigas. The early Portuguese called the natives by a multiple of names, including Maratha and Canarese, which was due to their confusion. Yet, it is evident that Konkanis are neither Maratha nor Canarese. If you will argue on that basis, what will you make of the fact that the Portuguese called the language of the Goans the "lingua Canaresa" far too many more times than they called it the "Maratha tongue"? That confusion even troubled the English, who labeled the country of Tuluva as "Canara" — a name that still persists till this day: the two coastal districts of Karnataka, which belong, not to the Kannadigas but to the Tulus, are called North and South Canara in British maps and documents, and Uttara and Dakshina Kannada in maps and documents of the Indian Union. Therefore, your argument is nonsensical! (Whatever the name the early Portuguese gave to the native language of Goa, their Christian literature, such as Fr. Stevens’ "Christa-Paurana" was written in Konkani, and read in Konkani by the Goans!)
You are right that I have not anywhere described Shivaji as an imperialist. Unlike you, I am not a fool, for only a fool applies irresponsible labels to persons, who never deserved them. I have problems, certainly, with Shivaji, but they are not about any alleged "imperialism" on his part.

[The Goan problem with Shivaji is that while he represented the legitimate Hindu reaction against Islamic state terrorism, he never critically examined, and therefore rejected the institutional vileness of Hinduism itself, and therefore of Hindu state terrorism, incumbent upon the Caste System; that he harbored ill-feelings against Goa; that he persecuted Goa and Goans, that he and his son Sambaji invaded and attempted to perpetuate Genocide upon Goa; that both he and Sambaji martyred several Catholic priests, such as at the Fortress of St. Stephen, at Cor-Juem, who had the misfortune to fall into his evil hands; and that he vandalized numerous churches, especially in my native Bardez, etc. Shivaji’s terrorism, especially in my native Bardez, forced a large number of Goans to emigrate by sea to Mangalore, joining the older Goan colonists there.]

I have no reason to be afraid of Shivaji or anyone else, even of those who are his fanatics. In my pages I openly call Bal Thackeray, the Mafiosi-Godfather of the chief Marathi imperialist and colonialist party in Bombay, "Bollocks Thugraj" and I have pages that demonstrate that Gandhi and Nehru were hypocrites. Why then should I be afraid of Shivaji? Do you think that I believe he is God and that he will strike me in his wrath?

Shivaji’s great-grandfather was a Rajput who had escaped the Mughal takeover of the North. Shivaji belonged to a long tradition of Hindus fighting as Hindus against the onslaughts of the Muslims, and hoping to reverse them (Remember that he called the Kingdom he founded, the "Hindawi Swaraj", or "Hindu Free State", not the Maratha Kingdom!) Another of these persons was Pratapsinh, the Rana of Chittor who fought long and hard against the Mughal Emperor Giyasuddin-Akbar . Against the persecutions of the Muslims, Hindus from both Maharashtra and the Konkan rallied around Shivaji and actively participated in his endeavour. As a result of the Bhakti movement from about a century and a half before Shivaji, the Hindu scriptures came to be popularized in Maharashtri, even in the Konkan. Thus began a movement by which many Konkani Hindus began to assimilate to Maharashtri. This process was accelerated when the Konkani Chitpavan Brahmins, natives of the port-city of Srivardhan in the Konkan, were made the hereditary Peshwas by the 4th Maratha King, Shahu, Shivaji’s grandson, practically sidelining Shivaji’s own Bhonsale family.

It needs to be noted that while Shivaji’s campaign began as a Hindu, not specifically Maratha, program, it eventually came to be identified solely with the Marathas. Hindawi Swaraj degenerated into a de facto Maratha Samraj — the Maratha Empire! The Marathi converted Shivaji’s program of Hindu liberation into an opportunity to backstab the Konkani people and to colonize the Konkan, to set up a Marathi Empire! Ditto for Khandesh. Ditto for Vidarbha, which has lost entirely its own native character and has become thoroughly Marathi-ized! The Marathi were dreaming of colonizing Central India, when they collapsed before the English power.

If it were not for Portugal, Goa too would have been colonized by the Marathi, and been reduced to another pagan, Ghati backwater. Thank God for Portugal!

Not all Konkanis collaborated with Shivaji. The Mores of Rairi were an ancient royal family, descended from the Mauryan imperial dynasty. They stood against Shivaji’s encroachments against the Konkan, and paid with it by being made the victims of genocide at his hands. Another state that withstood him, was that of the Sawants of Sawantwadi, ironically, ruled by a branch of the same family, the Bhonsales, to which Shivaji belonged. It need not be stressed that Sawantwadi survived only due to its alliance with Portugal. If Sawantwadi had fallen, there would have been no Malvani Konkani today, just another Ghati backwater!

In Maharashtrian Konkan, the Konkani language began to be deeply corrupted by Marathi. The exception to some extent was the Kingdom of Sawantwadi, whose Kings traditionally relied on the Portuguese in order to avoid absorption into the Maratha Confederacy.

In the south of Goa, in Tuluva, the country of the Tulu-speakers, a large number of emigrants from Goa formed the nucleus of the Mangalorean Konkani community. However, they live among the Tulus and Kannadigas, and therefore absorbed from them. Moreover, this process was hastened when, during the Genocide inflicted by Tipu Sultan, most of the surviving Christian Konkani hid or were hidden and sheltered by the Hindus, and lived as Hindus in Hindu homes. They therefore absorbed many Hindu customs, and became more assimilated to the Tulu and Kannadiga languages.

If you had read my pages systematically, instead of merely one, you would have found that I identify the problem of Marathi imperialism as being mass-based among the Marathi, and not restricted to Bollocks Thugraj, his thugs, goons and boorish, uncultured hooligans. There is the Marathi journalist, Wagle, editor-publisher of the Mahanagar, famous for his personal opposition to Bollocks Thugraj, but himself an acerbic apologist for Marathi colonialism in the Konkan. Marathi imperialism is even supported by Marathi Communist leaders!

I repeat, among the Marathi, it is a given that the Marathi have a divine right to commit robbery of other people’s lands, such as the Konkan and the Khandesh, and it is advocated and defended not only by Bollocks Thugraj, but also by the Mumbai Pradesh Congress Samiti and the Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Samiti of the Indian National Congress Party (Indira faction), the two mainstream Communist factions (CPI-Moscow and CPI-Beijing), the Rashtrawadi Congress Party, the Peasants & Workers Party, the Bharatiya Janata Party, the Maratha Mahasangh, the Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party (which is a Quislingist party), etc., etc.

You have no personal experience of Goan Konkani, except your grand theories. Believe me, they are all bunkum. There are more than three Konkani dialects spoken in Goa. These are not only regional, but also, the Hindus and the Christians speak distinctly different dialects. The Hindus speak a Konkani which is heavily corrupted by Marathi, and often a Christian is not able to follow him. True Goan Konkani is NOT intelligible to a pure Marathi, and vice versa.

Take your categories:
  1. Literature: Your Marathi literature is intelligible only to the Marathis, so that it is meaningless to boast of a world-wide renown. We too have a deep and rich literature, and which is affiliated to a much larger social and geographical community, that of Latin Europe and Latin America. The reason it is not so prominent unlike Marathi literature is due to the war inflicted on us by India. Our language is banned and a false, Indianized version is imposed, along with the Marathi script, when the majority of Goan literature is in the Roman script. Since there is, at this moment, no official patronage, old Goan literary works lie rotting and neglected. That is not a condition that is guaranteed to exist forever.

  2. "Rajmanyata": The Goans fought and have it already. Hey, wake up chap! This is 2004! It is many years since the Indian Union has accorded "Rajmanyata" to (Indianized) Konkani, including it in its Constitution!

  3. Durbar Language: Your contention is false and a direct lie with no historical support whatsoever. If you have proof, furnish it. History records that the Durbar Language under the Hindu Kadambas was Kannadiga, nor Marathi (which also did not exist at that time). There is no available information on the Durbar languages of the courts of Rairi, etc., but given traditional conservatism, it is extremely doubtful that any native Konkani ruler would have adopted Maharashtri or Marathi as court language to the exclusion of Konkani! Under the Muslims it was Arabic, Turkic, Persian, etc. Therefore, it was NEVER Marathi or even Maharashtri! (For your information, like it or not, Shivaji’s durbar language was Persian, as used by the Courts of Bijapur, Ahmadnagar, Golconda and the Mughals. Even Shivaji’s typical dress is Islamic! It is only later that the Marathas changed that! The word "Peshwa" is a corruption of "Pasha"!)

  4. That many if not most of Marathi socio-cultural lights are from the Konkan: What are you attempting to prove? The greatness of Maharashtra, which depends on contributions from other ethnic peoples? Even Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosale, the Dempos, the Chowgules, etc., are Goans. They are Goan Hindus. Yet they pretend to be Marathi. They are certainly not descended from Marathi settlers in Goa. They are truly Konkani in origins. Yet they are traitors to Goa and to the Konkan, and glorify a foreign language and a people who are historically hostile to their motherland. In plain English, they are traitors. And, believe me, Konkani traitors can never be the "glory" of Maharashtra. If you Marathi depend on these people for your greatness, you only demonstrate the hollowness of your vaunted "greatness"!
"Konkani is an indivisible part of Maharashtra" Wow! You must be God to say that with finality! Greater powers than Maharashtra and India have pronounced greater claims, and have been crushed and have vanished into the dustbin of history.

All protestations by you or any Indian of friendship and regard for us are always hollow and will remain hollow so long as you do not acknowledge that Goa is not a part of political India, and that India is in criminal occupation of Goa, and is obliged to restore stolen goods and make reparations and restitutions. Excepting Rajaji of Madras, there has not been a single Indian with the morality and courage to denounce India’s unjustified aggressions and pretensions against Goa. If Goa belongs to India by some kind of natural right (which is a lie that I have more than amply demonstrated in several of my pages), then we Goans are not citizens of India, but India’s chattels, its trophies of war.

There is an English saying: "Let sleeping dogs lie!" You Indians have made a very big mistake by kicking us awake, awakening sleeping Portugal and Goa. Eventually, you will pay dearly for this mistake, for this foolishness!

We lived in peace, amongst ourselves, and we coveted nothing of others. We had no ill feelings to others. We did not raise any talk of redeeming the Konkan, displacing the Marathi who have settled and made it their home. Yet, without provocation, purely out of pride, arrogance and spite, you have inflicted yourself upon us. Now we will inflict ourselves on you. We will redeem the entire Konkan and we will not rest until it is fully redeemed. We are at war, and there are no rules. There are no restraints. We will strike wherever we choose. This is a war that you cannot and will not win! In this war, we have nothing to lose, and you have nothing to gain!

You are right when you say that I have not described Shivaji as an imperialist. In a manner, I admire him, and will emulate him. This time, it is you who will be the victim. We Goans, too, have taken an oath, just as Shivaji did at Rairi: We will not rest until we secure unto ourselves complete and entire justice, and have thoroughly avenged ourselves upon the Marathi and upon India:
Hindoostan jhooton ka immarat hai, jo gamand se kah rah hai ki hum swarg tak paunchenge.

Par yeh Goa sachai ka aag hai, jo is jhooton ka immarat ko jalake
RAAKH banadega!

Ghatiyon jaise ham gamandse nahin bhol rahe hain, par Masiha, jo jhoot aur annyay se sakht nafrat karta hai, unka vishwas aur takat par yeh asvasan de rahe hain!
Viva Goa! Viva Portugal! Delenda Maharashtra! Delenda India!

Lúcio Mascarenhas
P.S.: Please note that my name is not "Prakash" but Lúcio
Subject: Maharashtra — Konkan Dispute
From: "kunal khairnar" <[email protected]>
To: "André de Souza" <[email protected]>
CC: [email protected]
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 23:18:27 +0000 (GMT)

Hi Andre,

Thanks for replying. Actually I was eager to take the intellectual discussion forward.I want to go as near the truth as possible....

There is a famous saying that "language changes every ten miles" and indeed it is true. Now that may be the root cause of the problem. Even you will agree that the konkani spoken in Thane would be diff. from that spoken in raigad, ratnagiri and malwan and finally Goa , karwar and mangalore....

As per my understanding and since I have been upto malwan and goa, I find that although not a konkani, I can very easily follow and even make an attempt to spaek malwani.In fact I enjoyed it.But I have heard mangalorean konkani and I able to understand only about 20%.Now the reason is obvious.Mangalore is further down south, farther than maharashtra.But since konkani upto goa can be understood by an average maharashtrian by me and I believe an average konkani person (even from goa) would definitely understand marathi.I believe most of the goans wouls actuazlly identify themselves as marathis(bcos there is no reason not to believe)

Comin back to your point, I accept that konkani may not be a dialect of marathi.(The question of marathi being a dialect of hindi does not arise at all).It is also possible that is actually older than marathi.In fact let me go to the extreme and say that marathi is a dialect of konkani....

The point I am trying to make is that it hardly matters which is a dialect of whom.What matters more for a language are: Thus my question is "why these ppl wrote in marathi when they could have done it in konkani"

What I feel is that konkani may not be dialect of marathi as such but due to it's level of similarity and inter-intellegibilty, and the fact that in the latter part of history, since marathi became a dominant language because of the royal acceptance as well as the literature, konkani can be deemed to be it's dialect, but that does not make konkani inferior to marathi by any means.

Moreover, konkan is just about 1/7 th part of maharshtra and is and indivisible part of maharastra...........Thus language spoken by the majority would be deemed as the official one and hence konkani automatically becomes a dialect........

Now Shivaji maharaj united the marathi speking pppl under one rule.The only part which he left was goa which was rulesd by portuguese.Now, it is only bcos of this portuguese influence that there is still a section of ppl who think that goa and konkan is different from mh.

Now the obvous reason is religion and nothing else.Since goa has a large christian population, ppl in goa wanted a different identity.Now there could be 2 reasons. I personally belive an avrage goan hindu would feel proud of being konkani as well as marathi.After all mh was the only state which has had a politicla existence since the last 300 years.It's a matter of pride to be a marathi.............(just as it is to be a konkani)

What is surprising to me is that when i say that konkani is a dialect of marathi what i actually mean is that I am a brother to every konkani just as I am to a fellow maharstrian.It is a sign of brotherhood, but corrupt religious fanatics treat it as a demeaning statement and try to conjure animosity which actually does not exist.

To me every konkani is a brethren, whether hindu or christian

André de Souza wrote:


I read with interest your email to Prakash Mascarenhas, and I'd just like to add that it is not true that Konkani is a dialect of marathi, any more than marathi is a dialect of Hindi. It is also not true that people who do not believe that Goa and maharashtra are at all alike are pro-Portuguese or pro-British. Indeed, I see myself as being Goan, and I treat India on par with Portugal or Britain: I bear no love for any of the three.

>> Under the Portuguese, the official language was Portuguese. What sense doe sthis point make?

Goa is NOT a part of Maharashtra, and I hope to never see the day that it is. And quite frankly, the hero-worship of Shivaji strikes me as demented.

>>The reason is you only want to propagate your religion by diving konkan from maharashtra simply beacuase it has ? higher percentage of christians...

Have you been to Goa? Have you noticed any difference between Goa and Maharashtra? Other than the "higher percentage of Christians"?

I am not motivated enough to answer the bilge this "Kunal Khairnar" sent me:
From: "kunal khairnar"
To: [email protected]
Subject: Maharashtra —fact sheet
Fri, 12 Nov 2004 17:47:11 +0000 (GMT)


let me make it very clear..I am not a shiv sainik

U do not know me, but i thought i would alos share my views and comments on your article on GOA — fact sheet........

Sorry to say sir, but, It seems sir that apart from bein a christian fundamentalist and an avid Kokani propagists, you are also an extremely frustrated indivisual suffering from severe identity crisis and infinite insecurity.

I am not a Hindu fundamentalist and respect all religions equally.In fact I have studied in a missionary school ..............

Coming bck to the Maharashtrian-Kokani controversy.....

Every language is beautiful sir...."A person who loves his own language can never hate any other language" says a Marathi poet (born and brought up in KONKAN AND HENCE A KONKANI MARATHI poet)

I understand your love for your language and your country— Konkan...No wonder both the region and the language are worth laying your life for...

I myself would love to be there and learn your language.

But you are unfortunately missing out the bigger picture.Every language has it's dialects....In fact a true language can never exist without dialects....There are many dialects to marathi such as ahirani, kokani etc...Doesnt mean that any of them is corrupt or inferior ...all are equally important as they are manifestations of the language in the day to day lives of common ppl.

For your kind information, even in konkan, during the rule of hindu kings, it has always been Marathi which was the official language of the state whereas ppl spore in konkani at home.

Even as far as literature is concerned authors such as Ballshastri jambhekar and chiplunkar wrote in marathi though they were kokani.

Even father stephens wrote his "christpuran" (translation of the bible in marathi)in marathi and in the preface he actually sings odes of the marathi language before pens the preachings of the prophet.................

The same father stephens also wrote the grammar of the konkani language by the name "marathi konkani".This itself shows that konkani is apart ,rather an integral and an important one of the marathi language..

And there is nothing to feel inferior about.Because Marathi is after all the language of great saints like dnyaneshwar, tukaram and Ramdas, who are the cornerstones of the marathi cultural life...In fact ramdas belonged to konkan.

And above all, the great SHIVAJI MAHARAJ who you call an "imperialist" (although u dont have the guts to say so directly) lives in the hearts of millions of maharashtrisans (when i say maharashtra it includes konkan), fought all his life in the heart of Sahadryis, ruled his kingdom from konkan and built a strong navy by the western coast...something unheard of hitherto.

All the above factors have lead to the integration of the konkanis with Mharashtra...rather there was no divide at all.......Till the portuguese came into the picture.

Most of the marathi illuminaries in all walks of life belonged to konkan , the most beautiful part of maharashtra which has given birth to an unending list of sons and daughters who have made the entire human race proud...........Lokmanya tilak, savarkar, sane guruji, iravati karve, ds karve, ambedkar.............the list goes on an on...

These peple never considered them distinct from maharashtra

It is ppl who are fundamentalists, who engineer these disparities to divide humanity........

The great leaders who have given identity and ideals to the konkani society, you call them imperialists.That itself shows that ur endevour itself is a self defeating one.............


goa was separated from mh, because it was ruled by the portuguese and hence the ppl there developed different political loyalties.Hving said that, it is equally true that every goan has the same love respect and admiration for the great king as any other maharashtrian..........

In fact we have always seen konkani as our brethren whether hindu or christian.After all we ae all countrymen ——we are all maharshtrian...

But ppl like u who have loyalties towards outsiders like portugures and even britishers who mercilessly exploited India, divided it for their their selfish commersial gains.You are such low level species that u find friends in those ppl and foes in the maharashtrians who belong to the same race as you do.

The reason is you only want to propagate your religion by diving konkan from maharashtra simply beacuase it has higher percentage of christians..

But you can never succeed, Maharashtra is one since the time of shivaji and it will continue to remain so.................

Jai konkan
jai maharashtra
Ji shivaji

"Forgive Lord Jesus, this poor chap prakash, he does not know what he is doing..............."

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