Half-Breed Yapping: Domingo Xetty

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Date: 7 Jan 2004 14:02:38 -0000
From: Dominic Arun Shetty
To: [email protected]

Dear Senhor Prakash Joao Mascarenhas

I stumbled across a webpage http://www.goancauses.com/AwakeGoa.htm and want to make the following points

1) How come all or most of of Goan people are unaware about the so called "invasion, occupation and annexation of Portuguese India by the Indian Union" and are snoring while only a few (would love to know if at all there are more like you) like you remember it?? Either most of the Goan people are dumb or you are too intelligent/emotional/crazy to spin yarns like this.

2)You are saying "with the active, direct and material aid and assistance of the most influential institution amongst us, the New Catholic Church, and put us to sleep, so that it could rob us of our country, enslave us and make us foreigners in our own homeland"

You are directly alleging the catholic church are you. Then as per your views on inquisition you are fit to treated as a heretic arent you?

Which homeland are you talking about? If its about Goa go through your history books again. I am a Goan and Goa is my homeland today. Yet Goa was inhabited since thousands of years ago isnt it their homeland too. Portuguese were here for what 500 years,but then there have been both Moslems and Hindus living here long bfeore Christ and Da Gama's arrival or Albuquerue's capture of Goa

3) "Estado da India Portuguesa" whats that ? I mean even during PM Vajpayee's 2000 Portugal visit Mr. Antonio Guterres did not have anything on his agenda Sadly Portuguese must have forgotten about Estado da India Portuguesa. Has the mantle of portuguese representation changed to Mr P. J. Mascarenhas? I hope that PJM does not do anything to cancel the extradition of Abu Salem and Monica Bedi. Nuremberg trials thats a good PJ from PJM

4)"The vast majority of the citizens of the Estado da India Portuguesa are not non-resident" On those grounds most of the Portuguese parented children after 1500,s are non resident arent they (assuming 1500's saw the arrival of Portuguese) As Goa was always inhabited by Saraswaths and Kunbis and Moslems

5)""It is time to awake. It is time to awake and cry a stop, to tell off these criminals that enough is enough, that our country is not a part of the Indian Union and that in our country, the Indian Union is just as much an invader and an interloper as Pakistan is in 'Azad Kashmir'! ""

Who is going to do the same. I am sure you would not mind heading the noble cause against the barbarians Us sane fellow Goans. for a moment if i accept your logic comparing Azad Kashmir to Goa at least the Poor devils there up north are trying to break free fron Pakistan and India though its a losing battle (despite thosuands of lives lost) they are doing something worthwhile. What are you doing? What can you do? but for writing senile peices which makes as much sense as your Portuguese to a konakani. Time to wake u brother. India has always blended with the many religions and cultures whenever the need arose so it has done, to some extent with Portuguese. Can you imagine writing such a peice in say former USSR or China?? Theyd have roasted u alive People like you do this kind of things because they are sure that the system wont get them so say anything under the sun and walk away. Dont even think about freedom/right of _expression thats for Indians not for citizens Estado da India Portuguesa

6) "New Catholic Church wants to build a new society" Thats the most honorable sensible thing to do today when more than 55% of India's population is below 25 years of age. Why do you want to impose Catholic Pope Michael the First. Do you think today the generation next is bothered with extra baggage of religion (either Hindu Islam or Christianity) n ethos as long as they can live comfortably.

7) "I make no apologies for mixing Religion and Politics. The truth is indivisible, and God is the source of all truth. Religious truth is the first and highest truth, and all other truths are subordinate to it. Our salvation always come first, and patriotism must be subordinated to it. But just as we are obliged to be faithful to God, according to the First Commandment, we are also obliged to be patriotic. We must fight for the honour and liberty of our country, for justice and for truth"

Righto so do something other than cooking up such stories. Can i expect to see PJM take up arms for salvation if not patriotism. Or is it that all you can do is spin old house wives tales. I am sure you will come up against real patriotism if you try to fight for "the liberation of your country from the Indian union" In case you want to know about real patriotism do something ol man

8)"And the truth is that our Country, the Estado da India Portuguesa never legally or freely joined the Indian Union, that the Indian Union invaded our country without just cause and pretendedly incorporated it without our free and informed consent, or any consent at all, merely trusting in its conquistadorism. And this we must reject, entirely and completely"

Glad to know that terms like conquistadorism can be applied to folks other than Pizzarro and his ruthless mass murderers who in the name of Merciful Christ committed the greatest n fastest man slaughter of all ages of course all with the Church's blessings

9) ""Therefore, I ask of you, I beg of you, awaken! Awake, for we are under threat, our very survival as a people is at stake. If we must survive, we must fight for our rights. We must proclaim from the rooftops that the actions of 18th & 19th December 1961 (and of 1954, in Dadra & Nagar-Avelim) are illegal, null, void, and criminal, and that these actions must be reversed! ""

Its you who needs to be woken up from the slumber and face 2004 as a sane fellow

All the best you need all the luck in the universe if u want to succeed. Hope to see action soon instead of mindless howling barking and braying. Of course if you need more information or would like to discuss one to one please send by mail your residential or office address and i shall be glad to follow it up. Currently i am in Singapore and would be back to India on 19th of jan maybe we can have a rendezvous in Titos at Baga Calangutte!! and discuss things. If you are really eager to meet me please say so and i will send my address so that you can visit my home in the next few weeks, only trouble is my father is a veteran navy man and doesnt take kindly to anti indian talk. Maybe i cansend him on a vacation. Last but not least dont try to hide behind a facade of tough talk, id really like to met you because i havent met the likes of Pizzaro, Cortez etc and by the way you write definetely can form a picture of those mother^&*(^%[email protected][email protected]! if,i meet you.

Salutations and Regards

Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2004 14:38:00 +0000 (GMT)
From: Lucio Mascarenhas
To: Dominic Arun Shetty
Subject: Goodbye Half-Breed!

"Dominic" "Shetty"

Obviously, you are a half-breed, an hybrid between pagan and Christian. Whatever. I have no time for your nonsense, for your profound ignorant rantings. When you grow up intellectually, please do write again. I always delight in dueling with those who have brains, not with street dogs.

You are hereby banned until you grow up.

Lucio Mascarenhas, formerly "Prakash"


The surname "Shetty" or "Xetty" is found to belong only to a Hindu sect in the region of Tuluva-Haiva, immediately south of Goa, around the temple-town of Udipi. The Shettys are famous for having taken over the restaurant and catering business in Bombay, to the exclusion of practically all other ethnic groups. There are no Xettys native to Goa. There are, all over India, many Xettys who have married women who were nominally Christian, but who are so forgetful of their faith, in these degenerate days, as to marry un-reformed pagans. Some of these Xettys have nominally become "Christian". It seems that this Domingo Xetty is the result of one such unholy unions...

I do not believe that I need to comment on the baseness of his intellectual level. That should be obvious to the reader.

I have the shrewd suspicion that this half-breed was motivated by a Chetak Baliga, an Indianist fanatic who had previously attempted mischief against me. My guess is that this half-breed is a disciple of Baliga. Additionally, both Baliga and Xetty both hail from the same Tuluva-Haiva region...

Lucio Mascarenhas
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