The Crusades: Islam Wronged?

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To: "The Indian Express" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 11:58:20 +0100 (BST)

'The Sunday Story' (Jang Parivar, sub-article Their Grouse, September 16, 2001) by Anupreeta Das, says: "The West has a problem with Islam. Islam has a problem with the West. Medieval history witnessed it when an imperialist Christian world attacked Islam, still young and innocent."

I wish to protest at this gross hypocrisy and malicious distortion of facts which is apparently intended to defame and slander Christianity.

It is a historical fact that Islam began as an overtly militant and aggressive cult in its fundamental and inherent nature of being & remains so. It was Islam that attacked, without any provocation whatsoever, its Christian neighbours, overran their lands and committed genocide and enslaved the remainder.

Let me list the Christian lands and peoples that Islam encroached upon: Roman Arabia, Arabia Felix, Israel (Philistia), Jordan, Iraq (Chaldea, Assyria and Hadiabene), Syria (Aram), Lebanon (Phoenicia), Turkey (Bythinia, Cappadocia, Cilicia, Galatia, Caria, Pontus, etc.), Thrace, Egypt (the Copts), Sudan (Nubia and Axum), Libya (Lybia, Cyrenaica and Tripolitania), Tunisia (Roman Africa Nova et Vetera & Carthage), Algeria (Roman Africa, Numidia & Gætulia), Morocco(Roman Mauretania), Spain (Roman Iberia), Portugal (Lusitania), South France ("The Muslims were at last defeated by Charles Martel at Tours, in 732, just one hundred years from the death of Mohammed"), Southern Italy (Sicilia & Neapolitania), Malta (Melita), Armenia (Hayastan), Georgia, Azerbaijan (Roman Albania, not modern Albania which was Roman Illyrica), etc.

The many nations of Iran were Zorastrian, together with the Kurds, Sogdians (Tadjiks) and the peoples of Ariana. Some Zorastrians escaped the Islamic Conquest and Genocide to India, becoming the Parsees. Today, even the fanatically Muslim Iranians look back with horror and loathing on, and denounce that original Conquest and Genocide as the grossest barbarism (Naqba).

The Turks, as the many Indophile nations of Central Asia and West India (Pakistan & Afghanistan), were Budhists and Hindus. Again, we have that same story of unprovoked aggression, imperialism, colonialism, barbarism. The Turks were forced to become Muslim, and then went on to perpetrate those same misanthropies on others.

All these lands were subject to Islamic Imperialism, Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing, Colonialism and Demographic Re-Engineering in order to create Islamic majorities.

The Islamic Conquests — really a Naqba (Catastrophe), if there was ever one, began with the foundation of Islam in the sixth century. On the contrary, the Crusades began only in the eleventh century, under Pope Urban II (Otto von Lagery), who, at Clermont, France, in November, 1095 inaugurated it, proclaiming it 'God's Will.'

The Crusades, were thus, chronologically latter to the Islamic Aggressions and in response to them, and specifically to immediate and gross provocations.

The immediate provocation for the first crusade was the Islamic mistreatment of Christian pilgrims to Israel — to Jerusalem and the sites connected to Lord Jesus Christ, together with attempts to deny Christians access to these sites.

Christian imperialism vs. an Islam young and innocent? An innocence earned by and spent in the wanton and unprovoked spilling of the blood of millions of Christians, Zorastrians, Hindus and Buddhists, in their enslavement and dehumanisation? Young Islam: Four or five centuries of an Islamic youth spent in mayhem and rapine, in the grossest barbarism against unprovoking victims?

Tell me another fairy tale!

The West has a problem with Islam? Rather Islam has a problem with the West, India, everybody! Does Anupreeta Das remember the Hindu Kush mountains: a range so seeped with the blood of millions of enslaved, raped and murdered Hindus that the Muslims have renamed what was the Uparisena Mountains by that lovely and pacific name "Hindu Kush" or the Killing of the Hindus? So, it was only the Christians who had a problem with the Muslims?

I would advice Anupreeta Das to look up history books and not invent history — or rather fairy tales. I am also disappointed that such a foolish gaffe was not detected by the editorial staff of the Indian Express.

Lúcio Mascarenhas (formerly "Prakash"), Bombay, India.
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This letter was written to the hypocrites of the Indian Express who thought to appease Islamofascism by "sacrificing" the pacific Christians. Like the cowards that they are, they did not publish this letter. Not a surprise.

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