Dominus Iesus: Ratbag's Heresies

"A Wolf in every Sheepfold — and every sheep gone rabid"The Modernist New Deal

©Lúcio Mascarenhas. January 6, 2001. Revised: March 1, 2003; April 22, 2005.
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This article is dedicated to His Holiness Pope Michael, and to the Triumph of Holy Mother Church, presently suffering her Passion under the Great Modernist Apostasy, perpetrated by the Modernist klepts Roncalli, Montini, Luciani, Wojtyla and Ratzinger.
  1. Antipopes Wojtyla & Ratzinger: Dominus Iesus
  2. Basic Christianity OR Where I Stand
  3. The "Ecumenist" & Branch Heresies
  4. Has Wojtyla's Church fallen away?
  5. A Refutation of Fr. Bento de Sousa


"DOMINUS IESUS", is the Latin for "Lord Jesus" and is the name of a document released recently by the Anti-Vatican, available with the St Paul's Press, Bandra & Examiner Press Bookshop in Bombay.

The principal author of the document, and who is given much of the credit and blame, is Joseph Ratzinger, the German Ratbag, who now pretends to be "Pope Benedict XVI", effectively the 5th Modernist heresiarch. It is largely on the basis of this document, that Ratbag is masquerading and is being touted as a "traditionalist" and as a "conservative"!

"DOMINUS IESUS" is an extra-ordinary document, in that it seems to change the course that the Fake Catholic Church has been following since Angelo Roncalli’s Reformation which commenced in late October 1958 and which was consecrated by the Robber Council (Latrocinium) called the "Vatican II Council". As such it has raised the hackles of many of the pioneers of the Roncallist Reformation. But while it re-states many Catholic doctrines, does it go far enough to return to Catholicism? The answer — which is not really a surprise to the Catholics, given their experiences in the Anti-Roncallist, anti-Modernist Counter-Reformation — is NO!


As a humble layman, this work is my effort to combat the lies this document contains, and re-state the Catholic Truth absolutely.

Part I — The Economy of Salvation & The Concert of Grace

God created man freely, not out of any need or want, destining him to share in the joy and happiness of the Triune Community of the Godhead. But man, in his first parents, sinned and so became anathema (accursed) to God in His justice. Yet man's sin was not of such grave a nature as of the fallen Angels, so that God, in His Love, made provisions for the Redemption of man.

This work of Redemption was accomplished as prophesized and promised, by the Incarnation, Jesus Christ, and all men receive their Salvation only in Him — as a consequence of His Redemptive Passion, Death and Resurrection.

Now Grace is a free gift of God, and it is God who pursues every living man (man, woman & child) seeking his conversion. Therefore, His Grace is to be understood as not only as free, but also as universally proffered. God constantly works on man in order to get him to turn to Him. When the soul co-operates, she becomes a participant in the Concert of Grace, the interplay of Divine Grace — the principal and initiatory element, and the Obedient Soul. This phenomenon is universal in time and space, for it includes in its scope men of all Lands and of all ages — whether before Christ or since Him.

The Concert of Grace aims to lead the soul through the necessary steps of first seeking out God, man's need of knowing Him, His Will, provoked and assisted by the Universal Witnesses of Nature, whether this witness is from inanimate things or the living beings of lower orders or even the Advertent and Inadvertent Witnesses of men, leading out further to the need of discovering the Son of God, His Incarnation and Mission, and His Church — His House and Family, finally ending in the Beatific Vision.

At every step along the way, as the Soul is gradually drawn out by God in His courtship dance — the Concert of Grace, the Soul can withdraw or cease to co-operate, averting from God. Usually, a soul will then remain in this partial stage, not progressing, but perhaps gradually regressing into more falsehoods — grotesqueness. More often, however, the soul then travels in self-made paths and leads others after it, claiming this way to be the, or at least, a true way to attain that final end, the inclination to which is etched in every soul.

But this is not the only or even principal manner in which most of the world's religions began. Many of these are outright fabrications by charlatans. Others however began as schisms from the true faith. But, even where the particular persons who led the Church at those particular moments in Church history were bad, there was and is still no justification for separating oneself from the House of God.

As God tells us through Saint Paul in his epistle to the Romans, every man is confronted with the witnesses of God, so that they have no excuse for not knowing Him. If, inspite of these witnesses, man continues in his indifference towards the truth, he is culpable. Again, however, the exact degree of culpability and even whether there IS culpability, is known only to God. Christianity makes provision for this, separating Invincible Ignorance from Vincible Ignorance — and the external forum, where the Church can judge, and where man can judge his neighbor to be good or bad and therefore avoidable, from the internal forum, where only God can judge.

Now God has time and again and most emphatically rejected each and every of these man-made ways, or 'religions', as unlawful and unacceptable in His eyes, that we cannot but, in complete faithfulness to Him, join in rejecting and anathematizing each and every of these false, man-made religions as criminal and evil; and any voluntary participation in their rites and liturgies are strictly forbidden as a grave sin. This is, unequivocally, Divine Law, and admitting of no dispensations.

Nevertheless, merely because a soul has not advanced so far as to recognize that the religion in which it is presently participating is not of God and accursed by Him, does not mean that God does not work with that soul in the Concert of Grace, progressing, if that soul will progress, outside that falsehood to the recognition of that falsehood and progressing to the truth, which is Jesus Christ and His Church under the true Pope.

Now, if a man, in this Concert of Grace should die, before he has progressed sufficiently to go outside the heresy he last professed, or be formally admitted into the true Church, he will still be saved, for his disposition was to good and therefore, he receives, as the Church, in its Head, Jesus Christ, supplies him, the Baptism of Desire. Yet he is saved, not because of his false religion, or through it, but despite it, and only and merely because of his good disposition.

Elements of Truths Embedded in Heresies

Further, it is a certainly that every heresy is based on partial truths which are used to build the entire edifice of falsehood. Nevertheless, the truths in these heresies do not redeem them but condemn them, for they are part and parcel of the Economy of Falsehood which constitutes the ideology of that heresy.

No falsehood can stand by itself, pure and unadulterated by truth; every system of falsehood must incorporate some truths in order to be able to stand and to go forth on four legs before the eyes of men.

Just as every sin is a cooperation in the rebellion of Satan and his fellow rebel-angels, so, every heresy, which is a specie of sin, is also a cooperation in Satan's rebellion. And therefore, it follows, that every system of heresy, every false belief-system, is a system that is part of the Economy of Damnation, part of Satan's grand plot to bring mankind, individually and collectively, to hell.

This is true of Bonism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Shintoism, Vodunism, and other paganisms; of the contemporary form of Judaism, which is built on the rejection of the Messias; of Islam; so also with all the false forms, or counterfeits, of Christianity — Nestorianism, Jacobitism or Monophysitism or Henophysitism, the Byzantine or Photian or Caerularian Schism, the myriad-form Protestantism, including Waldensianism, Anglicanism or Episcopalianism, Unitarianism and Universalism, also Jansenism, Dollingerism ("Old Catholics"), Mariavitism, and lastly, Roman Modernism — the sect founded by Roncalli, etc.

Therefore, the truths embedded into the system of falsehood do not redeem them, nor are they seeds implanted by God that will lead men to salvation, but are part of the very system of falsehood, of the road to sure damnation.

One Savior... Or Many?

We go to No. 14 of Dominus Iesus:
"...the unique mediation of the Redeemer does not exclude, but rather gives rise to a manifold co-operation which is but a participation in this one source"
It is certainly possible to understand such a teaching in the Christian sense, but it cannot by any stretch of imagination mean what the New Church attempts to force it to say — and what Ratzinger forces it to say in "Dominus Iesus" — which is that the various purported saviors of the various man-made religions perhaps participate in the unique mediation of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Such a teaching or thesis is blasphemous in that it goes boldly beyond the Sense of the Faith into certain heresy.

The TRUE Catholic Church is Absolutely Identical to Christ's Church

In opposition to No 16, where the New Church says that it subsists in that Church founded by our Lord, with the various other sects participating, though imperfectly, being supplied by itself, I say that there is absolute and entire identity of the true Catholic Church with that Church which our Lord founded some two millennia back, and that it alone, and it alone, is that Church; excluding every other self-styled and purported body of Christians refusing obedience and submission as being cut off or in schism and just as unlawful as the pagan bodies. And these schismatic sects are cut-off branches, not having an organic link with the Church of Christ.

Illegitimacy of All Sects & Status of Non-Believers

In opposition to what the New Church teaches in No. 17, I say that the various sects even those which preserve valid orders and the Eucharist, are NOT true or particular churches, or even churches at all.

Further, I say that when a person is validly baptized and is ignorant of the heresy of the body in which he has been initiated, he is thereby constituted a Catholic. But on attaining awareness of the facts, if he assents to & participates in the Crime which that sect is guilty of, he thereby ceases to be a Christian and becomes a heretic.

Further, I say, that the sects have no part in the Economy of Salvation nor does the Holy Spirit or God use them as means of salvation.

They do not participate in the life of the Church in any manner of speaking and She (Holy Mother Church) does not supply them in any way.

Part II — What is the Purpose of "Dominus Iesus"?

Modernist Smokescreen

The New Church's official ideology is the Modernist heresy — Evolutionism. It does not believe in God in the Christian sense, but in the New Age sense — as a force, in a sense similar to the Hindu ideology of the Parmatman & Jeevatmas. Nevertheless, Modernism is not monolithic, but comprises of various schools of thought. The School to which Charles Wojtyla belongs is Roman Particularism. It seeks a special and pre-eminent place for its perverted version of Catholicism. At the same time, the Roman Modernist sect has to hide its true face and indulge in subtle seduction from Catholicism. This involves the need to pseudo-Catholic posturing.

The New Church must necessarily give expression to its new ideology, replacing the Catholic expressions, but at the same time, it has to proceed slowly and carefully so as not to alarm and antagonize the very large number of people that are its dupes, or risk seeing them awaken to its deception and their pervertion from Catholicism, and return to it.

Roman Particularism is actually a semi-Modernism. Unlike true Modernism, which is indifferent to the various religious systems, seeking only to unify them and forge a further humanistic progressive evolution of mankind, Roman Particularism seeks to ensure a special place for the ‘Roman Catholic’ tradition, i.e., for Rome and the Papacy, desiring to use it as the focus and rallying point for all religions.

Balaam's Gospel or Christ's?

Let us come to the nub of the issue. We are Christians, and we have the Bible as our scripture. We all know the First Commandment. But it is not only this, but the entire Bible which is animated by the spirit of God's rejection of other religions and gods. Now, if we are compelled thereby to reject Baal, Moloch, Chemosh, etc, how can we accept the 'gods' of contemporary paganism? If we can accept these — such as Ganpati, Rama, Krishna, Bajrangbali, etc. as legitimate, how can we reject Baal, Chemosh & Moloch?

Christianity unequivocally rejects every other religion and god as false and criminal, strictly forbidden. And it is precisely this which the New Church defies and distorts, when it joins in worshipping these false gods.

The Bible, as the word of God, tolerates no compromise with the false gods. Either you reject them all or you are rejected by God.


The Great Modernist Schism

It is commonly said that the 'Roman Catholic Church' is the largest 'Christian' church.

Nevertheless, it is in an acute crisis, with a steady exodus of large numbers to Protestantism, and even more abandoning Christianity altogether. Why is this happening?

In this church, as it is today, there are four distinct groups. These are, in reducing sizes: the Habituals, the Modernists, the Pentecostals or Charismatics and the Traditionalists or Conservatives. These last are really numerically irrelevant.

In 1958, the Modernists, following the death of Pope Pius 12, finally succeeded in inveigling themselves into the highest office — the Papacy. From there, their representative, Roncalli, pioneered the transformation of the church from Catholicism to Modernism.

The Basic Belief of the Modernists

The Modernists hold radically anti-Christian viewpoints. They fundamentally do not believe in a transcendent God, a God who created freely and by Himself. Flowing from this rejection of basic Christianity, they proceed to a denial of the Messias, insofar as Christianity understands the Messias.

The Modernists, instead, believe in the evolution of man, not only physically, but also in his spirit. They further believe that the sum of human spirits, of the living and the dead, constitutes the Godhead. Some Modernists add the 'spirits' of other beings — animals, etc.

They therefore understand the Messias as purely an evolutionary phenomenon, a kind of Prometheus.

The Pretended Christian Profession of the Modernists

However, while the Modernists have a single basic ideology, they do not constitute a monolithic body, but as with every school of thought, they are divided by subtle distinctions of factions — principally, the Particularists or Gradualists, such as "John-Paul 2" and the Generalists or Rapidists, such as Hans Kung.

The Particularists tend to a pragmatic Gradualism, while the Generalists seek a Rapid Transformation.

The Generalists and Rapidists, therefore, seek a swift transformation of the church to libertinism, seeking free sex, homosexuality, women priests, social revolutions, and the quick unification of mankind into one state and religion.

The Particularists want this too, but given that a Rapid approach to transforming the hijacked church from Catholicism to Modernism would alarm, alienate and awaken the duped flock to the heresy subscribed to by their wolf-pastors in sheep's' clothing, they choose to tread a careful, gradualist path. Nevertheless, this is only a pretence, and there is little truly separating the two sides.

The Charismatic Renewal

The Gradualists work at seducing and indoctrinating their dupes into their foul madness carefully, but even so, the changes they introduced have alienated and deprived so many, that not finding Christ preached in their sect and being utterly ignorant of the true Catholic faith, they have begun to flow out into the classic protestant sects.

In order to stem this flow, the Modernists have allowed a radically literalist protestant sect, the Pentecostals, to enter their hijacked flock and divert the exodus to this new "Roman Pentecostalism" or the "Charismatic Renewal." Again, however, it is strictly controlled by the Modernists, who provide most of its leaders and its initiates, like other students of theology under the Modernists, are gradually indoctrinated into their foul and godless heresy.

If we must be saved, we must abandon this sect and these robbers of souls, and return to the true Catholicism of all times, confident and triumphant; we must return to the God of Abraham, Jesus Christ our Lord.
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