Hijdoponn Bond!
Concan Focot Concancaranc!

©P.J. Mascarenhas, Bombay. Monday, 1st December 2003.

The intent of this article is to state the truth, even though it is unpalatable. There is no intention to personally offend, either Jerry Pinto or Ashlesha Athavale.
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Perhaps, banging his head against a wall will do Jerry Pinto good. Perhaps he will realize the immorality and futility of wearing bangles and of submitting to pretenders and interlopers, of being effeminate; in sum, of Hijdoponn. Perhaps he will wake up and realize the facts and the nature of the situation we, the Concancaram, are facing — in all of the Concan, not just Bombay or Goa!

Then, perhaps, he will cease to be apologetic. Then, perhaps, he will cease to be brainlessly, thoughlessly repeating the lies and mythologies induced into us by the Indianists and the Marathi and Gujarati colonialists and imperialists in the Concani homeland, in the Concan!

It may be news to him, but in Bombay (WHICH IS NOT Mumbai! Never!) it was not some mythical "Koli" who were the majority and the native, but we, the Concancaram. The Koli and the Kunbi of the Concan were always integrally Concannim, just as the Kolis and Kunbis in Gujarat and Maharashtra Desh have been always integrally Gujarati and Marathi! There is no separate Koli ethnicity... no more than there is a separate Yadava or Brahmin or Jat etc. ethnicity. The Kolis of the Concan have always been Concannim Koli — though the Hindu Concannim Koli have now largely assimilated into the Marathi colonial community.

And though about 6 centuries or so, a small group of Marathi refugees from the Tughlak sack of Deonagar immigrated into our Concan, they were never a majority. The bulk of the Marathi immigrated in the last 150 years.

And despite everything, the Marathi have never ever been in a majority in Bombay. It has always been the Concannim!

Yes, though it may sound unreal and fantastic, it is true!

The Concannim, who are more than just merely the Goemcars, have always been the majority of the population of Bombay, never the Marathi!

But because the Concannim are split over religion and are largely not mobilized as an ethnic group, the Hindu Concannim largely pretend to be Marathi, the Muslim Concannim pretend to be Urdu speakers, while the Christian Concannim largely thoughtlessly seek to be assimilated into Anglophony!

It is this division that permits the outsider Marathi to rule us, to rob us and to deny us our rights in our own country!

We, the Concannim, must unite in order to preserve ourselves as a people or risk being eliminated entirely from human history.

And we cannot stand up to the Ghanti terrorists of the Shiv Sena by being "liberalist" hijde, effeminates sporting bangles! We have to fight for our rights!

In the face of these shameless robbers as the Marathi colonists such as Bal Thackeray and Nitin Wagle and others, we too must fight - fight to reclaim our rights and our territory!

The Indian Constitution is irrelevant. The grand dream and project of fabricating a new nation of "Indians" out of the common subjects of England in the East Indies was based on falsehoods and immoralities. It is not of relevance to us, and we ought not to bother ourselves with it.

And, despite all the noise, believe me, the Indian dream is dead - choked by its own falsehood and immoralities!

Least of all can we delude ourselves that the robbers have any compunction or scruples when confronted with their own "Constitution"! Believe me: This document is only to make fools of us, to enable the Ghant robbers to continue their dadagiri and brigandage unmolested and with the protection of its "Constitutionalism"!

Therefore, this "Constitution" is not for us, but against us!

Yesterday, it was "Pungi bajao, lungi hatao!" and the Indian Constitutional setup, police, governments and judiciary were merry spectators, cheerleading from the sidelines as the Ghant colonists and philistines terrorized the "Madrasee". Today, it is a "Bihari and Uttar Bharati Baher Kada Mohim"... It does not matter at all that both Madrasee and Bihari are Indian citizens, not Bangladeshi or Nepalese bogeymen.

If there has to be a "Bhair Cad" Mohim, it has to be first of all a "Ghanti & Bawa Bhair Cad" Mohim! I have had enough of the contemptible, philistinic and subhuman Ghantis and Gujarati Bawas cockily strutting all over Bombay and claiming to be the natives, and that we, the Concancaram, the true sons of the Concan soil, are foreigners!

India as it is today, has been fabricated with deliberate intention, as if there had been nothing existing before, and as if nations can be conjured out of thin air.

But the nations of the Concannim, Marathi, Gujarati, etc., have been in existence for more than two millenia! So much of history cannot be wiped away overnight!

But India is founded upon the lie that these nations do not exist, that a new nation was conjured out of thin air in 1947!

Therefore, unlike other countries, such as Germany, the USA, etc., where the pre-existing constituent peoples and their territories are respected and recognized and integrated into the constitutional setups as federal states, in India, the Indian state has been founded on the legal basis that to claim to belong to any of the pre-existent nations that inhabit India is a grave sin and treason.

Therefore, the Indian state contemptuously refused to countenance the rights of these pre-existing constituent peoples and their territories... Because of this hostile attitude, the peoples of India have had to fight for recognition of their rights and of their territories, to be establishment as integrated ethnic provinces.

Yet, even so, injustice, grave, gross injustice, has been done. Only those nations that have fought and thrown violent tantrums have been recognized. Others have been subsumed into these provinces.

Therefore, the Concannim, the Tulu, the Kodagu, the Kutchis, etc., are denied the right to their own provinces, and are reduced to de-facto second class citizens in provinces officially dedicated to other peoples - Marathi, Kannadigas, Gujaratis, etc.

Therefore, all Indians are not equal. Some Indians - members of those nations that have managed to gain official recognition and integration of their ethnic homeland into their own ethnic provinces, are first class citizens, at least in those provinces, while those nations, such as the Concannim, who have not been so honoured, are reduced to 2nd class citizens... Therefore, these privileged nationalities are more equal than those nationalities that are not thought fit to be so 'honoured'!

This is an intolerable situation and humiliation for these "lesser" nationalities and their constituent members, many of whom are acutely aware that their nations are millenia old while this "India" which humiliates and degrades them is just about fifty years old!

There is no good reason — even "Constitutional" reason, why any of these nations and their members should passively countenance this immorality and humiliation...

Our nations are not figments of our imaginations. They have not been fabricated and contrived by Johnnys-come-lately. They have existed, most of them, and amche Concan certainly, for more than two millenia.

Yet, this contrived, fabricated "India" insists on treating these nationalities as if they were "insubordinate" regionalisms, glorified tribalisms!

Day in and day out, we are taught to regard the truth of our millenia long existence as lies, and to treat the contrived and fabricated "India" as if it were divine Truth.

This is intolerably evil. There is no good reason why anybody should submit to this nonsense.

I am taught that I am an Indian, that Hindi is my national language. I ask: If Hindi is my "national language," how can Concannim be my nationallanguage and Concan my nation? There is a huge contradiction here. Either I am Concannim or I am Hindi. If I am Hindi, then Concannim is necessarily a fabrication, a fraud; an evil which I must put away from myself as far as possible.

Yet, I know that it is not Concannim that is fabricated, that is a fraud, but that it is Hindi that is fabricated, a fraud.

Hindi is a fabricated, contrived, artificial language that is the natural, native language of no people on earth. It is derived from the Khari Bholi and Urdu languages.

The native languages of the Gangetic region have been suppressed and Hindi imposed as the local language, when, in fact, it is not. The true local languages are Braj, Koshali, Koeli, Hariyanvi, Marwari, Mewari, Baghelkhandi, Bundelkhandi, Bhojpuri, Magadhi, Maithili, etc.

As for the "Indian Constitution", it is, unlike the Constitution of the United States, an undemocratic document. It was not created democratically.

The various nationalities of India did not confederate and sit down together to write the Indian Constitution. The nations did not covenant to be bound by this document. Certainly, there is no reason why the Concannim should be bound by a document that does not respect and acknowledge their ancient and natural rights.

But even otherwise, I am a Goan, a citizen of the EIP. My country, the EIP, has been invaded and occupied and dismembered by the Indian Union without any just, moral or legal cause at all. By these acts, I and my fellow citizens have been victimized by India. I am, therefore, dispensed from obligations of loyalty and submission to the Indian Union.

Do not waste your time looking to the cops or politicians for help and relief. For fifty years, the Ghants have been pursuing their program of forcefeeding Ghants into the civil apparatus of "Maharashtra" - the police, the bureaucracy, the educational system, the judiciary, the works. Now they are encashing the rewards of their Ghantification program...

The sole purpose of the Ghanti police is to cheerlead the Ghanti mobs out to perpetrate their daily pogrom... and to prevent these perpetrators being brought to justice.

When the Ghants went on a rampage in 92-93 against the Muslims, it was the politicians and policemen who actively aided and abetted them and whitewashed their crimes.

When the Ghant terrorists were assaulting the Biharis in Kalyan, the cops were watching the "gomot" (show) nonchalantly, sipping away at their chai — which was generously paid for by the same hooligans! Believe me, despite the myth that something called the "Democratic Front" coalition of "liberal" parties is ruling Maharashtra, it is really the same Ghants who are ruling.

There is no difference between Bal Thackeray or Nitin Wagle or Sharad Pawar or Shushil Shinde or Vilas Deshmukh or any other of them. Despite their political differences, they all stand together, United in one Cause: to defend and further Marathi imperialism and colonialism in amche Concan, amche Bommai!

When Sharad Pawar was Chief Minister, he tightened the imposition of the Ghant language in schools - as if the whole place belonged exclusively to the Ghants!

But of course, as long as the Ghants rule us, we will continue to be second class citizens, or rather, subjects — booty, conquests, spoils of the Ghants!
Why does Athavale defend Ghantism — and the Ghanti terrorists who attacked the Biharis in Kalyan — by asking, "Aren't we too Indians?" To me, that stinks of hypocrisy! You can not have your cake and eat it too!

Either you are Indians, together with the Biharis, or not. If you are Indians, then all Indians have equal rights. Therefore, there cannot be any restrictions on Biharis applying for jobs in Kalyan (which, incidentally, is, like Bombay, in the Concan country, not the Maharashtra Desh!) or anywhere else.

And you reiterate your "Indianness" when you have just finished murdering it in broad daylight by attacking your own fellow Indians, innocently migrating from one part of India to another in search of employment!

You Ghant immigrants into the Concan make a big song and dance about the Madrasee Dravidian, Tamil Nationalism and its integral loathing for the Aryan Hindi. You are a bunch of hypocrites! First abandon entirely your Ghanti, Marathi language and adopt Hindi yourselves to the exclusion of all other languages, and only then presume to preach to the Madrasee!

Don't tell us that you Ghants wouldn't attack us "Goans" - you have been doing precisely that! You have been attacking all non-Ghants in Bombay indiscriminately, even though it is we, the Concannim who belong in the Concan and Bombay, not you!

And, you attack us, not only in Bombay, but also in Goa!

The Concan came into being as a country and as a people with their language from before the foundation of the Mauryan Empire by Chanakya and Chandragupta Maurya, when Aryan and Dravidian immigrants were absorbed and assimilated by the local Austric Concas.

On the contrary, Maharashtra "the Great Nation" — to pointedly remind you, was founded as a new country and refuge by the en masse emigration of dissident Hindus out of Magadh and Maithila and Koshal and other countries in the North, emigrating south of the Vindhya Mountain ranges.

This migration was because these Hindus were repulsed by and did not wish to be part of the mass conversion to Buddhism in North India under the 4th Mauryan Emperor, Asoka Priyadarshini... — or to be ruled by the converts to Buddhism, people who had pointedly rejected and negated the social and civil sanction for and of the Caste System which is so integral to Hindu society...

Concannim, as a language, is descended from Aprabrahmsa and the Pracrits. Maharashtri, as a language, is descended from Aprabrahmsa and the Pracrits. Marathi, on the contrary, is descended from Maharashtri.

Therefore, both historically and logically, Marathi is a language latter than Concannim!

Ghant colonists in Goa fight so that Concannim, a language older than Marathi, be legally considered as a mere dialect of Marathi, and so that Goa and Karwar are annexed to Maharashtra!

And then you have the gall to reproach us, beleaguered in the last remaining redoubt of our once extensive Concan, for rejecting you as "Bhairlem"!

In Goa, the reigning patriarch of Ghantiponn, Manohar Parricar works overtime to ensure reservation for Ghants only in Government and private jobs and opportunities and that the Concannim are kept out - as his predecessors, Bandodcar, Cacodcar, Pratapsinh Rane, etc., did before him — ever since India invaded and occupied Goa!

The Occupation regime in Goa has this large, not-so-invisible sign outside all employment offices — No Goan need apply; Only Ghants are eligible!

Yes, of course, you Ghants are "khupach samjutdaar". You can afford to be "magnanimous" in robbing us of our table and throwing down to us the crumbs! Thanks a lot, but no thanks!

You are right that we "make it a point to NOT learn your language" even though you frantically force it down our throats in state schools. It is not unreasonable that the Concannim resent the Marathi and your arrogance and insolence and your imperialism and colonialism and your condescension... and refuse to dance to your tunes.

We hate and will always hate the Ghant language! It is a matter of pride and identity for us to reject and to not submit to you, the Ghant robbers, usurpers and interlopers and your language that you impose upon us by mainforce!

I remember as if it were yesterday, my determination, come what may, not to learn and to respect, the Ghant Bhas and the Bhaiyya Bhas that was imposed upon me in school!

Since I have left school, I have taught myself to unlearn the Ghant and Bhaiyya languages, and to unlearn the ability to read their scripts... which, I am proud to say, I have largely achieved!

[By the way, "wada pav" is a recent invention, only about thirty years old. I do not think that it is authentic Ghant cuisine, but you are welcome to claim it - it is the really junkest of junk food! But, just for the record - Pav is from Concannim, which is from Portuguese, which is from the Latin, "panis" or bread. And it was the Portuguese who brought the "batata" to India from the Americas! So, how Ghant is this Ghant food?

I believe that it is probable that both the "batata baji" and its derivative, the "batata wada", or "boonda" as the Tuluvans and Kannadigas call it, was invented by the Portuguese, or imported from the native Americans...

And, despite hogging so much "wada pav" you still pretend that it is us, not you, who are the "Pav-wallas"! Talk of hypocrisy!]

I would suggest that you not crow too much about "other states not being able to provide employment to their peoples". Bombay and its employment opportunities was built by the English and by British Indians under the policy of universal toleration instituted and protected by the English as long as they ruled here, not by the Ghants. You have only progressively destroyed this city and cannibalized it! You Ghant locusts can only consume, you cannot create your own resouces and infrastructure!
I am a Goan. Goans are a subset of the Concannim nationality, of the Concannim ethnic group. As such, I lay claim to, not merely Goa, but to all of the Concan. I lay claim to the entire Concan and I put all immigrants on notice that they are required to assimilate themselves to the Concannim, their host nation in language, culture, etc., failing which they must not remain in my country or we will expropriate and expell them.
©P.J. Mascarenhas, Bombay. Monday, 1st December 2003.
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