Random dungeons (rd) start at random dungeon 10. Every rd have one continuity shrine and some have a second shrine with a special feature. you must start with rd 10 then go to rd 11 and so forth to be able to use the continuity shrines. The special shrines doesnt have to be used in order. Each time a rd is created its random (hence the name). You have 30 minutes (real time) to find the shrines. The dungeon will be destroyed if the time runs out, and you will be back at the lobby. When you find the shrines, you can either walk back to the door at the start, recall, wait until time runs out or lag out.
use caution in rds, since the skelletons are said to be the strongest monsters in the game (according to their level), and there are also gastraps on the walls, which can kill you.
To use the shrine you must have a jewel in your inventory from that rd. Every skellie in the rd have a jewel.
If you happen to die, you are able to destroy it. say: "list" and you will be shown a list of dungeons. Find yours on the list and say: destroy <dungeoun number>.
The dungeon you create can be entered by other players (say: enter <dungeon number>), but they can be no more then +3 your level or -3 your level (between level 47-53 if youre a level 50).
Rds with a special shrine:

10. Security
11. Indecisiveness
13. Living on the edge
15. Bribery (200)
18. Welding
20. Jobless
21. Kindness
22. Bribery (650)
24. Indecisiveness
26. Living on the edge
27. Welding
29. Security
30. Vitality
32. Welding
34. Bribery (2300)
36. Living on the edge
37. Death
38. Indecisiveness
41. Security
42. Living on the edge
43. Indecisiveness
45. Jobless
46. Welding
48. Bribery (6000)
51. Bravery
52. Welding
54. Bribery (9000)
55. Kindness
57. Indecisiveness
58. Security
59. Living on the edge
61. Jobless
62. Welding
64. Indecisiveness
66. Living on the edge
67. Bribery (16k+)
69. Security
72. Welding
74. Living on the edge
75. Security
76. Indecisiveness
78. Bribery (26k+)
81. Welding
82. Jobless
83. Indecisiveness
85. Security
86. Bribery (29k+)
88. Living on the edge
91. Living on the edge
93. Bribery (30k+)
94. Security
96. Indecisiveness
97. Jobless
98. Welding
99. Yendor
Gives a lot of experience. Can only be used if you used the death shrine.
Gives a lot of experience. The shrine takes gold from you. Amount depends on the level of the character.
Gives you a good amount of experience. Beware of the capped experience.
Kills you. You loose all your saves and gives you negs. Gives you the title: the brave. Use LOE shrine before DEATH.
Removes 3 points from all stats and gives you back the experience. Dont use if you have negs.
Takes away your profession, but you keep your profession points.
Removes the player killer ability, if you have one.
Living on the edge
Removes all your saves, but gives you experience in stead.
Gives you a save if you have 5 or less. Save these shrines for when you really need them.
Gives mages 5 mana points and warriors/seyans 5 hitpoints.
Removes a stat from one eq to another. Read about welding here.
Transports you to Yendor. Kill him and get two +5 orbs.
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