Hello and welcome to Praeto's Astonia Contest

It is a very simple contest. Below you find 20 questions of which you are able to find the answers to in Astonia. The one that gets the most correct answers are the winner (if more then one have the same number of correct answers, my dices will determine the winner). Some questions might have more then one answer, but one answer is enough unless other is stated.
After the deadline (december 5th) i will write all participants here, and show how many right answers they had.


1st prize: 50.000 gold
2nd prize: 15.000 gold
3rd prize: 10.000 gold
4th prize: 5.000 gold
5th prize: a lollipop

Contestants and how many correct they got:

1: Nikito, 19
2: Manacube, 15
3: Sadii, 13
4: Napalm, 12
5: Boltac and Agent smith, 11 (descided to share the prize... they get 1k each)
7: Celtic and Xdarkzerox, 8

1) Where can you find an old man with wise eyes?
Hermit in the Exkordon forest
4 got this one correct

2) Who is the highest level NPC in Exkordon?
Elite officer in Exkordon
All got this one correct

3) What level is Didimus?
lvl 21
6 got this one correct

4) What berri is the one farthest to the west in Cameron? Dyelshi
6 got this one correct

5) Where do you find a small man with a quick grin?
Dibbler, old arena
3 got this one correct

6) At what FU station can you find Ruby and what does she want?
FU st. 20 and she wants a big red crystal
All got this one correct

7) Where can you find some greenish bones?
Random Dungeon Skellies
3 got this one correct

8) Where in Astonia can you find some red candles, that are NOT lit?
Exkordon Zombies Lair, Library/diary room
3 got this one correct

9) How many lights do you have to turn on in the Aston Palace?
All got this one correct

10) Where can you meet a creature with a shimmer of intelligence in its eyes? Underground Park, Supervisor
2 got this one correct

11) Where can you find a NPC with the same name as the highest level player character in the game, and whats his name?
7 got this one correct

12) Which NPC are wearing rich clothes? Exkordon Governor
2 got this one correct

13) What is the highest a NPC pays for an earth stone?
375g (Reskin)
All got this one correct

14) What has a constant modifier of +64 light?
6 got this one correct

15) Where do you find someone holding a lifeless body in his arms? Moonies Garden
1 got this one correct

16) When you are tired and in need of a rest. Where do you go?
Blue Square (rest area)
6 got this one correct

17) There are a lot of doors in Astonia, but where do you find a nice decorated door made of wood?
Geronimos house in Aston
3 got this one correct

18) What door, who doesnt open, transfers you to the same place you already where?
IAC door
5 got this one correct

19) Where do you find men with ridiculously large boots?
Nomad Plains
5 got this one correct

20) Name 5 of my Astonia characters Praeto,
Pra, Prae, Praetin, Leoras, Wrroomm, Wroomm, Wroom, Seldom, Danmark... and a lot more ;) ... a hint was to look under the CONTACT ME link on this site since theres a pic hehe
5 got this one correct

I wish you good luck and to have as much fun searching for the answers as i had making them.


(ending december 5th)
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