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Treasure Memory of The Past

Mrs. Ong was a teacher of Pasir Panjang Secondary School for 32 years. She retired in 1992. I did not know her quite well as I enter PPSS in 1993. However she still frequent the school, as a relief teacher. The content below was extracted directly from PPSS Newsletter, July 1993.

"It is this time when I realize how soon I would be leaving the school that nostalgia creeps up on me. I came to this school because there were four Primary Six classes here in 1961. For two years I taught in the afternoon session. In 1963 I followed my class up to Secondary One and that was the turning point in my teaching career and I became a Secondary School teacher.

It is strange how the human mind is able to blank out all the unhappy memories and retain only the happy or funny ones. If I were asked which incident has been the most unforgettable, I would not be able to decide but there were certainly many stories that I could share with you.

PPSS students have never been "angels". We had our fair share of truancy, fights and "escaping" from lessons. Of course, we can also boast of our former students who are now very successful as businessmen as well as professionals.

There was a cinema across the road, called "Starlight". It used to have afternoon shows. One day, our Discipline Master, decided to raid the cinema to catch students who had not come to school. Luckily , the cinema Manager was very co-operative. He intercepted the show, switched on the house lights and rounded up the students and sent them back to school.

There was this other lot that loved to swim in the sea behind the school. They used to make the temple keeper furious because to make sure that their clothes would not be stolen, they would leave them on the alter tables. One day, the Discipline Master decided to teach them a lesson. He went to the temple with a few prefects and they carried all the clothes back to school. As they walked away they could hear the boys in the sea shouting, "Sir! Please don't take our clothes way!!"

PPSS in the sixties and seventies were well-known for its strength in ECA. We had the best NCC unit. We excelled in marching ,shooting and so on. We were also indomitable in soccer and softball. Many students who were here in the seventies would remember the two mammoth fun fairs we had. They were held in the school field and we had also spit over to the Labrador Primary School canteen. The students as well as the teachers had a wonderful time. We raised over thirty thousand dollars from the fun fairs. I had never rolled so many "Poh Piahs" or made as many hotdogs in my life. The students also showed their artistic skills and acute business sense. 

As I leave, my fondest wish is that present and future students of PPSS would learn to love the school as the former students did and would take it upon themselves to work hard and restore our school to her former GLORY! We were tops in sports; we were also not far behind the better schools in our academic prowess. PER STUDIA VIRTUS."
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Phyllis was a student of Pasir Panjang Secondary School. She was part of PPSS big family in 1994 and was there for three years. She was also considered the last batch of the PPSS students. Actually that's me, the webmaster of this site. 

"Though the three years in PPSS is very short compared to Mrs. Ong, I've grown to love this school. When I first came to this school, I didn't really like it, I even asked for a transfer. Luckily the application was unsuccessful. 

My first impression of this school is that the standard of the students weren't very good. The low ranking of the school made me even more eager to leave the place. The students here looked quite rebellious too. The building was very old and did not even have its own Technical and Home Economics facilities. We had to go to Hua Yi Secondary School for our lessons. 

As time passd, i grew to like this place..Thought the appearance of the school isn't very nice, the place was pleasant and well-maintained. The teachers and pupils were warm and friendly. 

I remember the time when I was in Sec 3, 1996, there was a very warm Teachers' Day. One of my fellow schoolmate have a heart-related problem. His form teacher, Mrs. Leong, made an appeal to the school, and although most of the students don't come from rich families, they still contributed generously. We've manage to collect about $4000 for this student! It's quite a sum as the number of students were small . This occasion was report on Friday Weekly's issue 290 (6/9/96-12/9/96) and Lian He Zao Bao on 29th August 1996. 

I would like to express my gratitude to all the teachers who had taught me, and to my fellow schoolmates who have helped me in one way or another. There is no words to describe my feelings." 

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Shara was also a student of PPSS. Like Phyllis, she was enrolled in 1994 too & became a part of the school for 3 years till 1996. 

"When I first got my posting of the secondary school, I was shocked, as I have not heard of this school before. I asked for a transfer immediately on the day of enrolment. Unfortunately or fortunately my transfer was unsuccessful. As times goes by, I felt honoured being a student of PPSS. 

Time in PPSS was fun & exciting. Due to the small building and enrolment, I got to know many friends at a short time. Teachers were kind & helpful and all students get along well with them. 

The most unforgettable moment in PPSS happened mainly in 1995. 3rd August was our Speech Day. We had a fantastic role-play entitled " The Hero " to celebrate this memorable occasion. My friends and I played a part by contributing a dance at the end of the play. 

Though the school had inadequate facilities & lots of kissing insects (mosquitoes), I did had my fun there. I will always remember this school & all teachers who have contributed in teaching and bringing me to a better prospect for my future." 

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Jenny, was a classmate of the webmasters, Phyllis Tan and Shara Wong. All of us were from 3E1, 1996. 

Due to my inefficient response (hahaha) and busy schedule, this review was written only on 7th March 1999, about 3 months after its 'launch' on 24th Nov. 1998. Apologies to Phyllis, who had bugged me for this last year. 

"I was also enrolled in 1994 and became a part of the PPSS family. I did not do very well for my PSLE exams and so, I was posted to PPSS. I was quite unhappy and disappointed as the school is small and isolated. I was late on the first day of school because I was trying to transfer to another school. It was unsuccessful. Back then, I hated that school for not accepting me. I took it that it's just my luck. 

Yes, it IS my luck. I've got great teachers who were willing to spend time teaching. They put in their utmost effort in helping the students. I'm very grateful for that. =) On behalf of all my schoolmates, a HUGE 'THANK YOU' to our beloved teachers of PPSS. Looking back, I often wondered why they had so much patience. Teaching is indeed their profession. 

Throughout the three years in PPSS, I've got to know many friends. I'm glad that God created this opportunity for us. My class was always full of laughter. It was fun being with them. They were the ones who showed me what great friends are. Just wanna say, "thanks for being there when I need you. It was fun growing up with you all..." I really appreciate it and the memories will always be deeply treasured. 

There isn't a specific year that I like most. The three years I spent in PPSS were well-spent and fulfilling. PPSS was like my second home. It is a real pity that she (my second home) have to close down on 31st December 1996. Until today, though the school has officially closed down, the building of Pasir Panjang Secondary School still remains strong at 45, Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore 118505. PPSS has made a difference in my life and will always be remembered. It ended a chapter in my life. My teenage life. As the school anthem goes, "We shall strive to do our best, not withstanding odds... ... As the duyong rides up storm, so shall we face the future with zest and steadfast enterprise

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