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My Port Charles Links Page

Updated November 1, 2005

This page contains my links for the ABC soap opera Port Charles, now airing in reruns on the Soapnet network. Make sure to click on Breaking News and Updates for the latest news on the PC cast! Although PC is not airing original episodes anymore, the PC Links page will go on as a resource for PC fans to remember the little soap that could and for new PC fans just discovering the show on Soapnet. My other page, My PC Cast Update, is a great resource for finding out what the PC stars are doing now! Thanks for visiting and let's all celebrate what a great soap PC was and the successes its cast is having now!

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The Latest PC Sites and News

I will no longer be updating this page on a regular basis (or any basis actually) due to my busy real life. I will leave it up though so that PC fans can keep accessing their favorite sites.

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All Around Sites


Port Charles Explosion. Great multimedia all around site for PC. Best place to update oneself on the PC stars and on Soapnet's schedule for PC.

My PC World. Links, pics and fan fic.

For Port Charles Fans! Pro-PC w/ lots of features.

Port Charles for All Fans. Lots of fun things here - slideshows, fan art, history & the "Best of Ed". Worth a look!

Port Charles. Attractive site with a focus on recaps.

Port Charles Hangout. Nicely organized site; good source for archived chat transcripts.

Port Charles Soap. This site is well-organized, has lots of information and is up to date.

TV Tome's Port Charles Page. Recommended for its very complete cast list.

More PC All Around Sites:

Sean's Port Charles Site. All around site; mostly photos.

Port Charles Central. All around site with new features -- give it a second look.

Great Soaps. All around site for PC and the CBS soaps.

The Haven. Reviews, trivia & news on GH and PC. Now featuring a special salute to PC.

Soapzone's Port Charles site. Popular if less than up to date site. All around site; part of larger soap site.

GH2 Online. Soapcentral's PC site has been upgraded and has some unique features.

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Port Charles Message Boards

PC Boards:

The Port Charles Explosium Forums. Active and interesting. Recently moved to a new URL, check your bookmarks.

TV Megasite's Port Charles Forum. Very active, another good place to keep updated on PCers. Just click no thanks on the offer that comes up to access the board.

Soapzone's Port Charles Board. This board has improved in recent months and is another place to look for updates.

Angels and Roses Yes it's Rali-oriented, but also a great place to find snappies of all the PC cast's recent appearances on other TV shows. And they're actually discussing the Soapnet reruns. You have to be a registered member.

Soapnet's PC Board. I'm seeing improvement in this board. Better formatted (you can choose threaded or flat), better conversations and it's probably the best place to go to discuss the reruns now airing on Soapnet.

Fallin Port Charles Board. Active PC board.

Just Heavenly. Now barely Rali related and reorganized to cover all "life after" PC.

Coffeerooms "Port Charles" Board. Used to have no-holds barred discussions on PC; now mainly a meeting place for its regulars.

The Banned Club GH/PC Soap Board. Not many PC posts anymore.

For Port Charles Fans Message Boards. Part of similar named site; not active.

Mediadomain's GH and PC Board. Not much PC discussion but a lot of lunatic chat.

Port Charles Center. Active yahoo board for PC fans; discussion of the PCers new roles.

Yahoo Groups for PC. Link to all yahoo groups for PC. Some are quite active.

Yahoo Message Board for PC. Semi-active.

Port Charles Central. Inactive since the cancellation.

new PC fan fiction forum Newsgroup; since the cancellation, more spam than posts.

Character/Actor Oriented Boards

Erin Hershey Presley Fans. Delphi forum for keeping up with her many rumors.

Rafe & Alison Fan Forum. Inactive Rali board.

Port Charles Park. Mandi's Rali message board.

Brian Gaskill OLFC Private Forum. Private and active forum for his fan club members.

Kelly Monaco Official Message Board. Official board geared toward fans of her on GH; there is a forum for PC fans.

The Kelly Monaco Boards. Nicely set up; fairly active.

Tainted Love. Very active message board for Caleb/Livvie fans. Discussion of their new roles.

Frank & Livvie Online. Message boards for those who favored this coupling during Torn. General discussion forum still active.

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Character/Actor Sites

Multi-Character Sites Couples Major Characters Minor/Recurring Characters

Multi PC Characters

Pandora's Box: The Turned Upside Down World of Rali and Calivia. Messy Rali and Caleb/Livvie site.

The Teens and Teen Couples of Port Charles. All around site for Jack, Livvie, and everyone on PC under 45.

Port Charles Hunks. The Brians, Eddie Matos and my favorite, Rib Hillis (ex-Jake).

General Hospital Kids Online. Includes pics & bios of the PC children Danny, Serena & Christina.

Port Charles People. Out of date w/ plot summaries but a great site for fans who want to learn more about PC's cast of characters.

The Bike Shop. Up to date PC teen site.

Port Charles Teens. Lots here; Worth a look.

Fan Sites for PC Couples

In alphabetical order, with the name of the female first.

Alison/Jack (the real life couple)

Erin Hershey and Brian Presley Engagement Page. A fan's tribute.

Erin & Brian. This site is devoted to PC's real life newlyweds. Lots here.


Reunite Jamal and Alison. Like it sounds; nice looking.

Always Unforgettable. 100% improved Alison/Jamal site (FKA: "Modern Day Romeo & Juliet").


Keep Alison and Rafe Together. Pro Rali site will turn into all soaps site after PC is cancelled.

Heavenly Passion. Rali multimedia.

Aurora's Snappy Palace. Tons of Rali screencaps.

Even Angels Fall. Nothing here.

Pure Magic: Rafe & Alison. Less than up to date site but lots of pics.

Heaven on Earth. Yet another site w/lots of stuff!

PC's Heavenly Couple. Pics, music & fanfic for Rafe/Alison.

Rafe & Alison: A Love Story. Usual Rali fan site stuff plus regular chats for the members.

Rafe & Alison screencaps. Too many popups to bother.

Secrets of Destiny. Website designed & written as if by Rafe & Alison. I have to say that Rafe has a better playlist.

Pink Roses. Smaltzy but updated tribute site.

Miracles Happen. Attractive site but needs updating.

Sparkle & Shine. Fan fic & wallpaper.

Rafe & Alison Forever. Articles & photos.

Rafe & Alison Online. Nice tribute site. Photos, quotes and complete list of links.


The World of Matt and Ellen. Mostly photos.


Chris & Eve Cheerleaders. Nicely designed newsletter.

Simply Irresistible. Lots of info on both characters.


For Eternity: An Ian & Eve site. By far, their best fan site. Adopt your very own Dr. Eve Lambert Snowglobe!

Ian & Eve's Cabin. Gushy site.


Julie and Frank Fanatics. A lone, not-updated, fan site for a couple who the writers had to turn into fanatics to make them interesting.


Frank and Karen Online. Nice bio section and galleries.


The Joe and Karen Super Site--Remembering the Magic. Good site for fans of 1st Joe and 2nd Karen. Kept up to date so you can find out what those actors are doing lately. And it has a page for Frank/Courtney!

Joe and Karen Heaven. All about Joe #1 and Karen #2.


Legacy. Tribute site to caleb and Livvie's coupling. Marred by its attempt to load software on your computer, but otherwise fans should find this well done.

Eternal Soulmates: Olivia and Caleb. Featuring "Colivia" galleries as well as Olivia and Caleb "eyecandi."

Souls Tied in Eternity: Caleb and Livvie. Good concept and well done site.

Caleb and Olivia: Tainted Love. Lots here for Caleb/Livvie fans.


Chris and Livvie Guardian Angels. Not much here, thankfully, from that creepy plot that had Chris obsessed w/ Livvie.


Insatiable: Frank and Livvie. Fanfic, pics & bios.


The Love of a Vampire & a Slayer. Title says it all.

Irresistible. Newly launched Ian/Lucy fan site.

Ian & Lucy: Temptation. Lots here for their fans.


Melissa's Kevin and Lucy site. Good source for learning their history.

The Kevin and Lucy Shrine. Wallpaper, screen caps, pics, etc.

The Port Charles Lighthouse. Another Kevin/Lucy site. Really slow loading.


The Love Shack: Jack & Tess. Has everything their fans could need.

Sites for Major PC Characters

Editor's note: Alphabetized by character's first name, with the actor's name in parens. Also check out the message boards devoted to particular actors. If I am up on what they've done post-PC, I'll note it.

Alison Barrington Kovich (Erin Hershey Presley - post PC, tried out for View, constantly subject of casting rumors) Granddaugher of spun off GH character Amanda. Daughter of Elizabeth. One night stand with Caleb. Kissed Jack (married him in real life). Fling with Jamal. Married Rafe in final episode.

Erin Presley Online. Official site, seems to be more aimed at casting directors than fans.

The Erin Connection. Fan site for keeping up with EHP post-PC.

Completely Erin! Lots here -- good source for quotes and bios.

Erin Hershey Presley Central. Attractive site -- good for Alison & Jack fans!

Erin Hershey Online. Unofficial site; must-see for Alison & Jamal fans.

Amanda Barrington (Anne Jeffreys) Grandmother of Alison. Became vampire courtesy of Joshua.

TV Tome's page on Anne Jeffreys. Nice list of her many acting roles.

Amy Harris (Tamara Davies - post PC, has done some indie movies). Evil angel in Secrets. Daughter of Harris, the man who kidnapped Ian and Eve during Fate.

Tamara Davies Online. Very nice fan site for the dark angel.

Arianna Shapour Thornhart (Opal Anchel) Simpy girl Ian helped during Fate.

Welcome to Opal Online. Attractive design and pictures plus a summary of Arianna's mercifully short stay in PC during the first half 2001 (and now re-airing in reruns on Soapnet).

Dr. Bennett Devlin (Edward Albert Jr.)Julie's father. First victim of General Homicide Killer.

Unofficial Edward Albert Bio Page. Nice bio and update on the actor.

Caleb Morley (Michael Easton - post PC, now John McBain on One Life to Live). Main vampire on PC. Pretended to be rock star named Stephen Clay. One night stand with Alison. Married/divorced Elizabeth. Longtime love of Livvie; married her in final episode, then revealed he had impregnated Alison.

Desire: John and Natalie A web site for Michael Easton's new coupling on OLTL.

TV Now's updated listing of Michael Easton's upcoming TV appearances. Updated list of his TV guest star roles.

TV Tome's page on Michael Easton. Better updated than most TV Tome pages.

Michael Easton Corner. Nicely designed fan site with a good photo gallery and a more extensive list of his roles than the official site.

ME Fusion. Nice content but too many popups and not updated.

Casey/Marissa Leong (Joy Bisco) Casey: Bad girl turned good Angel during Secrets. Returned to PC to fight the vampires. Marissa: Journalist sister of Casey. Fling with Jamal.

Joy Bisco Online. Best fan site for her.

Joy Bisco's head shot & resume.

Joy Bisco unofficial fan site. Features "Joyology" (bio) and "Joyvision" (pics) but not updated.

Dr. Chris Ramsey (Nolan North - post PC, has guest starred on She Spies and is doing a voice for a video game) One of the original PC interns and the only one who lasted the entire run of PC. Overwhelmingly the fan favorite of PC. Always scheming. Flings with Eve, Livvie, Courtney and Elizabeth. Married Julie.

Nolan North Online. Clean and nicely organized but neglected tribute site.

Martini Night. Good tribute page with lots of unique photos and screen caps.

Nolan North Photo Gallery. Like it sounds, plus pics of Jake Marshak as a bonus.

Christina Baldwin (Kaitlyn Maggio - post PC, pops up in commercials and soon in a Disney Channel cartoon). Christina is Julie/Frank's biological daughter, Scott/Lucy's adopted daughter and heck, Kevin and Chris were dads to her too.

Miracles Happen: the Official Kaitlyn Maggio Web Site. Official site for the young actress.

Courtney Kanelos (Sarah Aldrich - post PC, occasionally pops up in TV guest star roles) Neil's mother. Flings with Joe, Chris and Frank.

Sarah Aldrich Biography and Picture Page. Simple page devoted to Courtney, listing pictures and facts.

TV Tome's page on Sarah Aldrich. She was Gweneth on 90210 and gets lots of prime time guest roles.

Ed (Jed Allan - post PC, stars as Edward Quartermaine on General Hospital). AKA God.

The Official Jed Allan Fan Page. Page needs a little work on organization but will be a great resource once done for fans of this well-known soap actor.

Elizabeth Barrington (Rebecca Staab - post PC, lots of TV guest roles) Alison's flaky mother. Turned Vampire during Naked Eyes. Married/divorced (?) Caleb. Flings with Chris and Joshua.

Rebecca Staab's TV Tome page. This page is maintained well and will keep you up better than I can on her many guest star spots.

TV Now's listing of upcoming TV guest appearances by Rebecca Staab. Updated monthly listing of her frequent tv guest shots.

Rebecca Staab Online. Nice looking and lots of multimedia stuff.

Vampy Vixen. Fun fan site.

Dr. Ellen Burgess (Debbi Morgan) Bossed around original interns. Had flings with Matt.

TV Tome's page on Debbi Morgan.

Debbi Morgan (Ellen Burgess on PC) can be seen in the new movie, Woman Thou Art Loosed.

Debbi Morgan is a judge on the new Soapnet reality series, I Wanna be a Soap Star. Click on judges, scroll down and you'll get a very good update on some movie roles she has coming up.

Dr. Eve Lambert Collins Thornhart (Julie Pinson - post PC, played Shilo on Y&R briefly; Now Billie on DOOL) One of the original interns. Close friend of Chris. Married/divorced Kevin. Married Ian. Mother of Danny. Killed at end of Secrets.

Chris and Eve Forever Remembered. Tribute site to their friendship.

Julie Pinson Online. Nicer and much more complete than the other sites out there for her.

Pinson Planet. This embarrassing site claims to be the only official club for Eve fans, and notes that the actress "often refers us customers".

The Julie Pinson Site. Simple fan site.

Frank Scanlon (Jay Pickett - post PC, will be appearing in TV movie for PAX). Started as PC's good guy. Flings with Julie, Courtney and Karen. Birth father of Neil Kanelos, Christina; adoptive father of Lark. Turned into an Avatar and later into a Vampire. Inadvertently caused Karen's death.

Jay Pickett's upcoming movie for PAX TV

Jay Pickett Online. Too many popups but otherwise good site for him.

T&T Spotlights Jay Pickett. Nice actor bio and character history.

Gabriella Garza (Ion Overman - post PC, has appeared on Showtime's The L word and other tv guest star roles) Nurse in love with Joe Scanlon.

IMDB Page for Ion Overman. She's been getting a lot of guest star roles -- good page for keeping up with them.

Dr. Ian Thornhart (Thorsten Kaye - post PC, now starring on All My Children as Zachary Slater) Began as a noble doctor at GH. Vampire. Married Eve. In love with Lucy. Father of Danny.

TV Now's listing of Thorsten Kaye's TV appearances. Updated listing of his TV guest shots.

Ian Thornhart Online. No longer updated; still quite a bit here for his fans.

The Official Thorsten Kaye Web site. Official site for PC's Ian. Very thorough w/lots of info and pics.

Imani (Kent Masters-King) Fling with Jamal during the Gift. Revealed as werewolf on PC's final episode.'s Bio of Kent Masters King. Bone up on PC's werewolf.

Another bio. Some links not working.

Jack Ramsey (Brian Presley - post PC, produced and starred in indie movie Guarding Eddie) Brother of Chris. Flings with Livvie and Reese. Kissed Alison (married her in real life). Vampire during Tainted Love. Best friend of Jamal. Married Tess.

Brian Presley Online. Official page with updates on his film projects.

Freedom Films LLC. Homepage for his production company.

Guarding Eddy. IMDB page for his movie.

Brian Presley Net. Good for Jack quotes, pics and screen caps.

Brian Presley Online. Good resource for fans but needs updating. Not the official site of the same name linked above.

Dr. Jake Marshak (Rib Hillis - post PC, appears on PAX reality show Model Citizens) One of the original PC interns. Fling with Danielle. Murdered by General Homicide Killer.

Model Citizens. Official web site of the reality show on PAX he's currently starring on. Here's his updated bio.

Most Beautiful's Rib Hillis page. Page about his modeling career.

Jamal Woods (Kiko Ellsworth - post PC, stars in indie movie Guarding Eddie) Jamal is cousin of Dara on GH. Had flings with Alison, Valerie, Marissa and Imani. Owns bike repair shop. Best friend of Jack. Good Vampire.

Smooth, A Kiko Ellsworth Site. Nice looking fan page.

Kiko Ellsworth -- Official Site. Revamped, nice-looking official site.

Hollywood Knights. Home page for celebrity basketball team that Kiko plays for.

Dr. Joe Scanlon #1 (Michael Dietz - post PC, recurs infrequently on the Bold and the Beautiful as Mark) Dietz originated the role of Joe, one of the original PC interns. Joe and Karen had a fling. Father of Neil Kanelos.

Virginia's Michael Dietz Page. Very thorough site for 1st and best Joe; Updated.

Dr. Joe Scanlon #2 (David Gail) During Gail's run, Joe broke up with Karen, took up with Jill and Gabi and contracted HIV.

TV Tome's David Gail page. List of his guest star roles.

Dr. Joe Scanlon #3 (Alex Mendoza) Dated Gabi during his run.

Alex Mendoza Official Site. Needs an update. Nothing here but an overblown self-description and a broken link.

Joshua Temple (Ian Buchanan). Manager of Stephen Clay Experience. Fling with Elizabeth. Kidnapped Alison. Vampire.

Ian Buchanan Online. Fan site for PC's most evil vampire.

Dr. Julie Devlin Ramsey (Lisa Ann Hadley - post PC, appeared on the Gilmore Girls on the WB) One of the original PC interns. Good girl involved with Frank turned into bad girl, General Homicide Killer. Married Chris. Mother of Christina with Frank; kidnapped Christina from Lucy; returned her during Miracles Happen.

TV Tome's biography page for Lisa Ann Hadley. Updated with her frequent TV guest star roles.

Dr. Karen Wexler #2 (Jennifer Hammon) Spun off GH character. Hammon originated role on PC as one of the original PC interns. During her run, Karen and Joe had a serious fling.

TV Tome's page on Jennifer Hammon

Dr. Karen Wexler #3 (Marie Wilson - post PC, has done commercials and an indie movie) During Wilson's run, Karen was involved with Frank and Ricky. Killed at the end of Desire.

Karen Wexler Online. Bio of Karen Wexler from GH to PC.

Marie Wilson Online.Up to date news, articles and pics.

Marie Wilson Tribute Page. Fan site for 3rd Karen not updated since 1999.

Kate Reynolds (Shannon Sturges) Lawyer and friend of Ian.

The First Unofficial Shannon Sturges Page. This page is devoted to her role on Savannah.

The Days of Tanner and Molly. Check it out -- Caleb and Kate were a DOOL Supercouple!

Dr. Kevin Collins (Jon Robert Lindstrom - post PC, working on his indie film The Hard Easy) GH character spun off. Psychologist with a lot of personal issues. Married/divorced from Eve and Lucy. Livvie's father.

Jon Lindstrom Online. Good all around site for his fans. Click on News for information on his new film project.

IMDB's page for the Hard Easy.

Info about Jon Lindstrom's Disney Channel movie, "Right on Track". This TV movie is constantly being rerun on the Disney Channel.

The Unofficial Jon Robert Lindstrom Fan Page. Thorough; full of pics & info.

The High Lonesome. Fan page for Jon Lindstrom's former real life band.

Lark Scanlon #1 (Anastasia Horne) Lark was Frank's adopted daughter who bugged Julie.

The Anastasia Connection. Good update page on the 1st and best actress to play Lark.

Lark Scanlon #2 (Amy Weber)

Amy Weber.Net Official site for 2nd Lark, who is now a pin-up girl.

Livvie Locke Morley/Tess (Kelly Monaco - post PC, starring as Sam on General Hospital)) Livvie: Kevin's daughter. Flings with Chris and Jack. Married/divorced from Rafe. Vampire. Married Caleb on final episode. Tess: Good alter ego of Livvie; married Jack. Friend of Caleb.

Officially Kelly Monaco. Kelly Monaco's official site, now back online after a hiatus.

Insatiable: Samantha and Jax. Fan page for her GH coupling. No PC info.

Kelly Monaco Web.. Another good site, lots of info on PC and GH roles here.

Kelly Monaco's Web site. Yet another good KM site.

Kelly Monaco's Place. Pics, games and news about Kelly.

Kelly Monaco's World. Livvie fan site, lots of pics.

Kelly Monaco Haven.. Info on both Livvie and Tess.

Kelly Monaco Unveiled. Nicely done fan site.

Livvie Online. Good resource for fans.

Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) GH character spun off to PC. Married and divorced Kevin and Scott. Fling with Ian. Vampire slayer and cousin of Rafe. Adoptive mother of Serena and Christina.

The Komplete Lynn Herring Bio, pictures and articles.

Lynn Herring Lucy Coe Guardian Angel Homepage. Nice treasury of quotes and pictures.

Dr. Matt Harmon (Mitch Longley - post PC, recurs on Las Vegas on NBC and on Joan of Arcadia on CBS) One of the original PC interns. Had fling with Ellen.

The Mitch Longley Web Page. Lots of Matt/Ellen stuff and kept up to date regarding Mitch Longley's roles after PC; their fans will appreciate this site.

IMDB's page on Mitch Longley Good listing of his current roles.

Neil Kanelos #1 aka Pajama Boy (Colton James) Courtney and Joe's son. Called pajama boy online because of his vast collection he sported on PC.

Colton James VidCaps. Who knew pajama boy would have the biggest film career after PC? He's working a lot!

Dr. Rachel Locke (Kimberlin Brown; now playing Paige Miller on OLTL) Livvie's crazy mama. Tried to kill Kevin a few times.

Helena's Unofficial Kimberlin Brown Page. Most pages on her are solely on her B&B role of Sheila, but this one does include some info on her PC role as Doc Locke.

Rafe Kovich (Brian Gaskill - post PC, recurs as Oscar Marone on Bold and The Beautiful)) Vampire Slayer. Lucy's cousin. Married and divorced Livvie. Married Alison in PC's final episode.

TV Now's listing of Brian Gaskill's upcoming guest spots on TV. Updated monthly listing of his guest star TV roles. Official site w/ his drawings, journal & poetry.

Rafe Online. Out of date.

Friends of Brian Gaskill. Very nice site for his fan club.

Rebecca Barrington - Torn; Paige - Secrets (Vanessa Branch - post PC, star of Orbit gum commercials) One of the angels in Secrets. Alison's great great grandmother during Torn.

Desire. List of her fans.

Vanessa Branch's Angels. OK site but graphics are hard on the eyes.

Vanessa Branch Online Fan site with more than any other PC site out there on her.

Reese Black (Mariam Parris) Had fling with Jack. Rumored to be revealed as Alison's sister in the arc that would have been had PC not been canceled. Stephen Clay Experience bassist.

Mariam Parris Online. Nice fan site. Wow, Reese looks different in real life!

Ricky Garza (Eddie Matos - post PC, appeared on Fox's Tru Calling and WB's Charmed) Gaby's brother. Had flings with Casey and Karen. Stephen Clay Experience Drummer.

TV Tome's page for Eddie Matos. Not much beyond those two guest spots.

Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner - post PC, took Scott back to GH. Now on Y&R as Harrison. Will begin on ATWT soon.) Longtime GH character; on PC he had a fling with Eve, married and divorced Lucy; Karen and Serena's father; Adopted Christina

Serena Baldwin (Carly Schroeder - post PC, you can catch her in Lizzie Maguire reruns on the Disney Channel and in the indie flick Mean Creek) Scott's daughter; adopted by Lucy.

Carly Nicely done relaunched official site; covers her role as Melina on Lizzie McGuire.

Minor PC Characters and Frequent GH Guest Stars

Officer Doree (Pamela Warren)

She had a fling with Chris during 2002.

TV Tome's page on Pamela Warren.

Emilio Garza (Sal Lopez) Emilio was Frank's partner and Gaby and Ricky's overprotective older brother.

TV Tome's page on Sal Lopez.

Gail Baldwin (Susan Brown) Scott's mother and Karen, Serena and Christina's grandmother.

The Susan Brown Fan Page. Nicely organized, classy and attractive. Lots of information about her other soap roles as well as her GH/PC role.

Harris (Ramy Zada) Harris was the evil villain who held Ian and Eve prisoner during "Fate".

TV Tome's page on Ramy Zada. You've seen him in lots of things!

Nicole Devlin (Erin Gray) Julie's mother; had an affair with Chris.

The Official Erin Gray Home Page. Not the most up to date official site since the latest news on it seems to be her appearance on a now-cancelled show. This link is to the page devoted to her role on PC.

Nurse Colleen (Jean Bruce Scott)

TV Tome's Jean Bruce Scott page. Many TV guest spots! He played Dr. Lotts, some guy who treated Lark's mother. Apparently he thought the role was going to be a little more than it was, judging from this page.

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Fan Fiction/Creative Sites

My Port Charles Fan Fiction. Formerly Ian Thornhart Online. Now scripting endings to the PC saga.

Soap Opera FanFics. MSN fanfic group w/ emphasis on PC.

Blood Relations. A fanfic prequel to Tainted Love about Caleb's past.

PC Creative Fiction Board. Request or critique PC fanfic!

Port Charles Heat. For adults out there, NC17 fan fiction featuring PC characters.

Port Chuckles--The Alternate Web Site. Funny PC related top ten lists.

Port Charles Creative. Fan fiction; nicely summarized.

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Miscellaneous Sites

Caleb Naked Eyes Snappies. If you're looking for screencaps of Naked Eyes, here's a place to start.

Analysis of Tempted. More like a dissertation! Lots of plot analysis, focus on Caleb.

Tainted Love Diary. Detailed analysis of Tainted Love.

Niki's Port Charles Gift Shop. Niki is selling PC Arc tapes (a valuable commodity!) and also photos.

The Michael Bruno Group Los Angeles. Home page for the talent agent who represents PC actors such as Jed Allen, Michael Dietz, Julie Pinso, Marie Wilson and Kin Shriner. Lots of good daytime info here.

Rachel's PC Slideshows. Purely PC Slideshow site.

Port Charles Pics. Screencaps.

PC Slideshows. Right now just Rali.

Port Charles Unlimited. Formerly the PC Media site, and offering whole episodes of PC, a message board and history.

Port Charles 2002. Backup site for the PC Media site.

Port Charles Lines of the Week. Not up to date if they meant to make it a weekly thing.

Faces of General Hospital. Photo & news site that includes PC.

ABC Soap Screen Caps Page. Lots of screen caps and slideshows for all four soaps.

Tracey's PC Transcripts Live Journal. Good transcript site.

Port Charles Quote Page. This is a good resource for classic PC lines.

ABC Studios. Neat page that tells you about the building that PC filmed in.

Allexperts Port Charles Q&A. Ask PC experts free questions about PC.

Kathim's GH/PC Page. Companion site by Soapzone regular with information for Soapzone users and also Kevin/Lucy info. Hysterical Anti-Eve page.

The Duck Pond. Not up to date.

PC Opinions. Fan recaps and editorials; not up to date.

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