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Images created using Carrara 3D. Which can be found through  EOVIA/TGS  CARRARA AMAPI

Basic Tutorial.       CREATING MORPH TARGETS IN CARRARA FOR USE IN POSER Contact me here. please try to title your e-mail clearly to it's purpose as I only give quick glances to incoming before deleting unknown sender items.

Max/LW Creations are on a different server.  (you know where). 

Gumball image created with Carrara.

Apx. 2 hours object creation fine tuning which never amounted to anything better (hah).  (21 master objects. 257 scene total)

1 Boolean (-) object which could have been splined.

 4 minute render at 1000x600 200 dpi.  Dual processor P3-800. Windows 2Kpro

Wood procedural shader by LOST HORIZON SOFTWARE.  (excellent product from LHS)

gumballmedium.jpg (1515052 bytes)

Alternate sky. This is a large file and will take more than awhile to download on even good connections.  Details reveal plant/weed incompletion and other flaws.

Wind atmosphere used on all images.  
trees6.jpg (424463 bytes) chalise2.jpg (23129 bytes)

castle walls.jpg (25628 bytes)



hypoZ1.jpg (199234 bytes) <-- Hypodermic Image acquired for use by EOVIA  Nothing special as far as images here go.  Everything is more or less a study in product use.
overhead jailcell.jpg (176872 bytes) cookiesmilk.jpg (24981 bytes) facrewire.jpg (26355 bytes) overhead jailcell 3.jpg (399897 bytes)
RAZOR.jpg (36141 bytes) pair of glasses5c.jpg (141337 bytes) overhead jailcell4.jpg (258191 bytes) coke.jpg (48259 bytes)
mothersday9.jpg (204370 bytes) oakley3.jpg (177662 bytes)   pair of glasses4.jpg (534444 bytes)
Carrara now Carrara Studio After repair of approximately 100 known bugs Carrara is now a useable product.  It appears to have a future and will advance into a boning system with it's next release (speculative).

It's price is very fair for a beginner looking for stepping into the 3D graphic world.

Carrara was updated in JUNE of 2001 by EOVIA.

It now offers a useful set of Plug-ins from Digital Carvers Guild. It also offers it's sister company product AMAPI 5.  This is a useful modeler which includes nurbs.


Things which would be nice to see in the next version of Carrara:
  • More camera options (aperture etc)
  • Zoom level inside render room to be user defined and not dropdown presets.
  • Zbuffer rendering background color option. (grey default not changeable)
  • Terrain editor.  Stop the damned thing from spinning and make user CTRL-DRAG  to change view orientation.  The Plane fly by doesn't lend itself to much (IMO) so dump it.
  • Blubble (metaball modeling)  Create a floating / movable views menu.  e.g. Be able to CLICK to CHANGE from directors view to top/front/side views while working in the scene window.  Right click brings up Pan cameras etc.  So I would guess this would need to be a floating dialogue box similar to magnifier.  (going to control bar to grab a view change is tedious)  
  • Bones have already been mentioned.
  • Caustics.
  • More control over existing modifiers.
  • Nurbs. (now available through import use of Amapi 5 only)
  • Chamfer/bevel.
  • File version save.  (e.g.  If the first file I save is called when I go to Save As have it automatically increment the number to "".)
  • SINGLE CLICK property/texture/sequencer trays to open.  Why this was made to be double click is unclear.  Mainly can cause problems in the bottom tray by inadvertently double clicking to open and then creating an animation timeline by accidentally clicking on the sequencer.
  • Viewable Bitmaps in spline/vertex rooms.  e.g.  a fully visible image to use as a guide for tracing or simply a proportional guide. 


I will end the list there.

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