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This last function is the way I handle conversions.
Not everyone will agree with it.
Lcad Calculator

This program helps calculate the following items.
Line intersections (Horizontal and Vertical lines), Triangle/Line intersection.

This program is still in the development stage, any emails about errors would be helpful.

Here is the current file.
LcadCalc.zip (60kb)
(May 06, 2001)
Lcad-Calc - Visual Basic 5.0 execuable

Current Version

[Planned changes:
a.) have the "." period show up as the decimal - may make this optional. (This is for an international fix)
b.) rework the Triangle/Line display formulas.]

[0.506.1 added:
a.) "-"(minus) handeling]

[0.401.1 added:
a.) Major variable handeling.
b.) Added error trapping so the calculator doesn't just "go away".
c.) Reworked the picture box scaling function again.
d.) Added a manual zoom control.
I am still working on the picture box display, I am still not happy with it.
Please report any problems to me.]

Please email me with any errors.
Try to recreate the error and provide the values used. This will help me debug it.


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