There is no orphan beyond the time of puberty, and there is no observing a day of devotional silence (in Islam).
- Sunan Abi Dawud (2489)


Orphans are also humans and they have sense of humanity just like us. The thing that make a difference is that their parents had passed away. They strive to live on their own at an early age. Thus, let's us make a difference by helping and donation for their welfare!

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Welfare Organization of Muslim Orphans Muar
No. 18, Jalan Petri, 84000 Muar, Johor.



The idea of building this Welfare Organization of Muslim Orphans (also known as P.K.A.Y.I.M.) came from three mastermind in a meeting. They were YB Dato' Abd Razak Hj. Abdullah, District Officer of Muar, YB Tun Sulaiman Ninam Shah and Tuan Hj. Abd Ghafar Ali.

The meeting was held on 6th April 1979 at YB Tun Sulaiman Ninam Shah's house with the presence of another 46 people. During the meeting, they agreed to build up the Welfare Organization of Muslim Orphans (P.K.A.Y.I.M).

On 19th May 1980, the Welfare Organization of Muslim Orphans was officially registered as an organization with the address of Balai Masjid Jamek, Bandar Maharani, Muar because at that time, P.K.A.Y.I.M did not have it's own building yet.

Whereas, on 11th November 1981, the first temporary office for P.K.A.Y.I.M is situated in Tuan Haji Abd Ghafar Ali's house at No.40, Jalan Sulaiman, Muar.

In 1981, P.K.A.Y.I.M committee had proposed to the State Government of Johore to purchase two bungalows at No. 18, Jalan Petri and No. 24, Jalan Majidi, Muar to be the hostels for P.K.A.Y.I.M.

Both building cost RM200, 000.00 which then be given overall to the Religious Department of Johore as the trustee and later being given to P.K.A.Y.I.M to manage the hostels.