My name is Pita Patter and this is the place where you can find my Due South fan fiction, with those sexy, gorgeous men you can see in the pictures. My site, humbly called The Pita Pattern, has gone through major restoration and a hair due. I hope you enjoy the new look.

Here you'll be able to read Fraser/Vecchio stories. Italian and Canadian is such a fine combination, isn't it?

These are slash stories, and it means homoerotic contents, most of them explicit. If you are underage or simply don't enjoy the idea of the two gorgeous men below together in a romantic relationship, the way out is

My site is under constant construction, same as life itself. My stories are alway under revision, so don't be alarmed to read a story a bit different from any archive or mailing list it appeared first. In here, you will find the lastest edition!
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So put on comfy sweats, grab a chair and browse on the next pages. There are vanilla stories, holiday types, kinky ones, even fantasy. I experiment a lot and maybe something might strike your fancy..
Feel free to drop me a line and say what you think. I promise you to write back.
Yes, I will answer, I really will. But I'll do that only once, because that nice judge explained me what harrassment meant. :-)

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I also have a page of links. If you want to have your Due South page there, all you have to do is contact me, and I'l be glad to include it!
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Disclaimer (and this goes to all stories):
I bargained, I pleaded, and yet I don't own the poor boys. They're on the hands of Alliance Corporation, big shots from Canada. I write about the guys, but I have no  rights over them. Fewer things are more unfair on Earth.
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