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Last Updated 27/09/03
Welcome to the Autumn Version of the Hound Pound. 

Very sorry to those who have been waiting for the new update. A new layout is STILL being designed because I have these wonderful ideas but first I need to learn html. Someone has also helped me install dreamweaver on my computer but I don't know how to use it. But at least I have found a talented artist who has designed little Piper the Scumbag and Darkwing the Duck pictures for us so we can put them on our site. Plus she is cheap, being only 12 years old, I can pay her with lollies and chips, Macdonalds and KFC!
Also, Darkwing is currently living under my roof so it's easier to kick her butt into action.
Please be patient.

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This site belongs to Piper and Darkwing who are really, really dumb so it's obvious that they do not own 'Inuyasha' nor the other whatnot and they are also very, very poor so there is no use in suiing them.

To flame Piper write to:
[email protected]

Unfortunately DW's account seems to have stopped working but on the other hand, Piper is more than willing to listen to DW abuse by discontented viewers (provided they are directed at DW only). Piper can be also be found on icq (no. 231666865 and is known as pip) but good luck catching her as she is rarely on and she demands the right to refuse to talk to people if she doesn't feel like it (in other words, no cyber sex full stop).

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