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Hello, I am Pianowolfi.
Music is my life. I work as a private piano teacher and piano performer in Switzerland. Besides piano teaching (what I do with a lot of pleasure) I am currently working on my own music, that is improvisations and compositions.

The performance of my current solo program
Styx. A long Journey

will take place on Thursday, October 18,2007, 8.15 p.m.
Schmiedenhof Zunftsaal, Rümelinsplatz 10
Basel, Switzerland

Styx. A long Journey
Audio Samples:
1. Da nobis Pacem
2. Prelude Maestoso
3. Sympathy 1 (to Mayla Fox)
4. Dies Irae
5. Sympathy 2 (to Mayla Fox)
6. Flames
7. Elegy
8. Butterflies (youtube video)
9 Sunset Suite (Yearning- Excitement- Floating)
(Youtube video)
10. Prelude Presto
11 Panta Rhei (Clash of the Main Themes)
12. Love-sick Rag (Or Dies-I-Rag)
13. STYX- A Fantasy of Darkness
14. View from the Mountain
15. Sunrise

Some of the linked pieces are raw versions, improvisations without any cut. At the concert I will play edited versions which I won't post here.  There will be still a lot of space to improvise at the concert. Since this is in my book the most important project I have ever done I think it is worth a listening and, from my side, a load of work and effort. :) It's fun and serious at the same time.
my info:
[email protected]
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